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July 4 - 17, 2009 43
Trainer offers triple-digit cool down advice
Although getting used to the heat may be difficult, then gradually increasing the time. After a few days, He suggests 16 ounces of water before a workout
Steve Richards, a trainer and owner of Crossfit 2260 start doing some physical activity such as some yard and 32 ounces after.
in Chandler, says there are ways to feel cooler when work or go on a short run. “Thirst is always a late indicator of dehydration,”
spending time in the summer sun. According to Richards, it takes about two weeks Richards says. “Do not wait until you are thirsty to
Richards says it is important to gradually spend for your body to become acclimated to the higher drink – you are already behind.”
more time outside to let your body adjust to the temperatures. To learn more about staying cool or to set up
weather. “If you don’t spend much time outside you will lose a training appointment with Steve Richards, call
“Our first inclination when it starts to get hot is to your ability to handle the heat,” Richards says. 480-329-5373 or email
sit inside,” Richards says. “This is the last thing we It is also important to drink clear fluids throughout
should do.” the day, especially before and after working out,
He suggests spending 15 minutes outside at first, according to Richards.
Keep pets safe during monsoon
With the threat of monsoon storms on the horizon, the and cause them to jump or dig out of the yard. In addition, many an
Arizona Humane Society reminds SanTan Sun residents to homes suffer storm damage. If heavy winds blow down a fence/ho
protect their pets, as lightening, thunder and pouring rain wall or blow open a gate, dogs can take off.wa
can be frightening to animals. Distract pets during loud storms. Play with their favorite toys D
“Every year, we typically see an increase of stray pets and have fun with them indoors. Doing so helps them focus on you and h
the night of and morning after a monsoon storm,” says Dr. Dr. rather than the storm, which can reduce their fear.rather t
Kathleen Croteau, lead veterinarian of the Arizona Humanemane Be careful not to overprotect pets during storms. Fussing because Be ca
Society’s Second Chance Animal Hospital. “Many of them are hit e hit they are scared reinforces pets’ fears. Act normal and stay calm. Acting they are
by cars as they run in fear.” scared or stressed makes them feel worse.scared or
To help keep pets safe during the stormy weather, AHS offers ffers Consult a veterinarian about prescription medications that may Consu
the following tips: help. Some pets just can’t cope with storms and your veterinarian help. S
Keep pets indoors. If necessary, confine them to a bathroom m may be able to prescribe medication to help. However, never may
or other save haven. If your dog is crate trained and wants to medicate pets unless you do so under the supervision of a me
go into the crate, let him. If he does not want to be in his crate,
don’t force him. During this time of year, storms typically roll If your pet runs away during a storm, begin a diligent
in late in the day. If you leave early in the morning, keep pets search and visit the Arizona Humane Society both county-
indoors while you’re gone because a storm could hit before e run facilities every 72 hours. Also call Missing Mutts at
you get home. 480-464-9442 or visit
Make sure pets always have current ID. If they are outside de
when a storm hits, the thunder and lightening may spook them m
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