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T report
Accor Group’s
& Design Department
The Fatal Weapon
Exclusive interview with Michel Gicquel,
Artistic Director – Innovations and Design Department,
Accor Group
Optimising Internet
The Crisis Buster
Y Natacha Froger Max Starkov Leo Brand

Interior Architect, Chief eBusiness CEO,
Atome Associés Strategist, HeBS Swisscom Hospitality
May/September 2009
On cover: Michel Gicquel,
Dear Readers,
Artistic Director – Innovations and
Design Department, Accor Group
This edition of the “Hotel - Innovations & Technologies”
SMARTreport marks a turning point in the history of
technological publications dedicated to the hotel
A CLEVERDIS Publication
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We want to offer our readers, most of whom are not
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technicians but are the veritable decision-makers of
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the hotel sector – a professional publication allowing
Publisher: Gérard Lefebvre ( them to dispose of pertinent information and a source
Publishing Director: Pierre Jean Reboton
of ideas for business growth, taking account of today’s
Hospitality Project Manager: Masha Polshinskaya
developments, but also looking to the future in what
we hope in a pleasant, easy to read format.
Editor-in-Chief: Richard Barnes (
Associate Editor: Jooree Cho (
Technology in itself is not interesting for hoteliers
Art Director: Hélène Beunat (
unless it is taken in a global context. Innovations
Editorial Coordination & Design: Valentina Russo
and Technologies go hand in hand and speaking of
Sales Director: Bettina Badon
one without the other has little sense. Integrating
design and architecture in a publication dealing
With the participation of: Raphaël Pinot
(, Laura Howainski
with technologies thus appeared evident, and the
(, Carole Michonneau
quality of those (Michel Gicquel – Artistic Director –
(, Laura Moessner
Innovations and Design Department for the Accor
Printing: Imprimerie Horizon, Aubagne, France
Masha PolSHinSkAyA
Group, Natacha Froger, a designer of great talent,

© CLEVERDIS 2009 - Registration of Copyright May 2009 Hospitality Project Manager
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initiative, comfort us in this conviction.
Information presented in this publication is purely indicative in order to
illustrate subjects contained therein. No guarantee can be given as to
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Finally we have not overlooked the human dimension.
the accuracy of data or content at time of printing and thus the latter
should not be used to professional or commercial ends. While all efforts
In this case we look at how people use, or would like
have been made as to accuracy and pertinence of content and data
to use innovations and technologies… but also how
contained in this publication, CLEVERDIS may in no case be held
After having worked in the PR
responsible for the consequences, whatever their nature may be, that & Marketing industry in Russia, this evolution enables hoteliers to improve the lives of
may result from the interpretation of this data or content, or any
then on French web-TV, Masha
customers as well as that of staff.
eventual errors therein. All rights are reserved. Any reproduction of the
Polshinskaya joined Cleverdis in
content of this publication, even partial, by any procedure whatsoever,
• Changing the mindset of hoteliers, helping them
is strictly prohibited without the prior authorisation of the publisher. Any
2008 as Project Manager of the
copy, whether by photography, photography film, magnetic tape, disc
Hotel Technologies SMARTreport understand where the major evolution is taking
or other means constitutes a forgery, liable to punishment under French publication. Her mission is to
place at the moment, at the reception desk, in the
law under the legislation of 11
March 1957 covering copyright. All
manage relations with Hotel
brands cited in this publication are registered trade marks and/or
Owners, Investors, Hotel Managers,
guestrooms or in the conference facilities.
belong to companies which are their respective proprietors. The
publishers and editorial staff decline all responsibilty as to opinions
Tour Operators, Event Managers,
• Spotlighting what architects, designers, suppliers
formulated in this publication by those interviewed or cited therein. Their Customers, Solutions Providers
and service providers are developing in this spirit.
opinions are entirely their own, and are included with the understanding
& Installers. She is also in charge
that they contain, to our knowledge, no malicious intent. The inclusion
of partnerships for the important These are our objectives!
of all texts, photographs and other documents supplied by those
included in the encyclopaedia imply the acceptance by their authors of
trade shows in the hospitality
In order to clearly mark this new consciousness and
their free publication therein. Documents and photgraphs are not
industry. Her fluency in English,
returned. It should be understood that this publication contains
French, and Russian is useful when
positioning, we have changed the “look and feel” of
forward-looking statements that involve risks, uncertainties and
dealing with Cleverdis international the SMARTreport, and modified its title, from “Hotel
assumptions. All statements other than statements of historical fact are
clients and partners. She holds a
statements that could be deemed forward-looking statements. Risks, Technologies”, to “Innovations and Technologies”.
uncertainties and assumptions include assumptions relating to the
Masters Degree in International
timing of the record date. If any of these risks or uncertainties Public Relations from the Institute of
Enjoy reading!
materialises or any of these assumptions proves incorrect, actual
Political Studies of Aix-en-Provence,
results could differ materially from the expectations outlined in these
France. She also obtained a Masters
statements. Cleverdis assumes no obligation and does not intend to
Gérard Lefebvre Masha Polshinskaya
update these forward-looking statements during the period of
Degree in Territorial Management
publication. Photo Credits and Copyright: All Rights Reserved
and Regional Economy in Russia.
Publisher Hospitality Project Manager
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