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Eddy Woo is a cult favourite on the d&b circuit, and When you can’t see graphics on a screen it makes it
his fans are anxious to know what he’s been up to so much harder to make music. Modern technology He gives the people what they want! “I’m trying not
recently. “I’ve been continuing to work with talented is therefore great because it helps you to learn more to pigeonhole myself,” Eddy sets the record straight,
producers, such as Moving Fusion,” says Eddy. “I’ve about frequencies than if you were just looking “but I have a bit because I’ve played at so many
just had something come out with them on the at a pot on a mixing desk. So, I understand music liquid nights. Even though I really appreciated the
‘Bad Taste 2’ LP presented by Bad Company, called production quite well coming into 2007. When I sit opportunity of being able to play in room two at The
‘Black Hawk Down’. I’ve also been mixing down for a down and decide to make a certain style of track End for Ram Records, it was excellent, and I loved
lot for people, which has really helped me to improve I now feel confident, and that’s why I want to get every minute, I still wanted to be part of room one,
my engineering skills. On top of that, I’ve been trying involved all these different genres.” playing the harder stuff. But I don’t want to come
to work on the DJ angle because that’s the main across as negative, because doing that helped me
reason I got into production in the first place.” So, why has Eddy made the decision to suddenly diversify and distinguish myself. It was very educa-
branch out into pastures new? “I feel I need to tional for me as a DJ, and I believe it has made me a
Considering that DJing inspired Eddy to be a top do that to build my profile,” he responds. “I have a better one. However, now I want to get out into the
producer, one can only assume that he’s similarly cool fan base for my liquid stuff, but it’s more of main room – that’s what I’ve been focusing on in the
proficient behind the decks. After all, the man in an acquired taste, so for my own self-satisfaction last few months.”
question has been DJing since he was nine-years- I want to be able to appeal to absolutely everyone.
old. “I’m 27 now so that’s 18 years of experience,” Predominantly, I’ve always been into the dancefloor Eddy Woo is obviously a very ambitious individual
he sums up. “But production and DJing aren’t my stuff anyway, so this comes naturally to me and in – a statement compounded by his penultimate
only priorities – I’m also thinking about starting a the next year I’m going to be concentrating more on statement: “I’m currently working towards a Ram
new label.” this mainstream, dancefloor d&b.” Records release,” he utters with excitement. “That’s
top of my goals – I want to establish myself properly
You heard it here first. “Something completely So, now that we’ve got the info on Eddy’s production as a Ram artist. Also, because I’ve been diversifying
against the grain,” he ponders, “that will be really schedule, we can unearth his DJ plans. “I use Final and making other types of music, not everything
hard-sounding. It will almost be a backlash against Scratch so I’ve always got hundreds of tunes with I make fits the labels I’m currently signed to, so I
the liquid stuff I’ve been doing – not melody-based me wherever I go,” Eddy admits, referring to the DJ would like to put stuff out on other ones if possible.”
but very edited and techy.” software that allows you to integrate laptops with
turntables then stream tunes from a HD. “When I DJ We’re sure there won’t be any lack of takers for
To be able to produce multiple genres requires I read the crowd and go with the vibe,” he continues. Eddy’s talents. “I’m really positive about the future,”
considerable practice. “Yes,” Eddy agrees, “and I’ve “Whatever people are feeling; I give them plenty of Woo concludes. “Everything’s looking good – I’m
had a lot of that in the past few years, where I’ve that. I’ve got to be honest – every place I play re- getting to travel around the world and I’m really lov-
been honing my skills by getting to grips with the quires a different angle because they vary so much. ing what I’m doing. This is what I’ve dreamed about
ever-changing technology. From big analogue desks I’m always going to places I’ve never been to before all my life. It’s been a surreal journey, but it’s all
to software mixers, I’ve used them all, and as such in my life, so I don’t know what to expect when I get becoming reality now.”
my production has taken a quantum leap forward. there... I just have to go with the flow.”
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