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JULY 2009: ISSUE 2

Flexible study

programme to
suit individuals
INFORMATION and Communica- level, which students can study on
tions Technology (ICT) skills are no their own and at their own pace.
longer the preserve of programmers Options include the European
and systems analysts - we all need Computer Driving Licence
them! (ECDL), a European-wide qualifi-
The changes, which have taken cation in basic skills such as word
place over the last 10 years, have processing, spreadsheets and
brought computers, and their effect, databases, and Web Business with
into every aspect of daily life. The Dreamweaver, a course that aims
pace of that change over the last to give students knowledge in
decade, through the growth of net- building a commercial website
worked systems and the Internet, has using industry standard software.
been fast and it is likely to continue Training Shop manager Eugene
at an even faster rate in the future. Amoako overseas the day-to-day
So ignoring the significance of the running of the impressive ICT
computer is not an option unless you suite at the Waterloo campus,
want to get left trailing way behind which boasts more than 50 PCs.
on the information superhighway. “There are no formal lectures.
Southwark College offers a range of Instead, each course has a flexible
flexible computer courses and other study programme which will sup-
YOU’RE NEVER TOO OLD TO LEARN: Southwark College student Reverend Percy Gray courses from beginners to advanced port and guide students during
their studies. The course pace can
be tailored to suit the individual.
Peter prospers in seven
This means they can complete the
qualification as quickly or as slow-
ly as they wish,” says Eugene.
years at college
PETER Khang To has been a stu-
dent at Southwark College for
over seven years, developing from
IT Practitioners BTEC National
a shy and nervous teenager lack- Diploma student Peter Khang To EUGENE AMOAKO
ing confidence into an assured “Most of the learning is done by
young man other classmates seek
al tutor for the past two years but previously
the students on their own and only
help from.
taught him on the IT Practitioners BTEC
when they need help do the train-
First Diploma course. According to
The 21-year-old from Camberwell is now
ers step in to advise. The courses
Stuart, Peter’s progress and achieve-
nearing the end of a two-year course studying
really do fit around a person’s life.
ment is quite remarkable. “Peter first
for an IT (Software) Practitioners BTEC
So if they have a 9-5, Monday to
came to the College as a year 10 from
Friday job, they can come here
National Diploma, in which students learn
Highshore School. He has since gone
after work and study until clos-
about technical aspects of how computers
through every level at the College
ing time at 8.45pm and on
work and the impact of IT on business sys-
and will now go onto university.
Saturday until 1pm. The
tems. It will also mark the end of Peter’s time
Training Shop is also open
at Southwark College, which started as a
“Peter was always self-critical.
throughout the summer
school link student aiming to improve his
To begin with, when he handed
holidays and during half-
Mathematics and English and moved on to
in work it was always ‘I know
terms so students can learn
include the IT and Engineering BTEC Entry
you're going to give me loads of
all year round.”
Certificate, IT at Work BTEC Introductory
corrections’, but over time he’s
Certificate and IT Practitioners BTEC First
realised that he can contribute And you’re never too old to
Diploma through to his present course. He
in class and help his classmates. learn. Southwark College’s
aims to study for a degree in multimedia at
His line now is ‘Do you think I’m oldest student is 81-year-old
the University of East London.
going to have any corrections?’ Reverend Percy Gray. He has
Peter has always been interested in soft-
That's what Southwark College studied at the College for four
has done for Peter. He’s met sup- years and recently gained his
ware development and in particular the
portive staff and they’ve helped ECDL, which means he is now
internet and gaming. He says: “The courses
him on his way. He is the ideal stu- proficient using the seven
at Southwark College have been excellent
dent - he’s always first in and works Microsoft office packages.
and with the hard work I have put in, I hope
hard in class and on his own to
I can make a good future for myself. Since I
Eugene adds: “Learners like it
achieve the best results possible.”
have been at college I’ve become more
here. They improve their computer
mature. I was a bit shy at times and didn’t
“Full credit must go to Peter because
skills to get on at work, help with
always communicate much but I have started
he’s leaving Southwark with the equiva-
further learning or just to keep in
to believe more in myself and it has meant
lent of three A-levels at grade A. I’m sure
touch with friends and family.
I’ve been able to express myself better to
he'll pass his degree with flying colours then
There’s a course to suit you, what-
classmates. Now they always want my help
land a job and do exceptionally well.”
ever your level of experience.”
because I understand most of the areas.” If you'd like information on any of the
For more information on ICT
Stuart Blackmore, who is responsible for courses at Southwark College, telephone 020
courses telephone 020 7815 1600
the 14-19 IT and Engineering courses at 7815 1600 or visit the website www.south-
or visit the website www.south-
Southwark College, has been Peter’s person-
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