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Blessed For A Reason!
RUTH 2:16. TLB
When Boaz saw Ruth in his fi eld he told his workers, ‘Snap off some heads of barley and
drop them on purpose for her to glean...’ (Ruth 2:16). Even though he spoke about her
and not directly to her, she still received the blessing.
You don’t know what God has spoken over your life but suddenly everything changes!
God told His people, ‘I’m giving you vineyards you didn’t plant’ (Paraphrase Deuteronomy
Lord, show me if there
is a greater purpose
6:11). God can take the sweat out of your success. He can put you in situations where
for my life and if there
others do the work and you receive the benefi t. And you don’t have to worry or get jealous
is more to life than this
about somebody else getting what’s yours because nobody can glean it except you. All
- help me to live that
you have to do is keep following God. Why would God do that? Because there’s a direct purpose out to its full
correlation between His blessings and His purposes! for the rest of my days.
He doesn’t bless you so that you can brag! Whether His blessings come in the form
Help me give myself to
of increased fi nances, improved health or greater infl uence, God’s gifts are just tools
others less fortunate
to manoeuvre you to where you can fulfi l His purpose. The enemy isn’t just after your
than I. Teach me Your
provision; he’s after your purpose! After all, what good is success if you are out of God’s
ways Lord, and show
will? When God gives you something, He puts you on assignment to use it for His glory.
me your Kingdom,
let me know the
So remember when you pick up your provision, read the instructions that go with it, only
gentle touch of peace
then will you fi nd fulfi lment!
on the oppressed,
of provision to the
Developing A Strong Spirit
impoverished, show
me how to be an
OR TROUBLE...’ PROVERBS 18:14. AMP Kingdom in Jesus’
We’re each made up of body, soul and spirit. Our spirit (inner man) is where God comes
to dwell. But that doesn’t mean we’ll automatically have a ‘strong spirit’. No, your spirit
‘I came across
is like your body; it must be nourished.
TheWord For
Do you want to develop a strong spirit? First: spend time in God’s Word. Why? Because
Today. It really
it renews your mind and produces Christ-like qualities in you. Jesus knew the power of
changed my life’
Scripture fi rst-hand. He studied it as a boy, hid it in His heart and through it was able
To get your FREE copy
to overcome satan in the wilderness. Your Bible will: a) feed your soul. ‘When Your words call 0845 60 40 401
came, I ate them; they were my joy and my heart’s delight...’ (Jeremiah 15:16 NIV)
or visit
b) keep you strong in temptation: ‘How can a young man keep his way pure? By living
according to your word’ (Psalm 119:9 NIV) c) make you sharp: ‘The entrance of your
words gives...understanding...’ (Psalm 119:130 NKJ). Second: recognise the power of
prayer. Listen: ‘...He went up on a mountainside by Himself to pray...’
(Matthew 14:23 NIV). If Jesus needed to spend time in prayer then so do you.
John Bunyan said, ‘You can do more than pray after you’ve prayed; but you can’t do
more than pray until you’ve prayed.’ Think about that. In prayer you commit it all to God,
otherwise who is running things? Just that thought should bring us to our knees. Want
to develop a strong spirit, one that will sustain you in bodily pain or trouble? Do these
two things!
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