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GIANT Films shoot last month featuring football superstar Cristiano
Ronaldo is an example of what’s expected to be a football-focused
production wave in South Africa in the run-up to the 2010 FIFA World
Cup. Director Ian Gabriel shot in Manchester, the UK, as well as South
Africa for the Castrol campaign.
Executive producer Cindy Gabriel says: “Competition for these
campaigns is tight, with bids out of Britain and the US competing on an
uncharacteristically level playing field, price wise. The continuing
development of infrastructures and the build up to th World Cup has
meant that there is much greater buoyancy in the South African
communications industry.”
Lost, Giant’s spot for internet service provider MWeb, showcases the
broadband upgrade that came on line this month in South Africa, which
makes the internet faster, cheaper and globally competitive. Director
Bruno Bossi says: “Lost expresses the sadness of the kid who has lost
her dog. When she sends her lost poster in the shape of a paper plane
up into the sky, it multiplies and goes around the world. It’s a simple
analogy. You can get in touch with people around the world through the
power of the internet.”
Of its own volition, Gatehouse which is developing a series
now offsets the impact of its and an online channel tack-
shoots with donations to a re- ling green issues,” she says.
forestation organisation. Cape Groundglass was also involved Energy’s Dunlop
Film Commission has also with its London sister com-
Tyres shoot
launched a sustainable pro- pany Love for director Terry
duction campaign for the FIFA Hall and HMDG in a spot for
World Cup. Groundglass ex- a high-pressure industrial hose. ers Pendra Dissell and Nicci cessfully with Russian and North- while Brooker continues to
ecutive producer Janette de Says De Villiers: “It involved Brooker, were projects with two ern European companies. handle the service end.
Villiers recently finished a shoot us shooting in the harbour with top Moscow production com- Delicious is now planning Western Cape’s new Holly-
for The Earth Hour South Africa a bunch of men who look like panies, Bazelevs and Park Pro- to launch a director division wood-style Cape Town Film
campaign for Saatchi & Saatchi, construction workers doing a ductions. and has already signed cine- Studios is expected to come
featuring famous South Africans, choreographed and very camp “For Bazelevs, we produced matographer Marcelle Mou- on line in March 2010 and
such as Archbishop Desmond dance routine while getting four commercials for the MTS ton. “As an accomplished and will mainly focus on long-form
Tutu. “We also helped out the on with their cleaning work.” campaign and another for sought-after editor, Marcelle work. However, it will also raise
London agency HMDG with M&M’s chocolates. For Park, has already directed about eight the profile of the Western Cape
its campaign for The Prince’s PROACTIVE SERVICE we did a beer commercial called spots for various local ad agen- as a go-to place for indoor film-
Trust rainforest project. And AMONG THE SERVICE jobs taken Zolotaya, among other proj- cies,” Dissell adds. The plan ing, believes The Asylum’s ex-
last year we opened a ‘green’ on by Delicious Films, the part- ects,” says Dissell, who has a is for Dissell to head up the ecutive producer Sean Beukes.
division — 2econdworld — nership between veteran play- track record of working suc- director side of the business, One of Beukes’ latest jobs
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JUNE 2009
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