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Don’t Forget The Lord
Can you imagine how Ruth felt coming out of famine and suddenly having grain
dropped right in front of her? She didn’t deserve it, earn it or even understand
it. When you’re not used to being blessed, it’s heady stuff! That’s why God says,
‘...remember the Lord your God; for it is He who gives you power to [succeed]’
Father forgive
(Deuteronomy 8:18 Amp). He’s the One who enables you to do what others fi nd
me for thinking I
diffi cult or impossible.
control the destiny
They’re taking classes to do what you do naturally. Why? Because God’s blessed
of my life, that I can
you with ability! And they may actually resent you for it. That’s because they don’t
do it all, that I can
understand where you came from to get to where you are. They don’t know that provide for myself
when you were discouraged and hopeless, God told you to look ahead because ‘...the and family. Lord I
sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which
recognise today,
shall be revealed in us’ (Romans 8:18). God had something in mind for you, greater
You are the creator
than anything you could imagine and He’s fulfi lling it, isn’t He?
and sustainer of
But be careful! This is where many of us make a mistake. We praise God in the
my life, my source
hard times but as soon as we get on our feet, we become self-suffi cient and snooty.
is You, not wealth
Listen again to what God told His people ‘When you have eaten and are satisfi ed...
or power, but You.
Be careful that you do not forget the Lord your God...’ (Deuteronomy 8:10-11 NIV).
Help me always
remember what
Remember today that God’s the source of everything you’ve got or ever will have!
You did on the
cross, that I might
Need a Nail?
always know, my
life exists within
the sacrifi ce You
made for me.
Thank You Lord.
The youth pastor was concerned that the beaches of Florida, the site of their Amen.
upcoming evangelism trip, would distract his kids from their purpose, so he
made a big wooden cross. Just before they climbed on to the bus he said to them,
‘Our reason for going is to lift up Christ, so we’re going to take this cross with us
everywhere we go.’ Feeling awkward and insecure, the kids dragged the big cross
on to the bus. It banged against the seats all the way there. It went with them into
the Lord
restaurants. It stayed with them overnight. It stood in the sand as they shared their
faith with thousands of other kids who’d come for spring break.
your God;
At fi rst, it embarrassed them. Then gradually it became a point of identifi cation; a
for it is He
constant reminder of who they belonged to and why they’d come. The night before
they went home, the youth pastor handed each kid two nails and said, ‘If you’re
who gives
willing to commit your entire life to Christ, I want you to hammer one nail into the you power
cross, and keep the other one with you as a reminder of this commitment.’
to [succeed]’
Fifteen years later a successful stockbroker called the youth leader and said, ‘I still
have that nail. Whenever the pressure is on, or I’m tempted to go astray, I just reach
into my pocket and feel it, and immediately I’m reminded that the core of my life is
- commitment to Christ.’ Do you think that maybe you need a nail too?
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