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Help, I’m A Perfectionist!
What kind of perfectionist are you? The performance perfectionist, who always goes
the extra mile but never believes he’s getting anywhere? The appearance perfectionist,
who worries constantly about what others think instead of thinking for them self? The
interpersonal perfectionist, who searches for the perfect mate but always seems to wind
up alone? The moral perfectionist who can’t forgive himself or others no matter how
Help me Lord be
minor the transgression?
comfortable in
The truth is your performance at any task will be below average half of the time and
the skin I’m in.
above average the other half, contradicting the myth that doing anything less than your Show me Lord
best makes you a failure. God doesn’t see you as a failure; He sees you as a learner! It’s how You love me.
better to fail trying something than to excel doing nothing. A fl awed diamond is better Even when my
than a perfect brick. low-self esteem,
The key to being free from the stronghold of perfectionism and low self-esteem is to drives me to think
learn the lesson and forget the details. If you’re a perfectionist, you need to fi nd out what bad things about
God says about you in His Word and refuse to believe anything different. The messages
myself, let me see
you received and the perceptions you formed about yourself in childhood were wrong
things from Your
then and they’re wrong now.
perspective. In
They’re wrong because a) God says so b) now you have more experience, knowledge,
my determination
choice and personal power c) ‘It’s in Christ that we fi nd out who we are…’
to do things ‘just
(Ephesians 1:11TM). Throw out the old tapes! They simply don’t apply any more. Learn to
right’ help me not
forgive yourself, accept yourself, love yourself and believe in yourself, because God does!
develop a critical
spirit of other
people around
A Fast From Criticism - Try It! me, my family or
friends. Let my
PSALM 141:3.
words be positive
not negative in
In A Closer Walk, Catherine Marshall writes, ‘One morning last week, God gave me an
Jesus’ Name.
assignment for one day. I was to go on a “fast” from criticism. I was not to criticise
anybody or anything. For the fi rst half of the day I simply felt a void, almost as if I’d been
wiped out as a person. This was especially true at lunch. I listened to the others and kept
silent. In our talkative family, nobody seemed to notice. Bemused, I noted that the federal
government, the judicial system and the institutional church could apparently get along
‘Words kill,
just fi ne without my penetrating observations.
‘But still I didn’t see what this fast from criticism was accomplishing, until mid-
words give
afternoon. In the afternoon, God gave me a new vision for my life. And it had His
unmistakable hallmark on it; joy! Ideas began to come to me in a way I hadn’t
experienced in years. Now it was apparent what the Lord wanted me to see. My critical
nature had not solved a single one of the multitudinous things I had found fault with.
What it had done was to stifl e my own creativity.’
Listen: ‘Words kill, words give life…you choose’ (Proverbs 18:21 TM). Negative words
create an atmosphere in which positive people can’t live and creative solutions can’t be
found. Only in a climate of faith and acceptance can risks be taken, progress be made
and dreams be fulfi lled. That’s why you need to pray today, ‘Take control of what I say, O
Lord.’ (Psalm 141:3)
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