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Be Honest
ROMANS 12:17.
If you always tell the truth, you’ll never have to worry about remembering what
you said.
Nothing’s more important than credibility. Lose that and you’ve lost everything!
George Jones started out as an assistant at a grocery shop. He quickly gained
Father I know
a reputation as a bright, ambitious employee, a man known for his work
keeping my
ethic, good manners and easy-going personality. But the foremost trait people
integrity in every referred to when praising George was his honesty. That’s what later came to the
situation is very
attention of Henry J Raymond, the renowned journalist. Together they started
important to You,
The New York Times. Years later, when The Times waged a crusade against
so help me even in
‘Boss Tweed’ and his corrupt dynasty, Jones received an under-the-table offer of
the little things that
$500,000 - a vast sum at that time. All he had to do was retire to Europe. ‘You
come along to stay
can live like a prince the rest of your days,’ said the con man making the offer.
‘Yes,’ replied Jones, ‘and know myself every day to be a rascal.’
on a course that
The poet wrote: ‘I have to live with myself and so, I want to be fi t for myself to
is based in truth
know. I want to be able as days go by, always to look myself in the eye. I don’t
and not deceit.
want to stand in the setting sun, and hate myself for the things I’ve done. I
Even when things
don’t want to keep on a closet shelf, a lot of secrets about myself; and fool
change around me
myself as I come and go, into thinking nobody else will know - the kind of man I
Lord, help me to really am.’ Today, be honest!
display and live out
the highest level
Dealing With Change
of integrity I can
achieve that Your
name might be
1 TIMOTHY 4:15.
glorifi ed. Amen.
If you think accepting change is diffi cult, try introducing it to others! You’ll have
for enemies all those who’ve done well under the old system and only lukewarm
defenders among those who aren’t sure how well they’ll do under the new one.
Resistance to progress is universal; it seizes every generation by the throat and
attempts to stop all forward movement.
In 1553, Admiral Richard Hawkins recorded that during his career on the high seas,
10,000 men under his command had died of scurvy. He also noted that oranges and
lemons (Vitamin C) completely cured it. But his observations went unheeded for 200
years, during which time thousands more sailors died needlessly.
In 1753, James Lind, a British naval surgeon, published a book saying that scurvy
could be eliminated with lemon juice. He even cited case histories to prove it. But
instead of being honoured, he was ridiculed by the Lords of the Admiralty and by
the leading physicians of the day. In fact, his advice was ignored for another 40
years. Not until the year after his death in 1794 was a naval squadron supplied with
orange juice before a voyage. On that voyage which lasted 23 weeks, there wasn’t
one case of scurvy. Even so, another 10 years passed and thousands more died
before regulations were enacted requiring sailors to drink a daily ration of lemon
juice. With that enactment, scurvy fi nally disappeared from the British navy.
What a lesson! Don’t let complacency, prejudice or the fear of change rob you
of the joy of becoming all God intends you to be.
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