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Feature Focus
by Kathi Pines
A Guide for School -Aged Children
arents can’t spend 24 hours a day with their children and kids with food is. We’ve found weird ingredients in the craziest places. We’ve heard of peanut
allergies must learn how to navigate independently in order to survive in butter in chili and hot chocolate, pecans in barbecue sauce, and milk and soy
an environment where everyday items can prove to be potentially dangerous in deli meats, just to name a few! Ask questions about ingredients before you
for them. The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network for kids has created a eat anything.
guide that can help parents prepare their children to deal with pitfalls outside
Don’t Take Chances
the home.
Sharing food with your friends is risky. How do you know if the food is safe?
Your friend’s cupcake may look good, but if it contains something you are
Learn to read the labels
allergic to, it could make you feel very sick. The best policy is: don’t trade food!
Learn to look for the scientific names used for listing foods on labels. For
example, casein is one of many words that means milk. If you need help, talk
Practice Makes Perfect
to your parents, your doctor, or call the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network
When was the last time you practiced using your epinephrine medicine
at (800) 929-4040.
(EpiPen® or Twinject®)?
Read the labels on all foods, all the time – how else will you know what’s in
You can get a trainer, which allows you and your friends to practice using
your food? Don’t eat food that doesn’t have a label!
an auto-injector. They look just like the real thing, but they don’t have a needle
or medicine, and they are re-useable so everyone can practice over and over
Carry Your Medicine
again. Ask your doctor or parents about how to get one.
Make sure you know how and when to use your
medicine if you have a reaction. If your doctor says you
Tell Your Friends
need to carry medicine, such as EpiPen®
Teach your friends about your food allergies. Tell them which foods you need
or Twinject®, be sure to have it with you
to avoid and what happens when you have a reaction. Also, show them how to
wherever you go. If you have any questions
use your medicine so they can help you if you’re having a reaction.
about your medicines, ask your doctor.
Be Prepared!
You may want to keep a “food allergy
Remember, reactions are never planned. Learning how to handle them in
medicine kit.” This can be a bag, a waist
advance is the best thing to do. Ask your parents and your doctor to help you
pack, or a small backpack that holds
create a “What if” plan.
your medicine, the name and phone
Think about different situations you might find yourself in. What if you were
number of someone to call in case of
having a reaction away from home?
an emergency, and any notes from your
Who would you tell? Who would call your parents? What medicine would
doctor in case you have a reaction.
you take?
Ask Questions
Just because a food
looks safe doesn’t mean it
The Total Life Center, INC presents
From the Ground Up! Workshops
Navan Foods Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network
with Dr. Shawne Bryant &Will Allen
for Kids
From the Ground Up! Workshops
Food Allergy and
Offer Intensive Hands-On Training in
July 11-12, 2009
Living Biological Worm Systems & Compost,
Our Father’s Farm
Anaphylaxis Network
Aquaculture and Hoop House Construction
Suffolk, VA Food Allergy Support
Will Allen will be offering an additional seminar on
Food Management and Social Injustice Group of Tidewater
Saturday July 11, 2009 at 6:30 pm
AllergyKids Foundation
*The fee for the seminar is included in the workshop
registration; the cost for the seminar alone is $35
Workshop Registration $325
Contact us for more information
757-450-5129 or
10 July/August
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