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When your customers are shopping
growing green movement has slowly
for candles, they have more choices
carved out a niche for candles made from
renewable resources. As opposed to paraffin,
today than just scent, size, and style.
a by-product of petroleum, green candles
The green movement has ignited a
are made from a whole host of renewable plant-based
whole new array of candles made
materials. The primary players in this arena are candles
made of soy wax. Barbara Miller, spokesperson for
with natural, renewable resources.
Washington, D.C-based National Candle Association
If you aren’t selling eco-friendly
says that their growing presence is about four years strong.
candles yet, there is no better time
“I think we generally saw soy candles starting to make a
notable entry into the U.S. marketplace in about 2005,
to get started. which corresponds with the general increase in the green
Sharon Anne Waldrop
movement and using renewable resources,” she says.
The joys of soy
Tong (Toni) Wang has conducted extensive research on
soy wax and candles made from it. The associate professor
at the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition
at Iowa State University, says that soy wax is mainly
hydrogenated soybean oil and burns slower and more
completely than paraffin wax.
Candles made from soy wax are distinguished by a
reduced flow of wax through the wick and a candle
that lasts longer (than ones made from paraffin). The
research also shows that soy wax begins to melt at a lower
temperature, a smaller flame is needed to burn the candle,
and that soot production is non-existent or kept at a
However, the texture of soy wax is different from paraffin
wax and candles made from 100% soy wax work best when
contained in glass or tin jars. “It lacks the good elasticity or
cohesiveness that paraffin wax has, so the solid material
tends to be more crumbly and easy to fracture, and sometimes
it can be too soft and greasy and lacks physical strength,”
Wang says. For this reason, sometimes a touch of paraffin
wax is included with soy especially when crafting stand-
alone candle products such as pillars.
after lighting the BsaB candles, the soy wax is warm to the
David Kasteler, director of marketing at BsaB (bee-
touch and can be used as a soothing massage oil or skin
säh-bee) Candles in Provo, UT, says that because soy wax
moisturizer. Soy massage candle kits from the company
is all natural, customers can use it as a moisturizer. Soon
are sold in Deep Summer, Secrets, and Silence fragrances.
n Summer 2009
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