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Are You Becoming Critical?
Criticism is one of the ultimate manifestations of pride because it assumes
superiority! The Bible says that God is at work in each of us (Philippians 2:13). That
means when you criticise someone, you’re saying, ‘God, Your workmanship doesn’t
Lord I am noticing
meet with my approval’. What arrogance! We all struggle and fall far short, so on
the older I get the
what basis do you point out the faults of another?
grumpier I am,
Paul writes, ‘...criticism of others is a well-known way of escaping detection in your
the more critical I
own crimes...’ (Romans 2:1 TM). Is that why you criticise others? When you criticise become, the less
somebody’s child, who gets upset? The parents! And it’s the same with God. When tolerant my outlook
you judge His people, you’re judging Him. When you tear down His leaders, you’re
on life is. Forgive
saying, ‘God, you don’t know what You’re doing by using such people!’ Look out;
me Lord. Remind
criticism kept over two million people out of the Promised Land. Imagine, many died
me Lord of the
just 11 miles from it! They spent their lives wandering in dry places. Is that why
younger days when
you’ve been going through a dry spell lately? They went around the same mountain
life ‘was’ great and
help me change
(problem) over and over again (Deuteronomy 2:3). Is that why you’ve been going
my focus to see
in circles? Jesus said, ‘These things have I spoken unto you…that My joy might
life IS great today.
remain in you’ (John 15:11). There’s a direct relationship between the joy you have
Father nothing
and the words you speak. Maybe that’s something you need to look at today. should be beyond
me, in helping
Willing to Serve
people, doing the
jobs no-one wants
to do, help me
JOHN 13:4.
serve with a good
heart to brighten
The secret of great ministry lies in what we’re willing to lay aside in order to
everyone’s day in
respond to God’s call; like laying aside the comforts of home to go where His name
Jesus’ Name.
has never been heard or giving sacrifi cially to support those who go in your place.
Or how about taking the ‘fl ak’ that comes from being the only light shining in your
family or in a workplace where spiritual darkness abounds? Not once did Jesus
say it would be easy or cheap! Listen to Paul, ‘...all the things I once thought were
so important are gone from my life. Compared to the high privilege of knowing
Christ Jesus as my Master, fi rsthand, everything I once thought had going for me is
insignifi cant...I’ve dumped it all in the dustbin...I gave up all that inferior stuff so
that I could know [be intimate with] Christ...’ (Philippians 3:9-11 TM).
There are evangelists, pastors and workers who never wrote a book, sold a tape,
drew a crowd or gained national fame, but they paid the price! Like Noah, whose
membership never exceeded eight souls, they ministered faithfully. They wanted
to do more. They hoped they’d go further.
But they laid it all aside to serve the few. They said, ‘If I’m not called to help
everybody, then, God, please let me help somebody.’ Today, you must answer the
question, ‘What am I willing to lay aside in order to serve?
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