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Fire Guts Two Businesses - Both Back Running
The devastation at Nautilus Marine in Trenton.
ELLSWORTH/TRENTON – One of the come down, but right now it is covering all migrated into the marine industry, indus- Dickinson said, “They couldn’t tell how it
most devastating events that could happen the equipment and stock. Fortunately, trial industry and the classic stuff. We do happened. Everything was just so de-
to anyone is a fire that wipes out every- much of the vital equipment was not a lot of antique and that is what we had stroyed. It burned so hot and then they had
thing that they have worked for. Cornelius seriously damaged. They are moving it out going on before the fire. We had V-12 to bring an excavator in while it was still
Vanderbilt was so worried about fire in his piece by piece, cleaning it up and testing it. Jaguar engine and a ’65 289 Mustang burning to tear the building apart so the fire
new home at Newport, Rhode Island, the Crawford said, “We are trying to get the engine in the shop. Those markets are department could put the rest of the fire
Breakers, he placed the heating plant a few pieces that we really know we need, what propelled us into machine work.” out. We know it started in the north end of
quarter of a mile away. He also put a thick like flywheel grinder, lathe, milling ma- Right now they are sending people to the building, which is the end closest to
wall of stone between the kitchen and the chine, crank grinder, boring machine and other places to get their work done, be- Hinckley and that is all we know.”
rest of his summer cottage. Unfortu- all the engine equipment out. Then we’ve cause they are very limited in what they Many people, even our competitors,
nately, no matter how much care is taken got to get them over here, cleaned up and can do right now. However, this will have offered to help. Dickinson added,
disaster can strike as it did at both C&C put back together. It is such a mess over change by the end of June. “We have crew starting to work at
Machine Shop in Ellsworth and Nautilus there, you’ve just got to start from one end “What am I going to do next?” said Wyman Pettegrow’s shop that he so gra-
Marine in Trenton on 14 May. and go right to the other.” Crawford, “well, that really depends on ciously opened up for us. We have parts
Glenn Crawford, owner of C&C Up on the second floor was their parts what I can do the quickest without having being made at another water jet cutting
Machine Shop, summed up the feeling by room, which is a melted mess of plastic to move twice. I have several options. I shop while ours is down. We are ordering
saying “It is hard to get motivated. It is like and parts, ceiling insulation and water and can wait and rebuild this, which is going to parts and materials to get our propeller
somebody just hit you in the gut and took smoke. Also up there was the office, take the longest. Another option is I have shop back up and running, which will be
the wind out of you.” which was heavily damaged, but fortu- a 120 by 120 steel building that I bought in the Murphy Yacht Transport building
The fire at C&C Machine started in nately they were able to save all their about three months ago that I haven’t put where the office is. Time wise, we should
the middle of the building and was caused records and the information on their up yet. No matter what I’ve got to do be making parts again, within the next
by a malfunctioning circuit breaker panel. computer’s hard drives. They set up a something before October.” three or four days and the prop shop will
The heat from the fire reached tempera- temporary office and shop in a building “The next couple of weeks is really be up and running in a couple of weeks.”
tures upwards of 2,000 degrees and this across the parking lot, which is also going to make a difference,” said They are now getting quotes from
caused severe damage to anything stored owned by Crawford. This is where they Crawford. “We are going to see what the various contractors on rebuilding the
high in the building. It also got hot enough are cleaning up the equipment. time frame for a building is. I am still trying building. They are also looking at the
to melt a hole in the roof, which released Crawford reflected on the business to wake up from this mess. To have possibility of finding an existing building.
a lot of the heat. However, when the fire saying, “This business has really grown, Nautilus and us go the same night within So right now they are up and running, the
was finally out it was obvious that the but it has also changed. We started out half an hour is just too much.” phone numbers are all the same, fax is the
building was a total loss. This was due to doing a lot of over the road engines, but as same, and e-mail is the same.
the intense heat, which damaged the integ- time went on that market started dwin- Nautilus Marine
rity of the metal in the steel building. dling because nobody wanted to spend As for Nautilus Marine there was
Ultimately the building will have to any money on their $2,000 cars. So we absolutely nothing they could save. Mark
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