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The plot
by Sue Curd
those bright red beetles that
Busy, Busy now that
leave all that black string poo
the days are longer. Up
on the leaves? Horrid! I use a
systemic bug killer at the start
with the lark and over
on the season and then no
the plot? Well maybe on
more. It seems to work. They
a few days. The world are pesky little blighters. When
is a different place in the
they feel the slightest vibration,
early morning and late
they drop to the ground onto
WAY TO GROW evening.
their backs and show their
black tummies. Try and find
The flowers are doing really
them then! Be careful with
well, especially the roses,
using insecticides. They do
but the veg are catching up.
say that it is one of the factors which is reducing
It’s trying to remember to sow succession crops
our bee population and it makes sense. If you
that catches me out. Then you get a glut. Never
have green fly, be patient, the ladybird population
mind, friends and family benefit although not with
will catch up and eat them all. You can spray them
the strawberries this year. I made a new bed and
with the hose, or rub off the aphids gently between
the fruits have yet to make it home. They all get
your fingers.
eaten on the plot.
I was pleased to hear sparrows chasing about
To Do
about over there and a woodpecker. They have a
I am not going to give you an endless list of jobs to
very distinctive call, sort of shriek. Have you heard
do this month. Its time to mess about in the garden
and go out an explore. On a walk up to Wimbledon
common the other day, we found 2 open spaces
Cutting back
we had not seen before. So go on, run around and
One thing I was going to mention is to try and
enjoy the summer.
cut dow, some of the new growth on sedums
(ice plant) as they come through. I do that with
lavender too so that they get nice and stocky.
All the herbaceous is growing apace. My alliums
"Purple Sensation" are a treat, coming through
the lavender. I had planted them with the tulip
"Angelique" for a stunning display but the tulips
were over too early, so that idea went awry. It’s
more exciting with the combinations that nature
has sorted out for itself; the way flowers merge
together. My back garden is awash with ground
cover plants. It keeps work to a minimum and
actually reduces water loss. The geraniums are
tough as old boots and the pink looks wonderful
with the loosestrife, fire cracker, and the box balls
stop it looking a total jungle. Who am I kidding?
you need a scythe to get to the top of the garden.
Under the cherry trees the bluebells and pink
campion run riot together with the aqueligas. I
have old roses weaving through it all too.
Roses and garden visits and pests
Roses should be good this year. We went to
Monnisfort Abbey. They have an evening opening
in June. The smell is divine. Getting out and about BRICKWORK & PAVING
can be inspirational and I really recommend it to
TELEPHONE : 020 8942 4686
To more mundane matters; Lily beetle. It’s the only
pest that makes me resort to chemicals. You know
MOBILE : 07890 526 069
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