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Under The Gun!
Have the daily pressures in life built to where you feel as if someone is constantly
pointing a gun at your head, saying, ‘Get this done or else’? Have you concluded
that that’s just how life is supposed to be? But is it? No! Your best work will be done
when you’re relaxed, not frazzled. Your best decisions will be made when you’re at
peace, not stressed out. It doesn’t help when you a) force yourself to go faster b) to
Lord I call on You
be somewhere else c) to be something you’re not. Actually, it hurts.
today, to help me
‘What’s the answer?’ you ask. Put down the gun! The job will get done, one bit at a
keep my life in
time and your stress levels will subside too. When you decide to live this way, two
perspective, that
wonderful things will happen. First, you’ll enjoy whatever you’re doing - even if it’s
I’m not living out
just washing dishes or cleaning out a toilet - because now you’re focused rather
the demands of
than distracted. Any moment you don’t experience is a piece of your life you’re
others, help me
throwing away. Don’t do that! Stop and tell yourself, ‘I’m exactly where I need to be,
doing what I’m supposed to be doing, so the smart thing is to enjoy it and be as
fi nd the
creative as I can in the process’.
enjoyment I have
Second, by being present in what you’re doing, your productivity will increase
had in times gone
and you’ll accomplish much more. And one more thing: the strength you need for
by, where I could
tomorrow’s challenge won’t be given to you during today’s chores. His Word says,
live through a day
‘And as thy days, so shall thy strength be’ (Deuteronomy 33:25).
without being
by stress, help
Seize Every Opportunity to learn!
me learn how
to handle the
PROVERBS 13:20. situations that
drive me crazy, in
Surround yourself with people who compliment you, not duplicate you! If you’re led order to fi nd a state
by people whose insight is no deeper than your own, how far will you get? Jesus
of grace in this
said, ‘When a blind man leads a blind man, they both end up in a ditch’
chaotic world.
(Matthew 15:14 TM).
Thank You God, for
Limiting yourself to those who laugh only at the same jokes, who vote only for the
Your love toward
same party and share only the same ideas, robs you of personal growth and leaves
me. Amen.
you living in a secure but shrivelled world. If you’re going to progress to the next
level, hang around those who are already there or at least know how to get there.
Your development and in some cases your healing can take place only when you
cross paths with people who challenge and stretch you.
‘But what if they make fun of me?’ you ask. Only the arrogant do that! The wise
respond to seekers for they themselves are seekers. Risk asking. Refuse to allow
anybody to keep you stuck in a world of ignorance.
‘But what if I don’t measure up?’ you ask. If you don’t stand near a measure,
you won’t know how much you need to grow or how much you’ve already grown.
Having less information doesn’t make you a lesser person. Life’s a school and
every new acquaintance is a teacher. Whatever others know, they haven’t always
known. The greatest indictment against not knowing is not learning. So today, seize
every opportunity to learn!
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