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May 22, 2009
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Science & Technology
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Tony Chen* – EEton Bioscience, Inc., founded in 2003 crete problems. He has the distinction of being the first and
by Tony Chen, is a privately-held company in San Diego, in only multi-awarded Filipino known and recognized interna-
Council for Teaching of Filipino Language and Culture
the heart of the biotech scene. Contributing to life and sci- tionally on “Concrete Petrography” and other related con-
– Filipino language teachers in San Diego began working
ence, it provides the biological research communities of aca- struction materials. Nisperos has served and is the current
together since the late ’80s. They came together to share les-
demia and industry with services that assist them in their Program Chairman and Co-Editor of the Annual
sons and
ongoing experiments and investigations. The company was International Conference Proceedings of the International
ideas on
originally devoted to meeting the research community's Cement Microscopy Association.
how best
needs for DNA sequencing, but now provides much more,
teach their
including gene synthesis, and delivers its own line of prod- Dr. Leo Kim* is a scientist and biotechnology executive
ucts. Initially providing service only to the local area, it is with over 50 scientific publications and patents. Kim spe-
Passion for
now a firm with services and research institutions nation- cializes in research and management in chemistry, biochem-
their her-
wide. The company hopes that by developing and utilizing istry, bioinformatics, biotechnology, information technology,
itage and
the latest techniques, it may become the most efficient, molecular biology, microbiology, physics, and clinical trial
accommodating resource available. studies and is active in new pharmaceutical and biotechnol-
and the deep
ogy disease treatment modalities as well as alternative medi-
desire to
cine regimes. He studied with Deepak Chopra and many oth-
share these with students more than made up for what this
ers who offer spiritual based supplements or alternatives to
first group of teachers may have lacked in language teaching
traditional healing. Kim has a Ph.D. in physical organic
training and curriculum materials.
SABPA – Sino-American Biomedical and chemistry from the University of Kansas and continued his
Pharmaceutical Professionals Association (SABPA) is a education as a research associate at MIT. He is a partner in a
Eleonor Castillo – Eleonor Castillo is the former presi-
501(C) (3) nonprofit organization founded in early 2002 by biotechnology venture capital firm tracking the progress of
dent of FILAMEDA, which is the organization that was
professionals and scholars from the local Chinese communi- thousands of companies utilizing the latest developments in
instrumental in helping pass Assembly Bill 420 (which
ty in San Diego. The company invites all scholars, students science.
requires teachers to be certified in the language through the
and professionals with any origin who are working in,
California Subject
engaged in, or interested in the biotech and pharmaceutical Junhua Alex Tao* – Prior to co-founding BioVerdant,
Examination for Teachers).
industry to join and throughout the year sponsors forums Dr. Tao was an Associate Research Fellow and creator and
For her efforts in getting the
exploring opportunities in countries of Asia and advice to its Head of the Biotransformations Group at Pfizer Global R&D
bill passed, Castillo was
members on everything from networking to being effective in La Jolla, CA. Dr. Tao was also a member of the Global
named "Woman of the Year"
communicators. API Development Team and Biotask Force Team in Pfizer,
by Assemblywoman Shirley
and actively involved in exploring biocatalysis for drug dis-
Horton. Among other accom-
Arturo Nisperos – Arturo covery, development and manufacturing. Dr. Tao has led a
plishments, FILAMEDA
Nisperos is the founder and owner of team to successfully develop a nationally-recognized green
spearheaded the federally
“Nisperos Petrographic Services, Inc.” chemistry manufacturing process for Pregabalin, which won
funded Parent Training
(NPS), a company based in Fresno. In the top European Green Chemistry award-the Excellence in
Project, which assisted Filipino, Vietnamese, Lao,
his field, his expertise as a Material Green Chemistry and Engineering Award in 2006. In seven
Cambodian, and Hmong parents with positive involvement in
Scientist engages him in the micro- years, Tao has become a pioneer and world leader in bio-
their children’s education, and introduced Filipino cultural
scopial analysis of construction mate- transformations for chemical process development.
enhancement activities at schools.
rial to evaluate quality, causes of dete-
rioration and troubleshooting of con- *Photos are unavailable.
Humanitarian Outreach
science, technology and commerce. Since 2004, ACCEF has land for the landless, homes for the homeless, food for the
provided financial support to children in poor, mountainous hungry and as a result providing dignity and peace for every
Pacific Rim Parks’
regions in Guangxi Autonomous Region in China for them to Filipino. Together with its partners, GK is now in the process
mission is the creation of
continue their education. ACCEF has also teamed with anoth- of transforming poverty stricken areas with the goal of build-
friendship parks around the
er volunteer organization in China and rebuilt two elementary ing 700,000 homes in seven years (2003-2010).
Pacific Rim as a means of
schools that were closed down due to lack of funding.
fostering understanding
Korean American Institute for Human Rights – Since
and goodwill. The Pacific
Lotus Outreach International – Lotus Outreach sees its foundation in 2005, the Korean American Institute for
Rim Park organization has
education as the Human Rights of San Diego has been committed to enhanc-
built four parks to date and is creating the fifth this summer.
long-term solu- ing the awareness of the North Korean human rights issues
Over the long-run, it envisions the construction of parks in all
tion to child and endeavored to bring positive changes on the North
of the countries that border on the Pacific as a way of bridg-
exploitation and Korean famine front, in particular. KAIHR has put in consis-
ing cultures, establishing new connections, and helping define
poverty. The group steps in to help communities that lie out- tent efforts in raising funds to bring tangi-
what it means to be a member of the emergent Pacific Rim
side the reach of their own government’s educational initia- ble impacts to the lives of the people
community. In contrast to a “ring of fire,” it envisions the
tives and chooses local partners to develop projects that affected by the famine and to help the
Pacific as draped with a “string of pearls.” After a new park is
address the physical, educational and environmental needs of North Korean refugees. This year,
completed, it is given as a gift to the citizens of the Pacific
children. In 2003, the name was changed to Lotus Outreach KAIHR is reemphasizing its focus on the
and to the sponsoring organization or institution in the host
and its programs expanded to improve the lives of impover- famine problem in the country and is
ished and exploited children and their communities by identi- determined to strengthen its support so
fying and supporting community-based sister organizations that critical human rights issues are not
Bhante Chao Chu – In 1984, Venerable Chao Chu of the
that reach out to and care for vulnerable and exploited chil- stranded in the midst of political sensitivities.
Buddhist Sangha Council of Southern
dren in their respective countries.
California was asked to serve on the
Khushbindar Kaur Lally* – An advocate on behalf of
1984 Los Angeles Olympic Committee
International Humanity Foundation – Half of IHF's underserved communities, she has five years experience as a
as a Buddhist Chaplain and representa-
mission is to educate the poor and the other half is to educate practitioner and two and half years experience as funder in
tive of the Buddhist faith. There he
the world about the poor. Its vision is to strive for a world of health and human services. As a program associate at the
discovered a grave limit on the avail-
leaders and citizens who have interacted with, and are truly California Endowment, she was engaged in building the cul-
ability of Dharma teachers and lay
knowledgeable about the tural competency of health systems for the underserved in
English speaking representatives of the
world's poor. IHF strongly California. Miss Lally began her career at South Asian
Buddhist Faith. Over the next few years, Chu focused on
believes in an equal opportu- Network, a community-based organization in Los Angeles
Buddhist outreach and education in Southern California; he
nity for all and in preserving County, as a program coordinator of health programs. She
was involved with promoting Buddhism at local colleges, uni-
the cultures, traditions and also worked at the Vaccines for Children Program at San
versities, and other institutions.
beliefs of the marginalized communities it works in. IHF is a Diego County Health Services and Women, Infants, and
training ground for anyone wanting to learn leadership skills Children Program at Planned Parenthood of Orange and San
in reducing poverty and abuse and believes the best teacher is Bernardino Counties.
an honestly shared experience.
Loloma Foundation* – The Loloma Foundation was
Gawad Kalinga – Gawad Kalinga (GK) translated in formed to support the heavily burdened medical/dental system
American Chinese Culture and Education Foundation
English means to “to give care” and it is an alternative solu- already in place in island nations of the South Pacific. The
– The American Chinese Culture and Education Foundation
tion to the blatant problem of poverty not just in the number of health professionals practicing in the South Pacific
(ACCEF) is a leading non-profit organization dedicated to
Philippines but in the world. is at a breaking point, leaving a good portion of the popula-
promoting Chinese culture and education in the U.S., and
GK’s vision for the tion living on the outer islands with no primary medical or
helping less-privileged children in rural areas of China to fin-
Philippines is a slum-free, dental care.The foundation distributes medicine, clothing, and
ish their education. ACCEF's members are hundreds of
squatter-free nation through a necessities through agencies throughout the South Pacific.
Chinese-American professionals from various fields such as
simple strategy of providing *Photos are unavailable.
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