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32 June 20 - July 3, 2009
Homebuyer program aids recipients, sustains neighborhoods
by Councilmember Trinity Donovan Of this funding, $1,468,500 will be used specifi cally Guidance and support are available throughout
Individuals priced out of the Chandler housing to help income-qualifi ed families purchase and the process by Newtown Community Development
market have something to look forward to. Affordable rehabilitate foreclosed homes. As many as 17 Corporation. Interested parties can inquire about
homeownership opportunities are now available foreclosed properties in the central Chandler area, the program by attending an orientation session.
through the newly created Chandler First Time which was identifi ed as the hardest hit by foreclosures, Potential buyers can receive counseling to prequalify
Homebuyer’s Program, a partnership between the could be purchased. The boundaries are Elliot Road for a 30-year fi xed loan. A minimum down payment
City of Chandler and the Tempe based nonprofi t, and Chandler Boulevard; Arizona Avenue and Alma of 1 percent is also required at the time of purchase,
Newtown Community Development Corporation. School Road. although Newtown offers a generous program to assist
This program enables individuals to purchase Qualifying applicants need to be first-time those in need. The Individual Development Account
homes at a considerably reduced price because they homebuyers, which by HUD standards means that program matches up to $15,000 of the individual’s
only need to fi nance the cost of the structure. Newtown they can’t have owned properties in the past three contributions and is forgivable after living in the
retains ownership of the land in a Community Land years. Also, total yearly household income needs to house for fi ve years.
Trust and leases it out to homebuyers who in turn fall between $55,320 for an individual to $79,080 for a Newtown will also rehabilitate the house to
have exclusive rights over it. This program is not only family of four. Another requirement is that the houses improve its aesthetics and make it energy effi cient.
benefi cial to individuals who purchase the homes need to be owner-occupied and not rented out. If the Major systems such as water, electric, heating and air-
but also to the community as a whole. It ensures homeowners decide to sell the house, they are entitled conditioning units are often replaced.
permanent affordability of homes, while reducing the to a profi t margin of 25 percent of the appreciation. Further information is available at www.
number of foreclosed properties, therefore fostering The remaining 75 percent stays with the property, as well as on Newtown’s website at
more sustainable neighborhoods. thus making it affordable for future buyers.
The City of Chandler received funding for the Homeowners are allowed to live in their houses This program is a long-term investment that will
program through the U.S. Department of Housing indefi nitely and are entitled to pass them down to provide exciting opportunities for fi rst-time buyers
and Urban Development (HUD) Neighborhood heirs. Unlike rentals, the Community Land Trust and stabilize the neighborhood.
Stabilization Program (NSP). Chandler was awarded model provides the benefi t of stable monthly
$2,415,100. payments and security from eviction.
to the
Open letter to legislators
So why should I have to pay for some
Dear Senator Burns and Rep. Adams,
family that decided to have a litter of
So you want me to pay even more for
children and cannot afford to pay their
services I do not use, need, seek?
bills? Or someone who wants to buy a
I am trying to live on a disability!
new house in newly destroyed desert?
In the 16 years I have lived in Pinal
Why should I subsidize their lifestyle
County, AZ, my taxes have more than
by paying taxes for the schools and
services they need?
I do not go to movies or out to lunch
If a construction company cannot pay
for the roads and sewers and utilities
I do not buy new clothes (shop only
that will be needed by the people they
at Goodwill)
will sell homes to (at a profi t) how the
I have cancelled home warranty
heck am I supposed to?
insurance, do not have cable and
A moratorium on impact/
have considered lowering my car and
development fees for all the
homeowner’s insurance coverage to
infrastructure needed to please people
save a few dollars.
who don’t live here yet is absurd!
God forbid anything breaks down!
Queen Creek was lauded years ago
I do not own a credit card.
for their forward-thinking when they
I am on every money-saving budget
raised such fees to a sensible level so
for utilities that there is.
that development supported itself.
I drive only when I have a full agenda
so I do not waste gas.
I have nothing left to cut out.
The only moratorium should be on
BUILDING NEW HOMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Regina Whitman, Queen Creek
Letters to the Editor
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