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Volume Thirteen - Issue Ten
June 2009
Rehab coffin bone rotation, distal descent & laminitis
Can horses with cof- allowing the horse to feed on feeding times for you to keep
fin bone rotation, distal descent his or her schedule has caused (no early mornings or lunch
or laminitis be rehabilitated? many hoof problems. feedings); and your horse will
Ove Lind of Sweden says yes “The horse should never be hungry and always
and doesn’t understand why never be allowed to fill his ready to go. Feeding and diges-
people still put down their mouth with hay,” said Lind. tion have a lot to do with the
horses when faced with these “Yes, I know they love to, but function of the hoof and well
conditions, when they can be I love to fill my mouth with being of the horse.
avoided in the first place, or chocolate too even though it Environment and
rehabilitated. is not good for me. When the hoof care also affect the hoof
Lind is the founder horse fills his mouth with food and well being of the horse.
of the Swedish Hoof School he will not chew it enough and Lind believes flared walls,
and has spent years monitoring the digestion will therefore not asymmetric hooves, under run
and experimenting with horses be effective. Fantastic things heels, high heels, narrow small
eating habits, hoof rehabilita- happen when they have learned skinny frogs, thrushy frogs, toe
tion & research, has lectured to eat the natural way with a first landing, toe cracks, quarter
and taught holistic hoof care to restricting hay feeder.” cracks, contracted heels, flat
include environment, feeding By restricting the soles, distal descent, coffin bone
and trimming. amount of hay the horse can rotation, navicular, laminitis,
“Horse owners can eat per minute instead of the founder, white line disease,
evaluate their horse’s hooves amount of hay available to stumbling, brushing, interfer- riers and barefoot specialists.
If you would like to
Center July 11-12 from 9am
and understand what needs to the horse you will gain in all ing, forging, overreaching, The best part is that Lind’s
learn more about how barefoot
to 6pm each day. This hoof
be done to help grow a healthier ends: No more wasted hay; less scalping, knee-hitting, elbow method works for veteran far-
and feeding solutions will make
clinic is hosted by Little Thun-
hoof,” said Lind. consumption because of better hitting, cross-firing, speedy-cut- riers as well as novice horse
your horse feel and perform
der Stables. To register for
Lind believes simple digestion; the horse is kept ting are all man made. owners.
better you can visit www.
the clinic please call Leslie at
misunderstandings cost many busy eating 16-20 hours as he is Lind’s “EasyHoof- “We are extremely or call
325-388-2727 before July 1
horses their life and has con- supposed to; obese horses usu- Care” trimming is non-invasive, fortunate to have the opportunity
Leslie Davis at 325-247-6423.
to reserve your place or you
ducted vast research and has ally loose weight; thin horses effective, easy to teach and easy for Ove Lind to include Central
Lind will conduct
can register and pay on line at
come up with easy ways to usually gain weight; no more to learn, good for both shod and Texas in his American lecture
a 2-day Complete Guide to
avoid hoof problems. Feeding fighting over food since it is barefoot horses and has been tour,” said Leslie Davis of Little
Natural Hoof Care seminar
. The clinic is $175 per person
around our schedule versus always available; no specific thoroughly tested by both far- Thunder Stables.
at the Kingsland Community
and includes lunch, snacks, and
drinks both days.
replacement you can believe in
Article by Marilyn E. Short
Ron Griffith doesn’t Through his duty in the U.S.
hurt,” said Griffith. “You as another horse that was trail
remember how old he was when Marines, obtaining his Associ-
the leader should never put the worthy, but she wanted this
he first started riding horses, just ates degree in Theology, coun-
horse in any situation that will horse and no other.”
that his great Grandfather put seling at Christian K.I.D.S.
hurt you or your horse…that’s When Griffith went
him up on the back of one of (kids in divorce situations) and
partnership!” to pick up the horse, it took
his Belgium plow horses where his construction career; horses
One of Griffith’s about two hours to get her to
he would ride while the team have always been his passion,
clients bought an Arabian mare load into the trailer. He got
plowed the fields. joy, therapyh… is connection to
to the Cross-G-Ranch in Pipe her in the front slant, shut the
“ I believe it was at being who he has been, who he
Creek from California. The gate and when Griffith exited
that point in time, that I became is today and who he will be in
mare had been terribly abused the trailer her nose was in his
hooked on horses for life,” said the future.
by some teenagers who end- back pushing him out the door.
Griffith. “My mainstay has
ed up running her through a After another 45-minutes he
“As a young boy,” been construction of every
barbed wire fence; she had to was finally on his way to the
said Griffith, “horses were my type,” said Griffith. “It’s funny
be sedated before being cut out Cross-G.
freedom, my escape, my very how it ties into horses because
of the fence. She had a number When Griffith backed
best friends, my partners, my both of them rely heavily upon
of stitches and the horrible her out of the trailer she exited
teachers and my total joy.” a strong foundation. If you
accident not only left her in a on her belly – the horse was
Griffith started work- build horses or buildings on
traumatic state, but her spirit a mental mess. It took three
ing horses when he was 12- a weak foundation, eventu-
was damaged and she did not whole days to get her to load
years-old. He had his own ally it will come back to haunt
like men. by herself and to stand quite.
horse and they were really you.”
“My client was to- When Griffith tried
connected…a true partnership. Griffith believes a
tally in love with this horse,” to worm her, she thought the
That horse was what he lived reliable, steady horse must
said Griffith. “Why I don’t worming tube was a syringe
for…his entire world. have a strong foundation. It
know. She asked if I would and nearly flipped over back-
“At 12-years-old and doesn’t matter if he’s working
be willing to work the mare wards. She wouldn’t take a
without much help, you make a an unbroke, green broke, or
because when she tried to ride bit and wouldn’t stand for the
lot of mistakes,” said Griffith. retraining a horse; he believes
her she would always run and farrier.
“The good thing is that you fear should be replaced with
buck her off. My client was “She was as nervous
learn not to make the same mis- confidence, shyness replaced
not an experienced rider and as a chicken in a den of rattle-
takes a second time. My horse with courage, timidity replaced
I believed the mare was not snakes,” said Griffith. “Every
was very forgiving and taught with boldness and total react-
the ride fit for his client. Trust time the wind blew she went
me an awful lot.” ing replaced with control.
me when I say there was no crazy…this is not an exag -
Griffith has been “The horse is trust-
connection between the two. geration.”
around horses all of his life. ing you not to put him in any
It would have been much safer
Ron Griffith and Scout
situation where he will get
if my client would have gotten
(Continued on Page 6.)
get paid to adopt a wild mustang!
Get paid to adopt
placed into private ownership
title application (which you’ll A limited number
a wild horse? Yes! Receive
through adoption. This in
receive in the mail) along of horses eligible for this
$500 when you adopt an
turn, can reduce the number
with your incentive voucher incentive will be presented
adult wild horse from BLM.
of older horses that BLM
(which you’ll receive when at each BLM adoption in the
The offer is designed to help
must care fore – at consider-
you adopt), and in a few weeks New Mexico region. You can
defray the initial cost of keep-
able taxpayer expense! – in
you’ll receive title and a check adopt up to four adult horses
ing a horse. Payment is made
contracted pasture facilities.
for $500. It’s that simple! The under this incentive program.
after one year when you
If successful, this program
only additional requirement to Younger horses (under 4
receive title to the animal.
could reduce the pressure on
receive payment is that a li- years old), burros, and trained
This adoption in-
BLM to sell or euthanized ex-
censed veterinarian must attest animals are not eligible for
centive is being offered on a
cess horses, and it could free
to the animal’s fitness on your this incentive.
trial basis in the BLM-New
up critical resources needed
completed title application. Help BLM pre-
Mexico region only (which
for on-the range manage-
If for some reason serve these “Living Legends”
also includes Texas, Okla-
you must relinquish the animal …Adopt!
homa, and Kansas). The idea
Under this program,
within one year (that is, return
behind the incentive is to
all standard adoption rules
it to BLM), the allowance can- Call 866-4-MUS-
increase the number of ma-
and fees apply. At the end of
not be paid. The same is true TANGS (866-468-7826) for
ture horses (4-10 years old)
one year, simply return your
if the animal dies before title more details.
is issued.
Photo: Bob Hills
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