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Where’s the Bread?
Bread in The Old Testament symbolised God’s presence. That’s why Numbers 4:7 refers to ‘... the
bread of [Thy] Presence...’ When famine drove Naomi and her family out of Bethlehem (House of
Bread), they left for the same reason people leave churches today - no bread!
Tommy Tenney writes: ‘Why do so many people flock to clubs and bars looking for crumbs? Lord let me be the
Because they tried the church and found only old recipes and cold ovens; there was no presence answer to people’s
of God in the pantry. ‘For some churches, it’s a pride thing; through tradition, they try to preserve
need. Let me be
the image of where God’s been, at the expense of where He is now! They talk about what He
wise Lord, so that
used to do; but what about now? It’s time we set aside our personal agendas and man-made
the words I speak
games; it’s time to say, ‘He must increase, but I must decrease’ (John 3:30).
and the actions I
‘When people experience the presence of God, it overrides human theologies and changes
take could draw
hearts. Why? Because someone with an experience is never at the mercy of someone with
people to Christ.
an argument. On the other hand, when people experience only a hint of God mixed with other
Let me be bold
things, it immunises them against the real thing.
‘The problem isn’t that God’s not in the church, it’s that sometimes there’s not enough of Him to
Lord, that I could
make the needed difference! Ezekiel said, ‘...I saw water coming out from under the threshold of
speak to the issues
the Temple...’ (Ezekiel 47:1 NIV). If living water is to reach this generation, it must first flow down
in my own life
through the church aisles and out through us!’
to bring change
for the good, that
other might see,
Speaking God’s Language
I rely on You.
Father I pray that I
MARK 11:23.
example of what
living in God’s
If you’ve been praying till you’re blue in the face, the answer may be right under your nose; your
Kingdom truly is.
mouth! Stop talking about your mountain and start talking to it! Listen: ‘...whoever says to this
mountain, “Be...thrown into the sea!” and does not will be done...’ (Mark 11:23 Amp).
How do you talk to a mountain?
1) By using God’s Word. When satan tempted Him in the wilderness, Jesus responded three
times, “It is written,” and satan couldn’t stand up to Him. The enemy doesn’t respect what you
say but he trembles every time God speaks because His Word is power-packed. Satan hopes you
never discover that!
2) By being persistent. Ever wonder how you can hammer a rock 99 times and nothing happens
yet on the hundredth blow it shatters? That’s because all the previous blows weakened it. Keep
speaking God’s Word in faith over your situation and ‘It will be done.’
3) By forgiving. One pastor asked his congregation, ‘How many of you are willing to forgive your
enemies?’ Everybody was, except one old guy. ‘Why won’t you forgive your enemies?’ the pastor
asked. ‘Because I have none. I’ve outlived them all!’
Jesus said, ‘Whenever you stand praying, if you have anything against any one, forgive...’
(Mark 11:25 Amp). Before you can speak to a mountain of trouble, and get results, you must
first speak forgiveness to others. God’s promises depend on your obedience.
Listen: ‘If you will listen diligently...watchful to do all His commandments...these blessings shall
come...’ (Deuteronomy 28:1-2 Amp). That’s how you talk to a mountain!
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