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Tools for Creating Collaborative
Student Projects
Wikispaces - Create a Reference Together VoiceThread - Conversations About Artifacts Ediscio - Collaborative Flashcards
VoiceThread can be described as an
online slide show accompanied by
As with most resources mentioned in
commentary (voice and text) from
this guide, Wikispaces is not the only
other VoiceThread users. To start a
option in its category. PBWorks is
Ediscio is a little different from a lot
VoiceThread one person posts images
another wiki service that is popular
of flashcard creation tools because
and records their commentary about
with educators.
Ediscio lets you build sets of
those images then other users can
flashcards individually or with the
To date, Wikispaces has provided
login into their accounts and share
help of other Ediscio users. The other
educators with more than 100,000 free
their commentary on the same images
distinguishing feature of Ediscio is
advertising-free wikis. The user
or what was said by the previous
that flashcards can include images.
interface of Wikispaces is clear and
person. In short, it's like having a
intuitive. There aren’t a lot of fancy
conversation at an art gallery, but the
Ediscio could be used by an entire
bells and whistles, but Wikispaces
conversation is held and recorded
class to create a "card box" that all of
does offer everything you could need
online instead of in-person.
the students can study. Not only does
in a wiki including video embed
studying flashcards help students
Voicethread has been used by math
options, image hosting, and easy
retain information, the process of
teachers to create "how to" videos
creating flashcards also helps
about math problems.
students learn. The option to include
One way to use a wiki in education is
VoiceThread could be used as a great
images in the flashcards makes
to build a resource page with your
tool for students, parents, and
Ediscio a good choice for students in
students for your students. As
teachers to collaborate on a local
courses that require the identification
students progress through course
history project. Gather and scan some
of items by sight.
curriculum they can share notes and
pictures of your community from
references through a wiki. For
years past then have students and
example, throughout the year
parents talk about the history of the
students could build a wiki about the
topics they’ve studied. The students
can then use the wiki as a study guide
for tests and assessments.
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