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Hogsmill Valley walk
by Frances Marsh
This walk actually starts
in Old Malden and I have path on the left which
chosen the St John The
brings you out into a
Baptist Church as the
small clearing. I was
starting point. The walk is
struck by the amount
of birdsong I could
quite a short one, I did it in
hear, which more
just over an hour and it would
than made up for the
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be a nice evening walk in the
noise of traffic in the
summer, allowing the dog to
background coming
have a run and the children from the A3.
to get rid of their excess energy before
bedtime. It is also full of possibilities as
The Hogsmill was possibly named after John
paths seem to go off in all directions and
Hog, an important 12th century resident of
there is plenty of scope to explore without
Kingston - unfortunately the sign did not say
why he was important. At this point I would
getting lost.
say that apart from the occasional glimpse of
houses and noise of traffic, you could be out in
You can drive to the Church, but parking could
the middle of the countryside - it is incredibly
be a problem. You could catch the 213 bus
peaceful and the vegetation is so lush.
and alight opposite Church Road, just past
the bridge on the Malden Road going towards
The noise of the traffic gets louder at this point
Worcester Park. You would then need to walk
and you should then see the A3 but before
along Church Road, crossing two roundabouts
you get there, follow the path as it curves to
before reaching the Church grounds. If you do
the right, passing a wooden seat to eventually
take your car, there are some parking places
on Church Road itself, just past the second
roundabout, although all the places were taken
when I passed. The return part of the walk is
along some of the stretches you have already
covered, but this gives you the chance to see Architect
Providing the services
of a local Architect as
the walk from a different perspective!
The Church itself has Saxon origins seen in the
part of a larger team of
foundations whilst some of the stonework has
Architectural Plans and drawing
You can have a new kitchen at :
been dated to mediaeval times. The Tower is
100’s of door styles and colours
services for:
Jacobean and patches of flint seen in the brick
Up to 60% of the cost
Free estimates and advice
walls are Saxon. I did not visit the Church whilst
there as it was closed - sad sign of the times.
• Permitted Development
Installed in 1 - 2 days
Additional units if required
• Planning Applications
Made to measure doors and units
• Extensions
Minimal hassle and disruption
Start the walk by passing the Church and then
Huge range of work tops and sinks
two cottages on the right and walk to the end of
• New Build Houses & Flats
HOW? Don’t Replace it, Re-face it
the path past a signpost for the London Loop
• Loft Conversions
Top brand appliances • Flat Conversions
and then turn left at the T Junction. Look out for
• Appeals
the magnificent Oak Tree. You will pass a small
bridge on the left before walking under power
cables and then under a railway bridge - the
All to meet Local Authority &
line between Tolworth and Malden Manor. At
Building Regulations Approval
a crossroads keep ahead, following the sign
for the Hogsmill Valley Walk. Where the path
divides, take the left fork and when you come to
a field, follow the left hand edge. Take the small
26Telephone :020 8399 1226For a FREE NO OBLIGATION home visit,
path on the left at the end of the field and again 020 8254 2544
at the end of the second field, follow the small
or visit our showroom 406 Ewell Road,Tolworth, Surrey KT6 7HF
35 35
34 34
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