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paigns currently generating has also won a shelf of awards. try, we tend to become unin- life in South Africa,” he says.
attention is Allan Gray’s Beau- His latest examination of cre- tentionally isolated. We think “There is something quite
tiful, which is set in Argentina. ativity takes the form of the there are limits to creativity. unique about South Africa that
Says King: “We wanted to cre- documentary South, a co-pro- So this film is about all sorts we who live here take for
ate an ad that felt like a ro- duction between Goodall and of creativity, from music to granted. I was intent on cap-
mantic Italian film. We wanted Interactive Africa. dance to poetry, all in an African turing the colours and the spirit
BLM’s Alice shoot.
it to feel like nothing else on “The film takes a more un- context.” of our people and the energy
Says BLM executive
South African television and, derground look at creativity Goodall churns out a steady of our streets.”
producer Brad Logan:
“We created a
by setting it in Argentina, we and what is going on than the stream of work, his latest proj- The Sandero commercial
massive military
believe we have created an ad mainstream commercialised ect being a spot for Renault does not start out looking like
obstacle course,
that has a global truth to it.” insight that already-success- Sandero for Publicis Johan- a car commercial, Goodall ex-
where 100-plus hero
extras were motivated
South African director Miles ful people bring,” Goodall says. nesburg. “The client wanted plains: “It has the feel of a con-
to complete under Goodall of Sub urban Films “As people in a creative indus- the look and feel of urban street sumer-generated campaign
extreme conditions”
in that it looks like it is being
shot by some guy on the street.
There is also the illusion that,
from the very beginning, you
are not sure if things are big
or small. I saw that as a cre-
ative challenge.”
South Africa’s creative fu-
ture is rooted in its huge pop-
ulation — a population that
comes, largely, from disad-
vantaged backgrounds and that
remains relatively untapped
as a target group. The bou-
tique production company
Bouffant’s newest addition is
the TV commercial director
and South Africa native Jerome
Pikwane. The 28-year-old di-
rector, who studied cinematog-
raphy at the New York Film
Academy, says he sees change
coming: “We live in exciting
times in South Africa. As the
youth of the country, we are
able to learn from each oth-
ers’ cultures and this, for me
as an artist, is a great canvas.”
Pikwane says his generation
“feels very much a part of the
global village” but wants its
South African culture to be
recognised. “Our art allows
us to do that, but we are still
forging an identity and you
can see that in the constant
evolution of the industry,” he
adds. Of his recent MTN mo-
bile commercial, Pikwane says:
“It is youthful, it doesn’t take
itself seriously and, more im-
JUNE 2009
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