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REPORT music
indigenous ‘gully side’, Serani and
fellow dancehall superstar Movado
came from nowhere and are now, as
Taking dancehall to the next level
he calls it, representing on the same
kind of scale as Jamaican diplomats.
Staying positive
‘Movado is like my brother. We both
came a long way from where we
were before. When I put out the first
Movado song, I didn’t even have a
car you know – neither did he.
Eventually after I got my car, I used
to go and pick him up. He barely had
anything to his name, yet still we
used to create music. It was rough.
But we did what we had to do.’
Despite the tough times of the
past, the future looks incredibly
bright for Serani as well as the state
of dancehall music. Although it has
had its share negative stereotypes,
Serani lets the people know that it
isn’t all about negativity.
Breaking the stereotype
‘Well, everybody doesn’t have the
same experience, you know what I
mean. Dancehall music was never
just all about negativity either. You’ve
got people like Wayne Wonder and
Tony Curtis in dancehall and they
used to do a lot of nice songs – when
I say nice I mean not drug or gun-
related, you know. So it’s a shame
that it has that stereotype, but I’m
bringing my flavour to the game and
it’s on dancehall – so I hope the
people are willing to accept it.’
With his production company
Daseca constantly churning out
timeless hits we can expect that
unique Daseca vibe on Serani’s
album plus something for the ladies.
‘You can expect the ladies to be
constantly turned on (he laughs).
This one is definitely for the ladies,
it’s got that club vibe as well, full of
luscious, catchy melodies.’
Cooking up a storm
Serani believes his ideal woman has
s a g
ood f
ing t
o k
to be good in the kitchen. ‘A woman
Best known for his smash hit No
that m
y wo
rk is o
ut t
Games, Serani is one of dancehall’s

breakthrough artists of 2009, and has production on Sean Paul’s We Be
proved that he has the God-given Burning and Tony Matterhorn’s has to have a sense of humour, she
talent to succeed on the international smash hit Dutty Whine. Serani is in has to be mature, she has to know
scene, not just simply as a producer a reflective mood. ‘It’s a good feeling how to take care of her man, and she
but now as a singer as well. to know that my work is out there. It has to definitely know how to cook.
‘I had a hidden side to me that shows me that it can be done and I can cook, so what kind of woman
I didn’t even know existed. I’d been that I’m not working hard for nothing.’ would she be if she can’t cook?
making beats and the artist literally She would definitely have to have a
wanted to come out of me. Ideas Jamaican diplomats model-type figure,’ he says laughing.
started coming out my head, so I Although he isn’t working for nothing While dancehall’s flag is flying
just literally got up from sitting at the now, the founding member of Daseca high, Serani remains adamant that
keyboard and started singing until I (his production company) knows all he isn’t about to disappear. ‘As long
was like – Yo! I gotta do this.’ about struggling for success. He’s as I’m in it, there’s no limit. It’s past
Serani has been pivotal to the had to face a lot of hardship and had the sky, it’s gonna be huge,’ he says.
success of many of dancehall’s most overcome many challenges to get to ords by Richards
successful artists. His resumé boasts where he is at now. Hailing from the W
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