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of Ethiopian traditional designs, arc
tural featur
Ethiopian marble
es and tonnes – yes tonnes! – o
spared: from Pe
Ethiopian paintings to furnishings plat
sian carpets and original r
with 24-carat Ethiopian gold. DVD play-
ers, satellite TVs, per
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e, arrtaeak th stence the Fref or lamb likbe
(minced tfo ike little other than vreusually s
aurants stee red by tourists. Thesically ignor
e typ-h ar (pronounced ‘kitfo bet’), whicstabe
tfo ikenturous, try the e advel moreIf you f
sonal s
phones (at desk, bed and toilet!) ar
in each of its 392 rooms. Four rooms ar
h Tuesday, Thursday and
Friday at 7pm. Prices even include daily
e found
e es and threfa
wheelchair accessible. It also bo
dozen restaurants, posh shops, a swish pool,
asts half a
a modern nightclub and a spectacular foun-
tain light show eac
golfing for up to four people!
ene has be. No expens
Hilton Hotel (Map pp80-1 ;
0115 518400; hilton; Menelik II Ave; s/d from US$130/145;
) Although lacking the Sheraton’s
panache, the high-rise Hilton still makes
a splendid stay and won’t break the bank.
With banks, travel agencies, airline offices,
restaurants, pool, health club, spa ( p90 )
and numerous sports facilities (see Other
Sports, p90 for more details), it’s almost
a clubhouse for the expat business com-
munity and is always alive with action. The
402 rooms each have a balcony (some with
grand views) and are very comfortable,
though they do show their age in places.
Some rooms ar
Rd; d/ste US$69/79)
this hot
are queen-sized and e
ting area with a so
modern bathrooms ar
contain a small kitc
a room facing north; they ha
Entoto Mountains.
h a little imper Althoug
Hotel De Leopol International
0115 507777;; s US$55-75,
d US$85-120, ste US$160;
) This hig
wide range of rooms and all boast s
TVs, spotless bathrooms, kitschy
eselassie; Haile Gqueensheba
print duvet covers and balconies with views.
e has a h-ris
It’s located off Jomo Kenyatta Ave.
e ellitta
pp80-1 ;ap (M
the f views oev
sk for A.ehen with fridg
es e spotless and suit
. The Ve Tellittafa and s
room has a sit-hca
. The beds etty good valueel is pr
pp80-1 ; ap (M leQueen of Sheba Hot
es).es (Birr50 per 45 minutagand mass
(Birr50) sam batheasonably priced steand r
gym eeerrace bar with panoramic views, a frt
e’s a s, views. There on the upper flooryou’r
and, if sairhe ce with loungies come complet
alcon-es. Bs and fridgVe Tellittae, sfurnitur
ams with ehed at the setce strh they’rthoug
e, ge spotless and larthan most and rooms ar
e modern e morst class. The bathrooms arfir
You lucky lucky souls…you’ve either just
stepped off a plane (Welcome to Ethiopia!
Lucky you!) and can indulge in a feast of
gastronomic pleasures for a fraction of what
it would cost at home, or you’ve just arrived
from several weeks in Ethiopia’s wilds (How
amazing was that?! Lucky you!) and now
have what looks like Manhattan’s menu on
your doorstep. Italian or Indian? Middle
Eastern or Mexican? French or Ethiopian?
Eat what you choose and enjoy.
Many restaurants, particularly the smarter
ones, add a 15% tax and 10% service charge
to their bills; check before you order.
Many places offer a ‘traditional experience’:
traditional food (called ‘national food’) in
traditional surroundings with traditional
music in the evening. You sit in short trad-
itional Ethiopian chairs, eating from a com-
munal plate, on a mesob (Ethiopian table). ender (ttiit f fahalocasonings), eef and sbe
ens with e (boiled grgaisgomen be), erebber
hilli, cardamom ander, onion, c buttfo
auce ed in a hot svreg sboiled egby a hard-
en drumstick or wing accompanied hick(c
t doro wa fh is a combination oe!), whicfigur
(go ligelgaeat option. It’s famous for this gr
a dirt track next to the railway tracks, is
ed down skal Flower Rd, tuckef M Ofmidnight)
Birr22-55; mains pp80-1 ; ap (M il gelgA
ed in the garden.vree se and biscuits aref
-ferwards co Saturday. Afthfasting food eac
Ethiopian fet ofrian bufategee vges a larvres
) p89 eat art gallery ( This grSat, closed Jul & Aug)
et Birr50; ; veg buff76 pap (M allery sni GA
enin St.f Bfand Saturday at 8pm. It’s o
sday e music Thure’s livopment Fund. Ther
l-eveds benefit Ethiopia Women’s Deproce
artial ewery). P (it has its own brtejquality
eat Ethiopian dishes andhurn out grto c
e and continues vouritanding faIt’s a long-st
eum. ed muse a neglecte likels moredence f
si-eon the walls, this former aristocrat’s r
ed memorabilia e and aged furniturweather
s, With sloping plank floornoon-10pm)
Birr11-22; mains p85 ; ap (M staurant eAddis Ababa R
.oftkiant place to try and pleasefais a s
tatfo beiktraditional ambience, this modern
es a zero in h it scor Althoug6.30am-8.30pm)
Birr12-20;mains Rd; Bole pp80-1 ; ap (M ofti KlKa
f Bole Rd’s north end.flane o
ed 150m up a dirt . It’s locateEthiopian far
hen is equally apt and produces fine Its kitc
hts from 8pm. e music most nigior and liv
-ere, with an exotic inteat atmospherhas a gr
sika also abesha, Faed than Hless sophisticat
h Althoug11.30am-3pm & 6pm-midnight Mon-Sat)
Birr35-38; mains pp80-1 ; ap (M staurant e RasikaF
. Ethiopiafe ostast tplace for your fir
ect ht at 8pm. This is the perfery nigving e
e music and traditional danc-e’s also livTher
arian fasting food. tegeauce) to vhilli sand c
ard mustfa kind oawazi, ef cubes with be
(raw gored gorederything from vladen with e
was beautifully ainjerfast handwork, our
fer a flurry oems to be an art form. Aftes
ving ree sery wherthis fashionable Bole eat
es, come to stameal that looks as good as it t
For an Ethiopiannoon-3pm & 6pm-2am)
Bole Rd; mains Birr20- pp80-1 ; ap (M staurant eHabesha R
Yohanis St; mains Birr11-24;
in the former home o
traditional r
tarian or ‘fasting food’ buf
en 8pm and 11pm; traditional music betwe
noon-midnight) Just east o
Guinea Conakry St, this kitfo be
cowskin chairs and private booths, is mor
comfortable than most – no plastic c
with ,ta
to be seen! The kitfo is slightly abov
e’ssday and Saturday therTuesday, Thur
aurant. On stee traditional rlar and attractiv
aurant is a popu-steern rel’s boring Westhot
Sitting behind this noon-2pm & 6-11pm)
0115 513222; meals
pp80-1 ; ap (M el Ghion Hot
aitu St.egue Tf Itfaurant is osteThe r
h). ailable with fisvticularly good (it’s also a
- – don’t ask! Its fasting food is parbereber
ally inhaling er accidentembarrassment aft
d us from evae). It se/plat a pancakfsion orev
Ethiopian eg (larainjerempts at awkward att
st ct for your firee perfe surrounds artimat
hting and in-ft lig The so.ebamboo furnitur
ea, with stone walls, local art and dining ar
ey ely low-kvthe courtyard, you’ll find a lo
e in past enturer, if you vvpromising. Howe
esn’t lookery doside, this Ethiopian eat
From the out-noon-2pm & 6-10pm)
mains pp80-1 ; ap (M estaurantDashen Traditional R
.eeating etiquett
information about Ethiopian cuisine and
e ) for morp68 eck out Food & Drink ( hC
aurants.steall Ethiopian r
ed by vrearian dishes) is stege vf(a variety o
fasting food eWednesday and Friday becaus
evIf meat isn’t your thing, you’ll lo
and sometimes thyme).bereberer, butt
ed – in ed warmed – but not cookvr
s air
-egeaurant is known for its vste
a nobleman, this f
ed Housnoon-11pm)
pp80-1 ; ap (M stauranteel & Rinfine Adarash Hot
ew St.
(honey wine) and enjoy the tejorder some
action. It’s o a Damts Destaf Rf
Wednesday and Friday. The meaty dishes,
like minchet abesh
stew topped with a hard-
(a thick minced-meat
also well prepared. Eat inside or within little
niches in the garden.
Girma Kitfo Beat (Map pp80-1 ;
Ave; kitfo Birr20;
enyatta Jomo K
e g), arboiled eg

et (Birr20) on f
ADDIS ABABA Eating www.lonelyplanet.comADDIS ABABA Eating
e wheelchair accessible.
Ghion Hotel (Map pp80-1 ;
0115 513222; ghion@; s US$55-81, tw US$68-95, ste US$110;
Set in serene gardens smack dab in Addis
Ababa’s centre, off Ras Desta Damtew St,
Ghion is something of an Ethiopian in-
stitution and is usually full. Though the
surroundings can’t be beat, the old but well-
kept rooms, with slightly shaggy carpet,
satellite TV and telephone, are overpriced.
Credit cards are accepted.
A new Novotel/Ibis Hotel development
was underway next to Meskal Sq during
our visit, so check their respective websites
( and
for details.
Global Hotel (Map pp80-1 ;
0114 664766; global; Beyene Abasebsib St; d incl breakfast,
sauna & steam bath US$58-66, ste incl breakfast, sauna
& steam bath US$120;
) If there’s anything
wrong with this high-rise hotel, it’s that
the rooms are too big. Bright windows and
balconies o
vice herre the top-end spectrum, sfo
e being at the low end Despit)
eakfasterde St; s/d/ste incl; Cape V
0116 624524; desa
pp80-1 ; paM( elDesalegn Hot
ffer views aplenty, and prices in-
clude saunas and steam baths downstairs.
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