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10 June 20 - July 3, 2009
Scorpions from Page 1
and need to be taken care of right away.” ensuring that doors and windows are properly sealed;
Bryant’s company receives a high number of calls homeowners should not be able to see any light coming
about loose swarms of bees, especially those in trees. He under the door. Keeping the yard tidy is also important,
recommends waiting 24 to 48 hours before calling for including taking care of any debris or overgrown plants.
help because, typically, the bees will leave by themselves
in those situations. If the tree is directly next to a sidewalk Vacancies happy homes for pests
or playground, parents should call for help immediately. Such overgrown weeds and plants are commonly
seen after a home is foreclosed, leading to increased pest
Pest hot spots problems on that property and in the neighborhood.
Homes or communities located adjacent to the open Bryant has seen a direct increase in activity because of
desert or directly next to an agricultural area tend to have home foreclosures and vacancies.
more of a pest problem, according to Bryant. At the same “I constantly get calls from HOAs asking us to treat
time, areas with extremely high pest populations can
STSN photo
bank-owned or foreclosed homes for bees because they
seem random, particularly with scorpions.
GOING BUGGY: Rich Kelly of Bryant Pest Control helps treat
are a public health nuisance,” he says. “But those houses
One example of a scorpion hot spot is the Southern
critters including sewer roaches, spiders and crickets and more.
are not being treated for any other insects and many sit
Chandler palm tree farm on Cooper Road north of vacant for more than a year.”
Chandler Heights Road. According to Jim Phipps, inside,” suggest Bryant. “It’s still a good idea to take a For buyers purchasing foreclosed or short-sale homes,
public information offi cer for Chandler, the City’s black light at nighttime and search your block fences Bryant highly recommends a thorough pest treatment
Code Enforcement offi ce has received numerous because that’s the fi rst place you’d see them. If you see inside and out before occupancy.
complaints about scorpions migrating into an adjacent none, great. If you see fi ve or six you can get rid of them “So many people wait until they’ve already moved in
neighborhood. right away before they reproduce and start a problem.” to get their house sprayed,” he explains. “If they arrange
“The property owner has been tilling the earth around for pest control before they bring in furniture and boxes,
the palm trees and performing weed control in an effort
“Scorpions can be horrible on
we will be able to spray a lot more places and be more
to discourage scorpion infestations,” says Phipps of the
one street and two streets over
farm, which recently endured a fi re.
“Scorpions can be horrible on one street and two
they may never see any.”
Natalie Morris is a freelance writer who lives in Cooper
streets over they may never see any,” says Bryant. “A hot Ray Bryant of Bryant Pest Control
Commons with her husband, two sons and their dog, Bella.
Contact her at
spot can be very small or very large. For example, Ocotillo
overall does have a lot of scorpions, but I have a lot of Other than bees and scorpions, the most common pest
customers in the Ocotillo area who have never seen one problems in the SanTan Sun area include sewer roaches,
scorpion on their property.” spiders and crickets. Bryant asserts that pest control is
After more than 20 years of pest control in the Valley, really just that, controlling them, because no treatment
Local Pest Companies
Bryant says scorpions seem to get worse every year, most will get rid of them forever.
likely due to construction and landscaping materials that “A complete pest control program means getting
Bryant Pest Control
homeowners bring to the area. He suggests homeowners sprayed inside and outside once a month, especially in

use an ultraviolet black light device to inspect their the warmer months when there is more bug activity,” he
Sun Lakes Pest Control
property at night. adds.
“You can look even if you haven’t noticed scorpions In addition to chemical treatments, Bryant suggests
City celebrates July 4 with a bang
The East Valley’s largest Independence Day celebration, the “Many communities and organizations are struggling
Chandler 4th of July 7UP Fireworks Spectacular, begins at 4 p.m. fi nancially this year to produce Independence Day events,” says
Sat., July 4 at Tumbleweed Park, with fi reworks at 9:30 p.m. John Stewart, a member of the Lions Club and chairman of the
The admission-free event features live music, a free kids’ event. “We are proud to host this family event, and all we ask is
carnival, a bike parade and food and beverage vendors. Activities that attendees purchase at least one beverage from our vendors
include a 35-foot waterslide, 24-foot climbing wall and more. at the park to help us generate the revenue we need to keep it
The Cactus Bike Push, Pull, Peddle Bike Parade is at 6 p.m., free in the future.”
with each registrant receiving a free gift and the participant The Fireworks Spectacular is presented annually by the
with the best decorated bike winning a Harro children’s bike. Chandler Lions Club, the City of Chandler and sponsors.
Participants can register for the free parade through July 3 at any Tumbleweed Park is on the southwest corner of McQueen
Cactus Bike location or at the park from 5 to 5:30 p.m. on July 4. and Germann roads. On-site event parking is $5 per vehicle.
For bike parade details, contact the Cactus Bike Ocotillo location For more event information, visit or call
at 480-782-5483 or the Ahwatukee location at 480-940-7433. 480-782-2735.
A live music performance by Plastic Gladys begins at 6:30
p.m., and Panhead Ronnie plays at 8:30 p.m.
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