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From grief
to gladness
What is the worst that can happen to you to cause abject despair? To imagine your worst fears, right
now, almost brings a fear in itself. Can you imagine what the fi rst century Christian families were going
through when led into the Roman arenas to face lions? Can you imagine what it must have been like to
be covered in grease and mounted on a pole to be burned a torch as part of Roman festivities?
Fortunately, we are not likely to suffer as such; yet it is recorded that Nero stopped the games because he wanted
to know why singing emanated from these Christian torches. Why indeed?
God has promised us that His people will not suffer interminably. Isaiah 14:3 says, “On the day the Lord will give
you relief from suffering and turmoil and cruel bondage.” Do you believe this?
There is a plethora of testimony to underwrite the above and so it is when you suffer grief or loss. It is not the
end of the world, as God never intended it to be.To grieve for a loved one is not only normal but also absolutely
essential. Eventually, the pain is substituted by a memory of all the good things that happened in your life with
that person. Instead of a tear God brings a smile of remembrance. He replaces this pain with His love. After all,
as Paul asks in his letter to the Romans 8:35, ‘What is it that can separate us from the love of God?’ The question
is rhetorical for the answer is known. If it is indeed nothing then we have to believe that it will be so. If it is so then
God must bring healing to our bereavement.
There is no difference when suffering a loss, which may be a home, business or even everything. God knows about
this and can only be in the business of restoration, but this is dependent on belief and faith. In such a trauma,
both take a severe knock and, once again, this must be recognised as being perfectly normal. However, it is time
to go and seek friends, have prayer partners and together, slowly, marvel at the way the Lord will piece a life back
together. In addition to the love mentioned above, we now must remember that He cares for us. If this is so He
will not abandon us but lead us gently forward. Nahum 1:7 says ‘The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He
cares for those who trust him’
So, we must trust and believe that whatever appears a disaster will eventually be turned into a blessing.
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