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sober Dean Martin outside the Sahara. by Danny Ocean’s wife, Bea, who says
MacLaine, who mouths the famous Dean some doctor had called, telling her that
Martin line “I’m so drunk I don’t think her husband was dying. Bea says she
I could lie down without holding on,” knew it was some kind of Sam Harmon
reportedly received a new car as com- gag, but here she is anyway. They talk
pensation for her brief, ad-libbed role. about her doomed marriage to Danny,
Also putting in a cameo appearance with Bea characterizing their home life
was Richard “Red” Skelton, whose name as “a fl oating crap game.”
appears with Danny Thomas’s on the Danny himself later shows up,
marquee at the Sands. The redheaded getting into the elevator with Bea and
comedian, who was indeed appearing traveling up to the Sky Room. He informs
in Las Vegas at the time, hilariously his wife that he has a big deal going
plays himself, sauntering up to the down, and on January 2
he’s going
cashier’s cage and presenting his per- to pick her up and they’re going to hop
sonal check for more gambling chips. down to Rio.
When informed by the cashier that he Playboy Jimmy Foster, the former
has already reached his self-imposed army lieutenant in the group, dials his
gambling limit, Red spies Danny Ocean, wealthy mother, Mrs. Restes, asking for
telling him: “Get a load of this guy, the more money. Sam Harmon overhears
way he acts you’d think we’re gonna the conversation, asking Jimmy why
stick up the joint. We wouldn’t do that, he’s in this caper when all he has to do
would we?” Danny replies “no” As Red is call his rich mother for dough. Jimmy
persists the cashier summons two secu- replies that he wants to break that cycle
rity guards, who escort the protesting of dependence, and that’s why he’s going
comedian off the premises. along on “our picnic.”
Ocean’s Eleven, which took approxi- At his mother’s house Jimmy Foster
mately two months to fi lm, was in the meets Duke Santos, a tough character
can by March of 1960. who is set to wed Jimmy’s mama. Jimmy
doesn’t hide his resentment of Santos,
The Movie but the two have a drink together
Ocean’s Eleven opens with Mushy anyway. After getting the money from
O’Connors setting the mood and his mother, Jimmy informs her that
location: “Christmas in Beverly Hills, he’s going skiing with Danny Ocean in
California,” he intones, “time when Squaw Valley.
everyone thinks only kind, tolerant, Danny and the boys hold a meeting
generous thoughts.” After walking into at the home of Spyros Acebos in Beverly
Drucker’s Hairdressers To Men, Mushy Hills. While some shoot pool and others
encounters Jimmy Foster, who is on the play cards, they patiently wait for their
receiving end of a massage given by a last arrival, Louis Jackson from Salt Lake
beautiful blonde. Mushy talks briefl y City. Jackson, decked out in cowboy
to syndicate boss Spyros Acebos, who attire, shows up with a Beverly Hills
recounts some of his past heists. Joining cop in tow. The offi cer says that he just
the two is Danny Ocean, whom Jimmy wanted to make sure Jackson got to the
calls “Sergeant.” Dismissing the massage right house.
girls, Ocean huddles with the men, tell- With the cop gone Jimmy Foster
ing them that Sam Harmon is arriving
U.S. one sheet for “Oceans 11”
begins the briefi ng, with ex-Sergeant
at the airport. Ocean spreading out a yellow souvenir
Dispatched to pick up Sam is Curly scarf showing fi ve casinos on the Las
Steffens. Upon his arrival, Sam asks operation, executed by trained men.” from prison he is met by Roger Corneal, Vegas Strip. Danny then takes up the
Curly if Danny Ocean is still planning Danny also recounts a previous caper who tells the ex-con that they are in need narrative, telling his buddies, “Now
to go ahead with “this commando raid.” during the war called Operation Gold in of a master electrician for an upcoming these are the fi ve casinos we hit: Sahara,
It’s really Acebos’s idea, Sam is told, Oran, where there were eleven of them job. Tony, however, turns Roger down, Riviera, Desert Inn, the Sands and the
but Danny and Jimmy are in charge of on the beach with a rubber boat and $6 telling him that it sounds too much like Flamingo. H hour is New Year’s Eve.
planning and tactics. million in gold bars. Vince chimes in the previous job which had landed him Units involved: special combat teams
In San Francisco, Roger Corneal is that they should have buried the loot in San Quentin. Later, after seeing a made up of former members of the 82

searching for an old buddy from the right there. specialist recommended by the prison Airborne.”
Airborne. He is told the man is in Despite a pitch from both Danny doctor, Tony is given some bad medical Sam Harmon asks why Danny is
prison, doing one to fi ve years. Roger and Jimmy, Vince replies that he can’t go news. With basically nothing to lose now, using old paratroopers for this operation
phones in this development, telling along on this one, citing his wife, who’s Tony reconnects with Roger, telling him and not just some regular heist guys.
Mushy and Acebos that their master performing up on stage as Honeyface that they have their electrician. “Will my Acebos replies that guys with criminal
electrician, Tony Bergdorf, is currently from Texas, as the reason. Two drunken cut be big enough to send a kid through records can’t get near Las Vegas, much
a guest at San Quentin. But after talking cowboys then ogle Vince’s wife, with college?” Tony asks. “Big enough to buy less the casinos. Jimmy adds that by
to the man’s wife, Gracie, Roger learns Vince rushing to her aid and punching your kid a college,” Roger replies. keeping it strictly amongst themselves,
that Tony will be leaving the big house out the pair. Danny and Jimmy also Vince Massler, the recently fi red there will be no stoolies and no leaks.
tomorrow morning. wade in when the bartender and another Phoenix emcee, visits Josh Howard, They have fi ve guys working in each of
At a nightclub billed as “Burlesque employee named Al go after Vince, who is jamming with his fellow black the targeted casinos, he further elabo-
Phoenix’s Finest,” the show is underway, upset that their emcee has just decked sanitation workers. Josh is also a former rates, with fi ve more guys working as
with Danny Ocean and Jimmy Foster two paying customers. After getting the member of the 82
Airborne, decorated inside fl oaters in order to collect intel-
in the audience. “What’s up, Vince?” better of the fi ght, Danny and Jimmy fl ee for bravery in some unspecifi ed action. ligence on security operations.
Danny greets the show’s emcee, who the club, with Vince later telling them Vince informs Josh of the deal, telling As the meeting progresses Danny
turns out to be an old army buddy. out in the alley that they can now count him that each man will earn a million releases more details, telling the group
The men discuss the upcoming opera- him in on the Vegas deal. The boys’ next bucks for the Vegas heist. that he has timed “Auld Lang Syne,”
tion in Las Vegas, which Jimmy Foster stop is Salt Lake City, where they plan to Lounge singer Sam Harmon is up on which takes one minute 38 seconds to
terms “foolproof.” Danny puts in his sign up Louis Jackson, another former stage rehearsing “Ain’t That a Kick in the sing. At exactly one minute 38 seconds
chips as well, telling Vince, “And we’re 82
Airborne member. Head” to the enraptured cleaning staff. after midnight, he says, the lights will
equipped. It’s going to be a military When Tony Bergdorf is released Following his number, Sam is greeted go out in Las Vegas and they will hit
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