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Why are you
where you are?
ne of the statements I fi nd myself often making, (to myself as well as other people) is, ‘The
human mind has no limit to its ability to rationalise.’ In other words, give me a few
moments and I’ll think of a whole bunch of reasons why it’s OK for me to do this or not OK to do
that in spite of what wisdom might say to the contrary.
Perhaps in no other area of life is such rationalisation more likely to occur than in our fi nancial affairs and the
lifestyle we choose. The following article was sent to me by a Good $ense leader at another church. It chal-
lenged me as perhaps it will you.
‘Bloom where you are planted,’ the preacher challenged us one Sunday morning. It was an important sermon
emphasising the need for Christians to be salt and light in their everyday environments; in the home, the
workplace and the neighbourhood. I had heard similar messages before and had been moved by them.
This time, however, I felt more troubled than motivated. Something the minister was saying or maybe not
saying, was making me uneasy. ‘Where you are planted ...’ An assumption was being made that God, fate,
heredity or something other than personal choice had placed us where we were living. Glancing around the
congregation, I began to wonder by what coincidence most of my successful friends owned homes where
they did, on the affl uent north side of the city. Was it God who had decided that physicians and
bankers should be planted among the wealthy? Were there not enormous health
and economic needs on the south side of the city? I had the
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