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New breed of Asian women creatives
change “notions and misconceptions”
21-27 JUNE 2009 CANNES
DENTSU is back in Cannes for
the ninth year in a row with its
Asian Diversity seminar, this
Richard Woolley
year focused on three of Asia’s
Editor in chief
highest profile women in ad-
Julian Newby vertising.
Reporters Dressed To Kick - A New Breed
Marlene Edmunds
In Asia features Masako Oka-
Juliana Koranteng
Gary Smith
mura, creative director of Dentsu
Phil Sommerich
Tokyo; Carol Lam, executive
Jo Stephens
creative director of TBWA\China
Lionsdail Shanghai; and Jureeporn
Sunnie Antonia
Thaidumrong, executive cre-
Debbie Lincoln
ative director of Jeh United
Yann Coatsaliou
Okamura, Thaidumrong and
Michel Johner
Lam represent the new gener-
ation of creatives that is driv-
Layout design
Masako Okamura Carol Lam Jureeporn Thaidumrong
A noir,
ing Asia forward, said Akira
Arnaud Paikine
Kagami, executive officer and said, “women are the market the world, has said that “ad- leading Hong Kong financial
Valerie Mersier global executive creative direc- leaders and they are changing vertising can do things that pol- magazine I Money. Thaidum-
Christian Zivojinovic
T: +33 (0)1 48 06 22 22
tor of Dentsu. the notions, misconceptions itics or other systems can’t”. rong, founder of Jeh United,
Kagami, who will be the open- and stereotypes that many have Lam has an 18-year career be- is considered one of the most
ing speaker at the seminar, added about the markets they are work- hind her, a string of major awards powerful women in the Asian
Systems co-ordination
that the share of the Asian mar- ing in.” Okamura, Dentsu’s to her name, has lectured on advertising industry. Her cre-
Prod Events
Sophia Antipolis
ket for which women are now first female creative director advertising and currently writes dentials include picking up the
T: +33 (0)4 93 33 12 40
responsible is growing expo- whose work has been recog- a column called Nothing To Thailand’s first Gold Cannes
nentially. “In some areas,” he nised at awards event around Do With Advertising for the Lion in 2000. n
Cannes Lions
Daily News
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T: Advertising in Cannes
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F: 04 93 99 86 42
T: Jerry Odlin
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T: Lisa Ray
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North America
Nicki Webber’s Belinda Wang (left) and Saatchi & Saatchi’s Pully Chau
South America
Karen Watts
Seminar opens door
Kirsty Woolley
to the real China
Roger Hall THE CHINESE Advertising As- and Seng Yee Lau, executive
sociation is back again in vice-president of Tencent.
La Toscane/Nice
Cannes to deliver a state-of- “China is not immune to the
+33 4 92 00 74 74
the-market report. And it prom- global economic downturn,”
ises to contain some surpris- Chau said. “We think that we
Green publishing
The paper used by Boutique Editions is
ing new data on China. will definitely grow, but we
a natural, recyclable product made
In the seminar entitled The want to be pragmatic.” She
from wood grown in sustainable forests. Insider’s Guide To The Chi- added that the one-child fam-
The manufacturing process conforms
to the environmental regulations of the
nese Advertising Market, Pully ily is a key driver in the way
country of origin
Chau, CEO of Saatchi & that families in China spend.
Saatchi China, will moderate Wang observed that the pen-
Published by
a panel of speakers that in- etration rate of the internet in
Boutique Editions Ltd
117 Waterloo Road
cludes three of the country’s China is growing rapidly and
London SE1 8UL
most influential clients. Among stood at around 24% at the
T: +44 20 7902 1942 the speakers is Belinda Wang, end of last year. “That means
F: +44 20 8440 1202
co-president and chief mar- that China’s mainstream con-
keting officer of, sumer media-consumption
© 2009 Cannes Lions
Lorna Davis, president and habits are also changing dra-
chairman of Kraft Foods China, matically,” she added. n
JUNE 2009
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