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locations with a sticker. Oth-
ers can challenge ownership
of the site in stunt contests
and the very best feature on
an Element official video.
Michael Oh and Sungkwon Jason Deacon and Ebony Holmberg
Ha with Rei Inamoto Jason Deacon and Ebony
Michael Oh and Sung Holmberg, of the Royal Mel-
Kwan Ha, of the School bourne Institute of technolo-
of the Visual Arts, US, came gy, created The Warm-up for
up with Be Steady travel website Expedia. Peo-
for Starbucks. People ple seeking to holiday in a Erik Hoegfeldt, Gustav Johansson
with GPS-equipped mobile sunny location use their and Rasmus Keger
phones download an ad GPS-equipped mobile Erik Hoegfeldt, Gustav
Richard Boyko: “Our business is not a very philanthropic one”
that shows them where phones to head for a partic- Johansson and Rasmus
the nearest Starbucks ular spot, being told along Keger, of the Berghs School
Future Lions chosen
is. They have a virtual cup the way whether they are of Communications, Swe-
of coffee on the handset getting “warmer” or “colder” den, proposed that electrici-
screen and if they can walk as they seek the spot. When ty company Fortum create
as Boyko hits out
to the shop without spilling they arrive, they photograph Active Gym. Customers are
the virtual cup they win a themselves with the sticker offered membership of the
free latte. marking the spot. The idea gym and all the equipment
can be used for races and there is hooked up to gener-
TIGHT-FISTED ad agencies, the ing, he said. Boyko conceded for posting winners’ blogs ators so they produce
plethora of student competi- that the growing number of on social networking sites. energy. Members can see
tions schools that are slow to awards competitions often recog- how much energy they pro-
adapt their curriculums to change nised effective work, but Brand- duce each session and that
came in for criticism at the AKQA center had decided recently “to is offset against their domes-
Future Lions seminar yester- step back from award shows”, tic consumption on bills.
day. Richard Boyko, director although last year it had two Fortum would also have
of the VCU Brandcenter and teams win in Cannes. He ex- own-brand energy drinks
dean of the Roger Hatchuel Li- plained: “Some schools put a and bars.
ons Academy, sniped at all three lot of emphasis on awards. I see Gian Jonathan and Wai Wa
in conversation with AKQA this as a distraction, it is getting Gian Jonathan and
CEO Tom Bedecarre. Seven in the way of the curriculum.” Wai Wan, of the Nanyang
years ago Boyko quit as a top He also warned schools that Academy, Singapore, Morton Halvorsen and Hallvard
Ogilvy executive as he saw agen- they needed to respond to fast- devised a tool for Ikea that Fjeldbraaten with Rei Inamoto
cies “cut back on training pro- changing technologies and tech- employs special glasses Hallvard Fjeldbraaten and
grammes or those that still did niques. “In this business you allowing users to “see” Morton Halvorsen, of West-
them were not of the same cali- have to be changing your cur- virtual objects. erdals School of Communi-
bre”. But as specialist schools riculum every six months or Prospective buyers can cation, Norway, created
have proliferated, the funding year.”In introducing the Fu- download from Ikea images Claim It to promote Element
has not.”Our business is not a ture Lions winners, AKQA chief of furniture they are skateboards. Skaters film The Berghs School of Commu-
very philanthropic one. Agen- creative officer Rei Inamoto interested in and using themselves performing nication, Sweden, was named
cies now rely on the schools but said the contest had grown from the glasses view the items stunts at favourite locations Future Lions School of the
are not willing to pay into them.” 50 entries in 2006 to more than in the rooms where they and give the Google map Year, and CEO Paer Lager and
While some agencies give schol- 700 this year, with about a third are to be located, coordinates of the location. head of school Sofia Stroem-
arships, schools have to spend from the US, 25% from Eu- changing the colours Those rated best by viewers borg received the award from
considerable time fund-rais- rope and 20% from Asia. n of items at will. of the web videos claim the Rick Boyko and Rei Inamoto.
JUNE 2009
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