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Sappo has taken a break from his rigorous weekly mix show on 1Xtra, off from radio now, so I’m off 1Xtra for a few months, they’re running
and has devoted his attentions to putting together a new d&b mixtape with guest DJs for the time being. I’ve had so much stuff on it has had
CD project, working on a backlog of remixes, and also starting a new to take a back seat and I’ve had to get on with sorting this mixtape out,
weekly podcast. and get on with my music as well, because I’ve got so many remixes to
do for people. I’m going to be remixing Rhythm Beater’s ‘Crawling’ for the
The new CD is expected to be released in November and will come in Cutterz Choice boys, I’m doing something for Mutated Forms, plus there
the form of a drum & bass mixtape, put together in the style of hip hop are also a couple of d&b classics that I can’t reveal right now.
mixtapes. “It’s based around Mission Impossible, and is going to be
called ‘Mixtape Impossible’!” Sappo explained to Frontlines. “It will include “The next release Advisory (011) is a Connecta remix of my tune ‘Selec-
about 22 tracks, featuring everybody really, stuff from upcoming cats like tion Dark’,” Sappo continued. “Connecta has done a remix and I’ve done
Connecta, Mutated Forms and Digital Era, and I’m also getting stuff off a ragga thing on the flip called ‘Pay The Price’, that’s out mid October.
Bailey, Crissy and A-Sides etc. It’ll come as two CDs, and the second CD After that will be the mixtape CD, then after that Advisory 012 will be
is going to feature unmixed sort of remastered classics of mine, like ‘Ding Rhythm Beater’s remix of ‘Pay The Price’, backed by an as yet undecided
Dong Bass’, ‘Circumference’, that sort of stuff. There will be around nine track of mine.”
unmixed tracks on that for DJs. Some of those tunes didn’t really get out
there properly, so I thought I’d stick them back out again on there.” Sappo is now also podcasting on iTunes, with a weekly show that goes
out every Monday. “The reason I’m podcasting is because I wanted to do
‘Mixtape Impossible’ will be released on Sappo’s Advisory imprint in something less intense than before, because I was travelling to London to
November. “The artwork is also going to be based around Mission Impos- do four hour shows on 1Xtra and it was taking two days out of my week.
sible, it’s going to have the IMF badge on there and stuff like that. We’re With the podcasting, I’m just doing a little half hour mix show, and doing
still going through all of that at the moment and there are so many ideas them from my own studio. It’s going really well so far, there are around
on the table, but in the next few days I want to have everything finished 280 new people subscribing every day, and it’s only been launched for
and ready to go.” three weeks now.”
Aside from the new album project, Sappo still has plenty to keep him Sappo’s not given radio up for good though, he promises he’ll be back on
busy. “I’ve got so much stuff on it’s ridiculous! I’ve had to take some time the airwaves in the New Year.
Gloucester based drum & bass DJ support from loads of DJs, label owners London Elektricity’s MC Wrec (aka Jon Bailey) recently set up two the name PTH Project. They released two 12”s last year under their PTH
Miss Represent is having a busy and and MCs, and without it, I wouldn’t be companies with his business partner Marc Sheinman - Mums The Word Project alias, and they’ve been getting a lot of support from various artists
productive year. Her diary is packed with doing what I’m doing.” Management and Mums The Word Records LTD. Frontlines caught up with across several different genres. They are going to do a mini Japanese
bookings across the globe, her internet Jon to find out more. exclusive album around the middle of 2007 and then their proper album
station Aftershock radio is going from Her internet radio station Aftershock will be out towards the end of 2007. Whether it’ll be out on our little label
strength to strength, and she has also which she set up in February 2004, As well as being a full time member of London Elektricity and MCing for or if it will be on a bigger vehicle, we don’t know yet.”
been taken on by Urban Agency as their has expanded from its beginnings as a Hospital events and artists, Brighton based Jon also runs a PR company
first female DJ. local project to now include sets from called Guerrilla Tactics Entertainment. London’s Marc Sheinman previously The debut release on Mums The Word Records is The Part Time Heroes’
artists throughout the UK. “We used worked at Sony and since then has been managing UK hip hop artist ‘Realise EP’. “The music policy is basically if we like it, we’ll put it out!”
“I’ve had bookings for all over the to just have local DJs, but now we’ve Yungun, a female artist called Bridgette, and he also does consultancy and Jon told us. “It’s not drum & bass, it’s not hip hop, it’s just kind of more
place really, I’ve been to Tenerife earlier got people all over the country playing A&R at Dune Records. like downtempo adult music. We’re quite happy to hit Zane Lowe, but
this year, I’ve been to Germany and on there. We used to have the station also get a spin on Radio 2. The label also provides a platform to elevate
Portugal,” she told us. “I’ve got three located at a studio and the only way you On the management side, Mums The Word exclusively look after The the Part Time Heroes. We were offered deals for their EP, but even those
residencies, I’m resident at Bedlam, I could play on the station is if you were Nextmen and The Part Time Heroes (pictured). The Nextmen are currently from the majors and large indies were shit to be honest, and gave you
have a residency at High Rollers and at the studio, but now everyone can play recording their third LP (due out next summer) featuring Maxi Jazz & LSK no control, no dough and no leeway to move on certain things, so we just
I’m doing Desire in London as well. Then from home. We’ve got around 30 regular from Faithless, Dynamite MC, Alice Russell, Demolition Man, Fat Freddy’s though that we’d do it ourselves.”
obviously I do my own nights at Crackers DJs on there, like Callide, he’s one of Drop and more. They also have their seventh mix LP ‘Friends and Family’
in Gloucester, they’ve been running for our residents. Then we’ve got people out on November 6 on Fat City Recordings. The Part Time Heroes have Following the EP, they plan to put another single out by The Part Time
three years now.” like Morf & Tactical, Tactical’s one of their debut EP featuring Lianne Carroll released through Mums The Word Heroes, and then some download only singles. “There’s another girl called
Miss Represent’s bookings are now the long-standing moderators on Drum Records on October 30, and this year have also released on Wah Wah 45 Zarif, that we’re going to be working with, and possibly LSK too, and
handled by Micky Finn’s Urban Agency. & Bass Arena, they’re good boys.” Miss Records, rocked the main stage at the Big Chill festival, remixed MJ Cole, we’ll also possibly put out a Nextmen 12” as well. At the moment it’s
“I’m their first female artist, except for Represent’s own show is broadcast on Yungun, Monday Michiru, N’Dambi and have been supported by Gilles predominantly about the Part Time Heroes though, we just want to do
the dancers,” she explained. “I went Aftershock every Thursday. Peterson, Benji B, Mr Scruff, Amp Fiddler and many more. things slowly and thoroughly, and get everything right.”
down to meet the guys at the agency
and they’ve been real supportive, really / www. Jon told us more about the Part Time Heroes. “Their sound is kind of Zero For more info visit: or www.myspace.
nice and friendly. I actually get a lot of 7 meets Portishead, and they also do some more uptempo stuff under com/mumsthewordmusic
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