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The solar industry is one of the few of our future. We need to foster an Members and the public received an in attracting new technologies and
business sectors still experiencing economic climate and tax structure that overview of current market activity taking the steps necessary to bring these
growth in today’s difficult economic will lead to job growth in this industry. and heard about the potential of businesses into our communities. By
climate. It is projected that U.S. solar- Senate Bill 1403 is one way we can these new technological and business doing so we can enhance our economic
related investments will increase by $232 advance Arizona’s competitiveness. opportunities for job growth. My growth and provide stability for our
billion and will provide approximately This bill would create a state income tax goal was to educate my colleagues future. Enacting SB 1403 will help meet
276,000 jobs nationwide by 2016. credit for renewable energy companies and provide valuable up-to-date these goals.
Arizona is already highly competitive in that invest in land, facilities, equipment information to those who are interested
the semiconductor market and the skills and high-wage job creation. in the development of this industry in
Sen. Jay Tibshraeny, R-Chandler, represents
its workforce possesses are transferable The Senate Government Institutions Arizona.
District 21 in the Arizona State Senate. He
served as mayor of the City of Chandler from
to the solar industry. Committee, which I chair, recently had As state policy makers, we must
1994 to 2002.
It is not too late to change the course a presentation on the solar industry. address the issue of our competitiveness
Bankruptcy Myths Debunked
by Denise K. Aguilar, Esq. 13 bankruptcy will require a three to bankruptcy. However, it is not recommended. You
With so many facing job losses, five year payment plan. The goal isn’t Truth: You will have a difficult time may think the forms are easy enough to
foreclosures and shrinking incomes, necessarily to pay 100 percent of the qualifying for a mortgage for a short fill out, but bankruptcy is not always the
accurate information regarding rights debt; it may be to pay only as much as time after your bankruptcy discharge. most logical area of law. There is a lot of
and options is paramount. Frequent you can afford, which in many cases is Before the current crisis, I told my legal analysis that goes into preparing
radio ads and media claim to inform very little. clients that two years after bankruptcy the documents – legal analysis that a
us about bankruptcy. These sources of Myth: You will lose your belongings if discharge, assuming they kept their document preparer is not qualified to
information are not always accurate, you file bankruptcy. credit on track, they should be able to do. There can be harsh implications
and are sometimes purposely Truth: Arizona law allows you to qualify without a problem. Because of for innocent mistakes. It’s not just as
misleading. Here are some facts about protect the following assets, within new lending regulations, this timeframe simple as asking the court to dismiss
bankruptcy: the prescribed values: equity in your may be extended. your case when things start to go south.
Myth: You must pay back your debts home and vehicles, furniture, a watch, Myth: You don’t need to hire an
in bankruptcy. wedding set, clothing, tools used in your attorney to file bankruptcy.
Attorney Denise K. Aguilar is an East Valley
Truth: Under Chapter 7 bankruptcy, job, and 100 percent of your qualified Truth: The truth is that you are not
resident and owner of the Aguilar Law Firm,
you are not required to repay debts, retirement plan or pension. This is not prohibited from filing on your own
except for taxes, student loans, and a complete list. or paying a non-attorney a nominal
child support, generally. Chapter Myth: You can’t buy a house after a fee to prepare the documents for you.
to the
Brewer’s budget right Where’s the logic, reasoning?
back together again. Today, downtown expect our government to help the
for education I am speechless because I cannot
Mesa is what it is. And its narrowing traffic flow, not restrict it. Narrowing
Speak up now for what’s best for fathom the logic and reasoning which
project along Main Street has not Arizona Avenue is going against
Arizona. It’s not too late to let your lead to Monday evening’s (City Council)
helped its downtown businesses at all. common sense. They will use $9.3
voice be heard on the budget debate. vote to approve a project which would
Mesa residents still go to the Mall and million of our dollars to narrow the
Our state is at a critical juncture, narrow Arizona Avenue. Nothing said
to other areas to shop pretty much lanes on Arizona Avenue (by a foot or
where new jobs and a highly skilled in support during the debate on that
leaving the old Downtown alone. two in each lane), take out the right and
workforce are vital to our economic vote made any sense whatsoever to me.
This (Chandler) project will left turn lanes and the median – and
recovery. The legislature’s budget will Nothing given by those who favor street
discourage much traffic from driving put in a nice wide sidewalk – all this
cut funding for our state universities narrowing seemed logical. Everything
through Downtown. This does not to try to force us to use the downtown
below the level required to remain appeared not to show foresight and long
mean that improvements to parking are area. Because of these changes, the
eligible for $1 billion in federal stimulus range vision, but only shortsightedness
not needed. But when I drive south on traffic will be reduced by 4 to 5,000
funding that would go toward funding and possible special interest influence.
Arizona Avenue from Mesa or Gilbert, I cars each day. That doesn’t sound
K-12 and universities over the next Development both south from
do not want to be slowed down in traffic like it will help the businesses down
three years. downtown and north from Sun Lakes
to a near crawl so that pedestrians who there much. And digging up the streets
Gov. Brewer’s budget proposal will created new horizons for development
probably would rather be at a Mall doesn’t sound helpful either. Again,
ensure Arizonans have access to an and made the need to drive south of our
anyway will be a bit happier when they where is the common sense? Spending
affordable, quality university education. old downtown much more necessary.
decide to give Downtown Chandler a money to narrow a main street down
It will ensure Arizona has a highly And with the construction of the 202,
try. town doesn’t make any.
skilled workforce with nurses and we all could see coming a major shift
If Arizona Avenue is narrowed, I’m Marsha Atkin, Chandler
doctors to care for our community. in the location of new businesses from
going to travel north and south on Alma
By supporting higher education, Gov. areas.
School or Dobson or maybe even take
Brewer’s budget will help to bring new But now we are being told that in order
the 202. And I’m sure others including
Letters to the Editor
jobs and businesses to our community to make business viable in downtown,
you Council Members will do the same.
We know you have an opinion! Share it
and will help to improve the quality of in order to attract pedestrian traffic, in
And when traveling on Alma School we with the SanTan Sun News. Unless you’re
life in Arizona. order to take advantage of our new City
will not be noticing anything new about
the Mayor, however, please keep your
Letters to the editor around 200-300 words,
The time has come to speak up for Hall, in order to get cars to travel north
businesses in Downtown.
or they may be edited for length. Include
Arizona’s future. It’s not too late. from the 202, we must slow down traffic,
Vote to table this matter indefinitely.
your first and last name, community or
Tell your state representatives make more on street parking and create
Dale Whiting, Clemente Ranch
development name in Southern Chandler
and senator today that you support pedestrian malls along south Arizona
(Cooper Commons, Ocotillo, Sun Groves,
higher education and you support Gov. Avenue. Whose logic is this anyway?
etc.) or ZIP code and daytime phone
number for verification. Anonymous
Brewer’s budget. Mesa faced a similar problem with
Narrowing lacks
letters are not typically accepted. Email
Fred T. Boice, president, Arizona their downtown area when the US
common sense
is the preferred submission method, to
Board of Regents 60-Superstition Freeway went east
Where is the common sense?
taking almost all traffic away from Main
The Chandler City council last
Opinions expressed in Community
Street. Nothing Mesa has done since
night voted to limit our freedom – by
Commentaries, Letters to the editor or
cartoons are those of the author, and not
has been able to put Humpty Dumpty
intentionally creating a bottleneck. We
that of the SanTan Sun News.
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