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Your Face Shape
you drew? And is there more at the middle,
outside of the lines, and even more outside
at the jawline? Your face shape is a triangle.
Pull your hair completely away from your
ROUND: Outside the vertical lines, is there
face. Look straight ahead into a mirror.
more of the face near the ears, and gradually
With an eyebrow pencil, eye crayon, or
less curving upward and downward? And
lipstick, trace around the outer line of
are upward and downward equal? Your face
your reflected face onto the mirror, or, use
shape is round.
a photograph of yourself looking straight
at the camera with your hairline showing.
little to almost none of your face outside
Outline your face on a tracing paper or
of the vertical lines you drew? And is it the
draw on the photograph itself.
same width whether you look at the top,
Decide which of the seven face shapes the middle, or the bottom sides of the face?
your outline most closely matches. At first Your face shape is a rectangle.
glance, it may look like more than one DIAMOND: Is there very little, to almost
shape; take your time, decide which one it none, of your face outside the vertical lines
looks most like. you drew? But is what’s outside a little
The seven face shapes are: Triangular, wider near the cheekbones and ears, and
Round, Rectangular/Oblong, Diamond, that same middle then angles sharply in to
about the eye level, outside of the lines, and
Square, Heart (Upside-Down Triangle) and be narrower above and below the middle?
even more at forehead level, outside? Then,
Oval. And are “above and below” about equal?
your face is heart shaped.
It you’re still not sure of your face shape, Your face shape is a diamond.
OVAL: Oval is considered by many to be
dissect the drawing of your face with a grid. SQUARE: Is there a lot of your face
the loveliest and most adaptable face shape.
Draw a vertical line down the length of the outside the vertical lines you drew? And is it
There is neither very little nor very much
face on both sides, from the hairline above equal, from top to bottom? Your face shape
face outside the vertical lines you drew, and
the forehead, in line with the outer corner is a square.
outside gently curves from a hint wider at
of the eye, down to the jaw. HEART SHAPED: Is there very little
the eye/ear level, to slightly narrower at the
TRIANGLE: Is there very little of your of your face, at the jaw and outside of the
forehead and jaw levels, which are almost
face at the top, outside of the vertical lines vertical lines you drew? And is there more at
equal to each other in width.
Other Hints:
Progressive VISION
When choosing eye glasses frames, brow shape should be
considered. The three basic eye brow shapes are the natural
shaped brown, the classic-arch shaped brow and the high
dramatic brow.
• The natural shaped brow is straighter across, only slightly
and softly curved despite whether or not it has been waxed
into that shape. Choosing eye glasses frames for a natural
shaped brow should lead to finding a medium sized frame.
• The brow with a classic shaped arch is arched more than the
natural shaped brow and a bit more dramatic. Choosing eye
glasses frames for this brow shape will show the best fit to be
with bolder, thicker eye glass frames.
• Choosing eye glasses frames for the high, dramatically
arched brow will lead to thin wire frames.
When choosing eye glasses frames, take into consideration
your colouring. Those with cool skin undertones will look
best in eye glasses of a cool colour. Those with warm skin
undertones will look best in eye glasses of a warm colour.
Neutral tones will look great on everyone.
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