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The High Cost Of Getting Even
Does someone owe you an apology, an explanation, a thank you or a second chance?
What are you going to do about it? Hold on to resentment? Talk to others about it?
Get even? Picture this: a big grizzly bear feeding alone on some discarded food. No
other creature dares come close. But after a few moments, a skunk walks over and
takes his place next to him and the grizzly doesn’t object. Why? Because he knows
Lord, teach me Your
the high cost of getting even!
You’d be smart to learn the same lesson. Ever notice in western movies that bounty
ways, help me not to
hunters travel alone? Who wants to hang out with a guy who settles scores for a
waste so much time,
living? Or risk getting on his bad side and catching a stray bullet? No, debt-settling
energy and effort for
is a lonely occupation. We describe those who bother us as ‘a pain in the neck’. Yes,
a moment of shallow
but whose neck? Not theirs. We’re the ones who suffer! If you’re out to settle a score
satisfaction in an act
you’ll never rest. How can you? Your enemy may never pay up. As much as you think
of revenge. Show me
you deserve an apology, they may not agree. You may never get a penny’s worth of
Lord the beauty of
justice and, if you do, will it be enough?
forgiveness and the
What’s the answer? ‘Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.’ majesty of grace.
Would you like some peace? Then stop giving others such hassle. Want to enjoy Help me to
God’s generosity? Then let others enjoy yours. Would you like the assurance that God
remember the
forgives you? Then you know what to do, don’t you?
people over the
years that have
Who Packed Your Parachute?
helped me not hated
me, remind me of
the ones that have
Charles Plumb was a US Navy pilot in Vietnam. After 75 missions his plane was
blessed me, even
destroyed and he parachuted into enemy territory. He survived six years in a
when I didn’t
Communist prison. Now he lectures on his experiences. One day, a man came up
deserve it – for those
to him and said, ‘You’re Plumb! You fl ew jet fi ghters from the aircraft carrier Kitty
Lord I thank You.
Hawk. You were shot down!’ Plumb replied, ‘How in the world did you know that?’
Smiling, the man said, ‘I packed your parachute. I guess it worked!’
That night Plumb couldn’t sleep. He said, ‘I kept wondering what that man might
have looked like in uniform. How many times I’d walked past him without speaking,
because I was a fi ghter pilot and he was just a sailor. I thought of the hours he’d
spent in the bowels of the ship, carefully weaving the shrouds and folding the silks
of each parachute, holding in his hands the fate of someone he didn’t even know.’
So, who packed your parachute? Who helped you to get to where you are? Put their
all on the line for you?
Paul looks back and recalls people most of us have never heard of; like Priscilla and
Aquila, ‘... who for my sake risked their necks’ (Romans 16:4 NAS). There are
no ‘self-made’ people. The higher you go the more dependent you become on
others. George Matthew Adams says, ‘Everyone who has ever done a kind deed
or spoken a word of encouragement...has entered into the make-up of our
character...our thoughts...our success.’ So, who packed your parachute?
Be sure to show your appreciation!
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