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by Greg Houser, President the permanent funding for the Loprinzi Athletes (27 Portland-metro area sopho-
Multnomah Athletic Foundation Fund so that we can eventually cover at more recipients chosen by their schools
least second-year funding for these indi- for athletic, scholarship and leadership
roclaim 2009 the year of
viduals and therefore ensure a greater accomplishments) as well as our selecting
Mr. Inspiration. Let’s celebrate!
probability that our Loprinzi Scholars will and funding of Joe Loprinzi Scholarship
Yes, this year marks Joe Loprinzi’s
graduate. Just as Joe has taught us to reach award winners who are deserving seniors
95th birthday. Poll MAC members and
higher and keep on reaching, we want with college aspirations. MAF undertakes
nine out of 10 recognize Joe, and many
these scholars to effectively reach for their a worthy mission of community outreach,
smile broadly as they fondly
and we are only limited in our
recount the many ways he
various activities by the level
touched their lives and inspired
of fundraising from those who
them to go beyond their assumed
embrace and encourage our
athletic talents and stamina, to
test their resolve and to become
We are engaged in numerous
better for it. Joe always delivered
efforts to foster values in our
his “wise medicine” with not only
youth, perpetuating the highest
a healthy dose of good humor
ideals of amateur athletics,
but also a willingness to be right
including leadership, disci-
alongside of you as you pushed
pline, skill development and
yourself to that uncharted physical
self-esteem. This year alone we
horizon. He knew that mixing
have granted $40,500 to MAC
challenge and camaraderie was a
Scholar Athletes and $16,000
potent combination to bring out
to Loprinzi Award winners, and
the best performance in people.
will make additional grants of
You could just as easily assign him
another $20,000 to $25,000 for
the moniker “Mr. MAC” for his
a number of area-wide athletic
far-reaching impact but he would
and fitness programs that have
self-deprecatingly refuse such a
been vetted by our board. Past
title because, above all, he is the
recipients have included Special
embodiment of humility.
Olympics, Peninsula Wrestling,
So why would a tribute to our
Easter Seals - Bike First, The
Joe Loprinzi factor into a discus-
Salvation Army Biddy Basketball
sion about Multnomah Athletic
and The Children’s Course, to
Foundation (MAF)? Very simply,
name a few among many.
because one of our hallmarks is
Where do we derive the
the annual selection and funding
financial resources to fund
of Joe Loprinzi Scholarships.
these scholarships and provide
These are a select number of
Joe Loprinzi celebrates his 95th birthday this
programmatic support for youth
graduating high school seniors
year. Joining him are MAF President Greg
activities? The foundation was
(most chosen from the ranks of
Houser, left, and MAF Director Tom Usher.
funded with a nominal amount
prior MAC Scholar Athletes) who
of seed money in 1991. Since
are deemed worthy of scholarship
dreams and become productive members then, through generous donations from
support by virtue of need and merit. Many
of the community. many and prudent investment manage-
of the aspirants for these scholarships
But, let me digress, and give you a ment, we have been able to fund our
would have difficulty attending the college
better general understanding of MAF. various endowments as well as progres-
of their choice without our support. This
We strive to positively influence the sively give out more monies on an annual
financial backing is made possible through
personal development of youth through basis to fulfill our mission. The annual
income from the foundation’s Loprinzi
the support and underwriting of amateur distribution from these endowment funds
Fund Endowment plus supplemental funds
athletics, fitness programs and scholarship provides approximately $50,000 in funding
from other MAF sources.
grants to deserving young adults. Most support.
In fact, it is a primary objective of our
illustrative of our activities is our finan- Another source of financial support
foundation board to significantly increase
cial role in the funding of MAC Scholar comes from our underwriting and staging
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