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FRCS in the Ramco Building, where he lot of thought into Ortho Medical Associ- feature. Family members can also view the
became Sir Dr Prince Ramsey’s practicing ates’ layout and design. From entry to exit, procedure on a special monitor, and observe
partner for the next 10 years. the building is equipped to provide full the treatment firsthand in another room with

access to wheelchair and stretcher patients. aesthetically pleasant surroundings.
Although the two doctors shared an excel-
There is even an ambulance port at the back.
lent working relationship, KK needed office “We also run a handicapped clinic,” he
space on the ground floor, specifically de- “I built this clinic with the knowledge of says. “Many diabetics have lost their limbs,
signed for patients with disabilities. In 1997, ideas I’ve picked up over the years from the and in collaboration with a group of orthotic
he designed and moved into a new office at various trauma centers and clinics I visited and prosthetic consultants from Puerto Rico
Woods Centre, where he still operates. Or- and worked in around the world,” KK and other parts of the US, I offer consulta-
tho Medical Associates is now a state-of-the- explains. “Our furniture has no sharp edges. tions and surgery (if needed) free of cost to
art medical facility providing a wide range of In fact, there are no sharp edges inside the these people in order to enable our disabled.”

services, with a focus on orthopaedic surgery, entire facility. Additionally, all of the furni-
Asked whether he plans to open a small
including trauma, spinal and joint replace- ture is clamped together, and to the floor,
hospital, as seems to be the trend, KK makes
ment surgeries, physical therapy, comprehen- to prevent a patient slipping while being
no bones about it when he says, “I’m com-
sive radiology, general medical practice, and transferred from a wheelchair. The examina-
fortable with the two hospitals on the island
addiction medicine. tion rooms have entrances and exits so that
and quite confident that the new Mount St
wheelchair patients have very little maneu-
KK describes it as one of the most tech- John’s Hospital will be able to service the
vering to do while in the building. Even the
nologically advanced specialty clinics in the needs of our population.”
bathrooms are wheelchair friendly.”
Eastern Caribbean. He adds, “Both my wife
“After all,” he says jokingly, “I’m not a hos-
and I try to maintain international standards He notes that, “these might be minor
pital builder… I’m an orthopaedic surgeon.”
and continue our training to keep abreast details for some persons, but when you are
of the latest developments in our specialty disabled these things make a world of differ- But this does not mean that the Singhs do
areas.” ence.” not wish to expand and improve upon the

services they offer. As KK indicates, “I am
In 1991, he completed his fellowship in The office also boasts a modern digital
always striving to improve on the services I
joint replacement-arthoplasty from the Hos- X-ray suite, with conical X-rays which reduce
provide here at my office, or in our hospitals
pital of Special Surgery at Cornell University the risk of exposing other body parts to
on the islands, to build on the existing serv-
in New York. In addition, he has completed radiation. The suite is also lead protected, to
ice base, and better serve my country.”
all advanced trauma courses in Switzerland, prevent exposure to staff, other patients, and
and he is a fellow of the International Col- people in the adjoining shopping mall. His wife agrees, and shares plans to pursue

lege of Surgeons, and an active member of a masters degree in Psychiatry from the Uni-
He is also able to email X-ray images im-
various international orthopaedic associa- versity of Cardiff, Wales, very soon, not only
mediately after they are taken. This, he says,
tions. His wife, meanwhile, holds a masters to complement the services at Cross Roads,
“is very useful when dealing with tourists
degree in Addiction Medicine from Kings but also to add psychiatry services to the
who get injuries on island. In mere minutes,
College in London. In addition to her duties list of medical treatments offered at Ortho
the patient’s doctor overseas is able to get
as the co-director of Ortho Medical Associ- Medical Associates.
the X-rays, and both doctors can consult on
ates, and Senior District Medical Officer, she

the best possible treatment for the patient.
is also the lead physician of the Cross Roads
The medical couple shares great pride in
Thus, our tourists are very comfortable with
Centre, a renowned rehabilitation facility for
being able to provide medical and surgical
treatment here.”
persons with chemical dependencies.
services to the people of Antigua and Bar-

buda and the wider Caribbean.
Ortho Medical Associates also has an op-
It is obvious that the couple has invested a

erating theatre, with a unique technological Tracelyn Cornelius
Ortho Medical Associates
Woods Centre, Friars Hill Road, Box W748, St. John’s, Antigua
Tel: 462-1932/460-7720 • Emergency: 462-2219
Fax: 461-8065

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