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Make ours a safer neighbourhood
by Sgt Stve Ring
home security please visit the Metropolitan
At the end of April 2009 Beverley Safer
Police Website at or
Neighbourhood Team held its quarterly
alternatively please contact your local Safer
Community Panel Meeting. The meeting
Neighbourhood Team who will be more than
is independently chaired and is attended
happy to come to your address, conduct a home
by representatives from across the ward
security survey and offer information and advice
including residents, councillors, businesses
on how to improve your safety and security.
and partners, such as youth services, housing
services etc. The purposes of these meetings
I’m sure many of you are aware of the very
is to discuss crime trends, statistics and views
serious incident which took place in early April
and concerns of residents raised by ‘Street
2009 in Blagdon Park, New Malden.
Briefings’ and ‘Street Meets’ conducted by
I would like to take this opportunity to assure
Beverley SNT. Once all issues are addressed
you that the incident is being fully investigated
it is the role of the panel to decide which
by Kingston CID and progress is being made.
‘priority crimes’ the Safer Neighbourhood
As you can see from above, Anti Social
Team should concentrate on for the next three
Behaviour by youths in Blagdon Park
and Blagdon Rd is one of Beverley Safer
Neighbourhood Teams priorities. We are
The previous priorities are discussed, reviewed
dedicating a huge amount of time to High
and discussion is held on what worked
Visibility Reassurance Patrols in the area. We
well, what didn’t work so well and where
will be holding meetings with councillors, RBK
improvement can be made and who can assist
Depts and residents with a view to reduce
in achieving the end goal.
anti social behaviour long term. There are
many different ways in which we can assist
This quarter Beverley SNT were set three
in the improvement of the quality of life for
the residents of Blagdon Rd and the users of
1) Anti Social Behaviour by youths in Blagdon
Blagdon Park whether it be the installation of
Park and Blagdon Rd.
CCTV, youth interaction, alcohol enforcement or
2) To reduce Motor Vehicle Crime.
community payback. (Some things will be easier
3) To reduce Burglary.
than others).
Beverley ward, as many wards, has seen a
However I can assure you that we are, and
rise in motor vehicle crime and burglary over
will be, working continually with our partners
the past few months.
and residents to reduce the publics fears and
All crime is relatively low in New Malden in
comparison to many other boroughs, so an
increase in any crime is easily identifiable and
Please, if you have any information about Anti
focused work on reducing those crimes can be
Social Behaviour where it is in Blagdon Park,
the surrounding area or indeed anywhere in
Beverley Ward, again, please contact us ASAP.
Please can all residents following the simple
We can only do so much on our own and need
crime prevention advice that I have published
your assistance in informing us of what goes
many times through the Village Voice in an
unreported. Nothing is unimportant, if you think
attempt to reduce our priorities.
it’s suspicious or anti social then either call 999
It really is as simple as ensuring that nothing of
in an emergency or 03001231212 if not. You
any value is left on display in your vehicle once
can always call us direct on the below number.
it’s left properly locked and unattended.
If we’re on duty we will endeavour to assist you
It’s as simply as ensuring that doors, windows
in any way possible, if we are not on duty then
etc to houses are locked properly, with
please leave a message and we’ll get back to
sufficient locks.
you asap.
For more information on crime prevention or
Beverley Safer Neighbourhood Team CI Tower, St George’s Square, New Malden
020 8721 2750 In an emergency always dial 999.
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