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Learn To Be More Flexible
Your principles should be set in concrete but not your methods. Never stop asking, ‘Is there
a better way?’ Knowledge in most fi elds is doubling every fi ve years, so any programme
that old should be brought in for an examination, an overhaul and possibly the last rites!
As great as Henry Ford was, he had poor people-skills. He believed the Model T ended the
need for any other car. When people started saying to him, ‘We’d like a different colour,’ he
Father, when I can’t
get my own way,
answered, ‘You can have any colour you want - as long as it’s black!’ And that’s when his
remind me Who You
business began to decline. If what you’re doing isn’t working, you can:
are. There are many
1) Look for somebody or something to blame.
things in life that
2) Rationalise, so that you can live with it more easily.
irritate me Lord, and
3) Find comfort in the fact that others are in the same boat.
I never try and make
4) Be willing to change. In the fi lm Five Easy Pieces, Jack Nicholson goes into a restaurant them better. Help me
and asks for a side order of toast. When he’s told it’s not on the menu, he comes up with to serve solutions to
a creative solution. He orders chicken salad on toast, then instructs the waitress, ‘No
things that drive me
mayonnaise, just butter and hold the chicken salad.’
and everyone around
If you’re too rigid, you’ll break (or go broke). Paul’s great success can be summed up in one
me crazy. Help the
verse: ‘...I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save
church of me come
some’ (1 Corinthians 9:22 NIV). Learn to be more fl exible!
back to the original
principles on which it
was founded, so that
The Church’s All-Time Biggest Blunders
I can make the world
a better place, one
conversation or act of
MATTHEW 16:18.
kindness at a time.
It’s never too late to learn from our blunders. Here are seven:
1) We’ve made unbelief a doctrine. While third-world nations believe God for New
Testament results, we teach our seminary students that God doesn’t do miracles anymore.
‘I came across
2) We’ve tolerated division. Who needs the devil when we’re so adept at hating one another
TheWord For
in the name of denominational loyalty?
Today. It really
3) We’ve cultivated a religious spirit. We’ve taught that Christianity is about avoiding
changed my life’
things like smoking and drinking. As a result we’ve lost our joy because intimacy with God To get your FREE copy
cannot be achieved through performance.
call 0845 60 40 401
or visit
4) We’ve encouraged ‘super stars’. Consequently, some of our preachers have stopped
modelling servant-hood and have forgotten that Jesus washed feet and rode on a donkey.
5) We’ve equated money with success. We’ve found a way to ‘theologise’ greed, instead of
using our God-given prosperity to feed the poor and reach the world with the Gospel.
6) We’ve stayed in the pews and become irrelevant. We freak out when somebody uses rap
or rock music to reach the younger generation. Instead of engaging the culture, we’re hiding
from it.
7) We’ve taught people to be escape artists. Instead of ‘occupying ‘til He comes’, we’d
rather be astronauts and fl y away. We read rapture novels when we should be praying for
those living on the verge of martyrdom. Why can’t we have their kind of faith? We can, if
we’re willing to pay the price and commit ourselves fully to God!
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