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Flu pandemic Next bout
WHO raises Puerto Rican
Na-kick out ang aktres sa
highest alert malamang na
bahay matapos magwala
si Annabelle. Bakit? 24
level; La Salle itatapat kay
students fall Pacquiao sa
ill after travel 22 Oktubre 29
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Volume 3 Issue 8 June 2009
Missing in transit
Tourists in acid attack suffer double blow
– or is she?
Jose Marcelo in Hong Kong woman claimed she lost money dur- rained down on them at the junction of hardest hit with burns on his head,
Here’s a true story of an
“Angel” who would not
ing the ensuing commotion. Nelson and Sai Yeung Choi streets. neck, right hand, body and both legs.
A group of 10 Filipino tourists who The two families had been travel- Four of the Filipino tourists were Also hurt was a four-year-old girl
A domestic helper
got caught in the latest acid attack in ing together and had been shopping in among the 24 hurt in the third such at- who suffered burns on her neck and
has sought the help of
Mong Kok took a double blow when Mong Kok on their first day in the ter- tack to hit the busy shopping district,
the consulate after her
four of them suffered burns while a ritory on June 8 when corrosive liquid with a 54-year-old Filipino among the
sister-in-law, whom she
had seen off at Chek Lap
Kok airport, failed to turn Belo kinasuhan sa Katrina sex video
CRIME Police say suspect repeatedly stabbed
up in Manila.
her employer and hacked open her stomach
The helper had helped
“Angel” check in her
luggage at the Cebu
Pacific counter.
But the woman was
surprised several hours
later when she got a call
from welcomers saying
there was no sign of
the 33-year-old mother
of three at the Manila
The family said they
later received a vague
text message from a
held over
Hong Kong mobile which
read: “Hindi na ako
uuwi ... wala na akong
mukhang ihaharap sa
Consulate officials
are helping to locate the
Jose Marcelo
Jose Marcelo in Hong Kong
arrived, sitting inside one bedroom
with bloodstains on her clothes and
The case of a Filipina helper sus-
scratches on her lower arms, wrists
pected of killing her employer in her
and fingers.
Happy Valley flat remained wrapped
A bloodstained meat cleaver was
in mystery as police dug deeper into
found nearby.
one of the most gruesome deaths in
The Filipina, a native of Rizal prov-
the territory.
ince who is barely three months into
Feature Living for The 35-year-old maid was arrested
her second contract as a domestic
girl she left behind
in the early hours of June 11 after
helper in the city, was taken to the Ru-
police officers found senior civil ser-
tonjee Hospital and later transferred
She barely remembers her own
vant Janice Kei Yin-lam with multiple
to Castle Peak Hospital for a check of
mother, but Apole is making sure
knife wounds and her stomach hacked
her mental state.
she’s there for her growing daughter.
open inside her 12th floor flat at the
She stayed there overnight and was
Find out why she’s determined to do it
upscale Illumination Terrace along
moved to the Wan Chai police station
so far away from home PAGE 18
Tai Hang Road.
on the afternoon of June 12.
Isa si Vicki Belo (itaas) sa apat pang kinasuhan sa Department of
The 47-year-old employer, a senior
She was set to appear on June 13
Justice ni Katrina Halili kaugnay sa pagkalat sa internet ng sex video
project manager of the Architectural
before a Kwun Tong court where she
CITY Kinatalo ng
nila ng dating boyfriend n’yang si Dr Hayden Kho Jr. Iginiit ng isa sa
Services Department, was declared
was expected to be charged for her
mga akusado na si Belo ang nagpakalat ng video. Siya rin daw ang
dead at the scene by medics.
kapwa Pilipino
nagbigay ng susi para mapasok ang flat ni Hayden. Pinabulaanan ni
The Filipina was locked inside CONTINUED ON PAGE 2
Belo ang akusasyon.
Nagsampa ng reklamo ang isang
the luxury flat when police officers
Pinay matapos diumano siyang
pagtangkaang gahasain ng kaibigan
ng kanyang bayaw. Sinundan daw
Megamom CD: Pambata o pang-jologs Ang Miron Page 17 More news on
siya ng suspek sa flat. PAGE 4
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