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You Can’t Do It By Yourself
At midnight November 20, 1988, a 19 year-old woman who’d fallen asleep behind
the wheel, plunged her car through a crash barrier. It dangled 60 feet in the air.
Some motorists stopped, grabbed ropes, tied them to the back of the woman’s car
and hung on till emergency units arrived.
Father persuade me A ladder was extended from below to help stabilise the car while fi remen chained
that I need to rely the vehicle to two trucks. Every time her car moved she screamed. It took over two
on others and can’t
hours for passers-by, the police, tow-truck drivers and fi remen - about 25 people in
always do things
all - to pull her to safety.
alone. Help me to
‘It was kinda funny,’ Los Angeles Fire Captain, Ross Marshall recalled later. ‘She
recognise the great
kept shouting, ‘I’ll do it myself!’’ Are you like that? Trying to do it all on your own?
gifts You have placed
On his offi ce wall, Alex Haley, the author of Roots, has a picture of a turtle sitting
in the lives of people
on top of a six-foot fence post. The caption reads, ‘You can be sure he had help
around me, that
getting up there!’ Haley says, ‘Anytime I feel too proud to ask for help, I look at
I would promote
that picture.’ Somebody within your reach knows something you need to know;
their ability and not
something you’ll never learn on your own. They’re your mentor. Get close to them.
just focus on what
Drop your bucket into their well and begin to draw water.
I can do or get out
Paul recognised his limitations, so he connected his life to others. Listen: ‘
of something. Help
Philippians became my partners in giving and receiving...’ (Philippians 4:15 TLB).
me remain humble
Some of us know how to give but not receive. Others know how to receive but not
Lord, not proud of
give. Winners know how to do both!
my ability but ready
to serve someone
with what You have
Stay Humble
placed within me,
‘I came across The call of God is a high calling; yet the higher your calling, the lower you must
TheWord For
become in your own eyes. Jesus said of John, ‘...there is not a greater prophet...’
Today. It really
(Luke -7:28). Yet, John said of Jesus, ‘He must increase, but I must decrease’
changed my life’
(John 3:30). When the Lord called him, Ezekiel fell prostrate on the ground and God
had to say to him, ‘...stand upon thy feet and I will speak unto thee’ (Ezekiel 2:1).
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When John came face to face with Christ on the Isle of Patmos, he wrote, ‘I fell at
or visit His feet as dead’ (Revelation 1:17).
The more gifted you are, the more humble you must be and the more you must
acknowledge that the power that works in you is not human ability but God’s ability.
None of us knows exactly what the ‘thorn’ in Paul’s life was, but we know why he
had it. Listen: ‘...lest I be exalted...there was given to me a thorn in the fl esh’
(2 Corinthians 12:7).
Thorns come in many forms; God customises them to our personality and designs
them according to our need. It could be a problem child, a turbulent marriage or
a life-long affl iction. It’s what defl ates you when others try to exalt you; it’s what
enables you to receive a compliment without becoming arrogant. In a sense, it’s not
a thorn, it’s a thermostat that regulates your attitude, keeps you on your knees and
reminds you that God is your source and God alone!
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