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More On Integrity
PSALM 25:21.
A newspaper cartoon depicts two executives sitting in jail. One turns to the other
and says, ‘And all along I thought our level of corruption fell well within community
standards.’ In a survey of 400 managers, 55 per cent said they did not trust their
top management. We’re living in the age of Enron!
Will Rogers said, ‘People’s minds are changed through observation, not argument. Lord let my
People do what people see.’ It’s said 89 per cent of what we learn comes through integrity grow. I
visual stimulation, the remainder through audible stimulation. So it makes sense pray today
that the more people see your consistency, the greater their respect and loyalty will that You would
be. What they hear, they understand; what they see, they believe and follow! reveal anything in
That’s why David prayed, ‘Guard my life...let me not be put to shame...May my life that I need
integrity...protect me ...’ (Psalm 25:20-21 NIV). When integrity is the referee, your to change for the
lips and your heart will be in agreement. Your beliefs will be mirrored by your sake of promoting
conduct. There’ll be no discrepancy between what you appear to be and what your integrity. Whether
family knows you are, whether in good times or bad. it’s my temper
John Maxwell says, ‘Integrity determines beforehand what you’ll be, regardless of or mis-truth, let
the circumstances, persons involved or places of testing. Integrity is not only the Integrity reign in
referee between two desires; it’s the ‘decision maker’ between being happy and me. Even if I’m set
being fragmented. It frees you to be a whole person no matter what comes your way. in my ways Lord,
Socrates said, ‘The key to greatness is to be in reality what we appear to be.’ He’s let the winds of
right! change come, to
blow away the old
You’re Never Too Old To Change!
bad habits of the
past, so that today
INSIDE OUT’ ROMANS 12:1. day full of integrity
with You.
Chuck Swindoll says, ‘You’re over the hill when: a) the stewardess offers you coffee,
tea or Milk of Magnesia b) you sink your teeth into a juicy steak and they stay there
c) there’s more hair stuck in the drain than on your head d) everything you once
had, you still have; except now it’s all four inches lower.’ And let’s add, when you’re
no longer willing to change. You see, when you’re through with changing, you’re
Alfred Nobel was a Swedish chemist who made his fortune by inventing dynamite
and other explosives used for weapons. When his brother died, a newspaper
accidentally printed Alfred’s obituary instead. It described him as a man who’d
become rich by enabling people to kill each other in unprecedented numbers. Deeply
shaken, he resolved to use his fortune to award accomplishments that benefi ted
humanity, hence The Nobel Prize. Nobel had the rare opportunity to re-evaluate his
life towards the end and still live long enough to do something about it.
Comedian Jerry Lewis joked that his best wedding gift was a fi lm of the entire
marriage ceremony. He said that when things got really bad at home, he’d go into a
room, close the door, run the fi lm backwards and walk out a free man! Now I doubt
if you’ll be able to do that, or even read your obituary in the newspaper. You can,
however, make a choice to change, and when that change is successful, you’ll
look back and call it growth.
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