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Retailers are sometimes not sure about when to redesign, wherever possible, existing material was reused. Also, However, clients can go in for as much sustainability as “The greatest compliment is when the other retailers tell
but for McEvoy Ranch, it was part of a natural process— Bodziner says, Gensler partnered with people who are they are comfortable with. The level 2 that the McEvoy us what a good job we’ve done,” says Bodziner. McEvoy
keeping up with the growth of the company. When the environmentally conscious—like Berkeley Mills, also in Ranch project falls under typically says she is very happy with the redesign,
needs of the company grew, the old space just didn’t seem San Francisco, who made the furniture and cabinets for includes water conserving plumbing, and has received several positive
to be able to satisfy them. the store. a cool/green roof, and ambient lighting. comments on how much brighter the
The company now had a wider product offering—a Some of the features—like the usage of reclaimed barn store is.
range of olive oil-based personal care products called 80 siding for the signage—also lent an air of authenticity.
Other changes
McEvoy Ranch was one of the first
acres, and artisanal gifts, tabletop accessories, handcrafted “The way we burnt the lettering in the signage looked like
For McEvoy, the best part of the
stores to open in the Ferry Building
soaps, produce and flowers from their it came directly from the ranch,” says
redesign is the way it helps host more
Marketplace which focuses on food.
organic gardens. Some other products Bodziner.
events at the store. Even better, the
The marketplace showcases small
of the company are Meyer Lemon
concept of the kitchen fits in well with
regional producers and specialty
Marmalade, Mille Fleur Honey and
Shades of green the tasting events. “Even when you’re
foods. It is highly conscious of
Tuscan Table Olives.
The redesign was implemented last entertaining, everyone seems to
environmentally responsible food
The old design did not leave much
fall just as the economy was taking a gravitate towards the kitchen,” says
production methods, and promotes
room for storing stock, nor did it have
turn south. But that did not deter Bodziner. “There are all these reasons
artisan producers who practice
effective ways to display the merchandise.
McEvoy. “We always think of the why the concept [of the kitchen] felt
sustainable methods of agriculture
“Before the redesign we would run out
big picture, long-term,” she says. perfect.”
and production. The building won the
of olive oil because we could only store
Bodziner says that “going green” was The overall square footage of the
“Every client isn’t prepared 2008 Governor’s Env ironmental
a limited amount at the Ferry Building,”
no longer a decision; it was just a store didn’t increase but the redesign
McEvoy says. The old design also did not
question of how green you wanted created opportunities for vertical
to fully implement
a nd Economic Leadership Award
for its green initiatives.
allow for seamless expansion into the
to go. shelving, which also helped group
[a totallygreen design] yet,
Gensler has some advice for retailers
body care product line, and 80 Acres
“It (green design) is absolutely the similar products together. It also
struggled to find a place of its own in the
way of the present and definitely the brought the products to a “shoppable
but every step makes
looking to redesign their stores.
Retailers often “see somebody else
space. Without vertical shelving, says
way of the future,” says Bodziner. “I height,” says McEvoy, implying that
Nan McEvoy
a difference.”
doing something and they want to do
Bodziner, it was difficult to accommodate
don’t think any of us in any line of more products were now at a level
the growing range of products.
business can really afford not to take where customers could easily see and
—Michael Bodziner, Gensler.
it,” and that should never be a criterion,
Bodziner says. “Before approaching a
Also, the tasting events, an integral part of the store’s
a sustainable approach to design.” reach for them. Storage capacity was
design firm, a retailer really needs to dig
customer outreach, needed to be accommodated better.
However, he says that businesses are often misguided doubled. The store also now features a small office area
deep and understand their brand,” he says. “The only
“So if you think about throwing a party in your home—
about green initiatives, and think that one has to go “all by the cash register.
way they can communicate it to the public is if they
you have a kitchen with a sink, refrigerator, freezer—
the way” to become an environmentally conscious Because the store always held tastings, there were three
understand it completely.” �
and you have tables. We didn’t have any of that,” McEvoy
business. “There are different degrees of going green,” janitorial sinks in the space—these were mandated by
says Bodziner. A business can choose the most sensible California Health and Safety Code. Before the redesign, Meera Rajagopalan is a freelance journalist based in India.
environment-conscious options for its situation, he says. these sinks had no relationship to the overall design of
Sustainable design “Every client isn’t prepared to fully implement it (a totally the store. With the new “kitchen” design, they could be
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In keeping with the philosophy of the company, the store green design) yet,” Bodziner adds, “but every step makes integrated into the design.
design had to be as green as possible. “They (McEvoy a difference.” Bodziner’s favorite part of the store is a striking image—
Michael Bodziner
Ranch) asked us to be as sustainably conscious as we Also, Bodziner says, going green need not cost that of McEvoy’s hands holding an olive seedling. The
could be,” says Bodziner. “And there were quite a few substantially more—it can be as low as 1% of the image was blown up to 4 feet by 6 feet, and used as the 415.433.3700
things that we did.” project cost for a LEED-certified project, including the backdrop for the cash register and office space. However,
Gensler and McEvoy Ranch put their heads together to documentation for certification. “As far as materials go, Bodziner wishes he was able to give his client one thing:
create what Bodziner calls a “Level 2” green design. Many recycled content and low emitting products should not a dishwasher. “Because of the dimensions of the space,
Nan McEvoy
of the materials they used—such as the glass and tile— cost more, and are relatively easy to find,” he says. we couldn’t offer them that luxury,” he says.
MvEvoy Ranch, The Ferry Building Shop
were either recycled, or had some recycled content in Also, he says, “green” projects save money, improve
them. They also used FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)- productivity and strengthen employee attraction and
What you need to look out for
415. 291.7224
certified white oak and olive woods. retention. All Gensler projects have a basic level of
The new design has been receiving accolades from
Power-saving LEDs form the lighting in the store, and sustainability—for instance, they all use low-VOC paints.
customers and retailers alike say Bodziner and McEvoy.
Summer 2009 n GIFT SHOP 133
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