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Health & Medicine
opment of novel targets technology, and what have
and therapies for gastroin- you got? A prescription for
Dr. Tess Mauricio
testinal cancers. He com- optimal health. That’s the
– Dr. Tess Mauricio is
pleted General Surgery view of Dr. Ka-Kit Hui,
a Board Certified
residency at the founder of the UCLA
San Diego, opening a new office and focus-
Dermatologist special-
University of Cincinnati Center for East-West
ing on health issues endemic to San Diego’s
izing in laser treat-
College of Medicine and Medicine in Los Angeles.
API community. The office functions as a
ments, liposculpture,
Surgical Oncology fel- Hui, who opened his cen-
centralized working location for volunteers,
non-invasive rejuvena-
lowship training at John Wayne Cancer ter in 1993, was born in
provides Christian community services and
tion, acne, and skin
Institute and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Hong Kong and schooled in chemistry and
acts as a resource center to provide materials
cancer. She has trained
He is a member of organizations such as the Chinese herbal medicine. He was a pioneer in
on cancer, information and referrals for can-
and worked with world-renowned leaders in
Society of Surgical Oncology and American introducing traditional Chinese medicine,
cer patients, families and caregivers in the
the field of dermatology and has been award-
Association for Cancer Research. based on the concept of yin and yang, to a
Chinese community. It also provides
ed numerous honors, including the Stanford
Western audience. Each day, he wages a cam-
Christian counseling in areas like emotional
University Medical Student Scholarship, and
Thai Health and Information Services paign against a mindset that embraces any-
support, marriage and family enrichment, and
was one of the select few to be featured in
Inc. is a thing pharmaceutical, sometimes to excess, in
the Medical Student Scholar Handbook. She
community the name of healing.
was a Faculty Member and Panel Expert at
based organ-
Demy Din – Demy Din
one of the biggest aesthetic conferences in
ization Dr. YC Fung – The
is a health programs man-
the U.S., was a Lecturer/Faculty Member at
incorporated in 1995. THAIS’s mission is to UCSD professor emeritus
ager for the American
the FACE Conference for the Royal College
enhance the health and living status of the is often hailed as such for
Cancer Society here in San
of Physicians in London, gave a series of lec-
Thai community by providing health educa- his extensive work in
Diego. With a solid back-
tures in Thailand, and embarked on a U.S.
tion, outreach, job and lifestyle training, and related areas of study.
ground in Public Health
Laser Workshop tour. She is also one of the
increasing access to social services. Through Experienced colleagues
and more specifically in
youngest women to ever hold the position of
this collaboration and volunteering it is able and novice students alike
health promotion, Din is
President of the San Diego Society for
each year to reach more than 500 Thai look up to the native of
an asset not only to her organization but to
Dermatologic Surgery.
women for breast cancer screening. They China for his brilliant
the communities she serves.As a program
have established Hollywood Thai Senior thinking. He received his Ph.D. from the
manager for the American Cancer Society,
Dr. Joseph Kim – Joseph Kim, M.D., is
Club to assist seniors’ need with social serv- California Institute of Technology in
Din has built successful relations and contin-
Assistant Professor of Surgery and special-
ices and special activities to reduce anxiety Pasadena in 1948 and has since authored sev-
ues to pursue and build formidable alliances
izes in the surgical treatment of liver, pan-
and stress. The programs instills confidence eral books on biomechanics. He has received
and collaborations with key organizations to
creas, and stomach cancers. He uses
among Thai senior citizens who, by working several prestigious awards in the past, includ-
promote health and wellness to needy com-
advanced laparoscopic and robotic techniques
with their hands and minds, experience a ing the Timoshenko Award and the Russ
munities. Din has volunteered as a board
to perform his operations. This clinical
sense of accomplishment, increased self- Prize.
member for the Kalusugan Community
expertise is the foundation for his translation-
esteem, and peace of mind.
Service/Wellness Center and as a Health
al research investigations, which incorporate
Herald Community Center – The faith-
Advocate for the Fil-Am Healthy Eating
his skills and knowledge as a Surgical
Dr. Ka-Kit Hui – Combine the holistic based health and social service non-profit
Campaign to promote a healthy environment
Oncologist into the identification and devel-
tradition of Chinese medicine with Western organization last year extended its reach to
and healthy eating behavior changes.
selection and satisfaction – has helped it achieve one of the which he grew to over 400 employees and over $45 million in
highest sales per sq. ft. in its industry. Prior to this, Sanjay annual revenues. Camaisa received the Governor's Small
was the COO of a leading west coast home-improvement Business of the Year Award, the 1998 Ernst and Young
Tina Luu – A graduate of the
company, CEO of an international consumer products compa- Regional Entrepreneur of the Year in the Internet and
California Culinary Academy in San
ny and President of a very successful software consulting Software Category and the SBA Small Business Person of the
Francisco, Luu got started in the kitchen at
company. Year. He was successful in raising $17 million in Venture
an early age. After graduating from UC
Capital in 1999 from GE Capital, Intel, Ford Motor Company,
Santa Cruz with a Bachelor of Arts in
Royal Gourmet Foods has been dedicated to creating fine and JP Morgan Chase Hambrecht & Quist to launch an
Psychology, she decided to pursue a career
food since January 2006. Internet subsidiary, Eye Velocity, which focused on Internet
in the culinary arts. She moved to San
Products are hand crafted Visualization. He currently owns three U.S. Patents.
Francisco and landed at Bradley Ogden's
using only the finest
One Market Restaurant as a line cook. She spent two years in
ingredients and a willing- Advance Beauty College – The
Singapore as Pastry Chef overseeing menus for both Stars
ness to create custom Garden Grove school is an accredit-
Restaurant and Stars Café, as well as supplying baked goods
items in addition to a wide ed private vocational institution and
to eight Spinelli Coffee Company retail outlets. Luu has
variety of unique international flavor profiles. In 2008, the member of the American
returned to her hometown of San Diego and is currently lec-
company expanded operations and are now serving clients in Association of Cosmetology. Led by
turing for The Art Institute of California, San Diego in their
Los Angeles & Orange County, as well as the Inland Empire second generation owners, Tam and
culinary arts program. She also consults with culinary venues
and other locations. Its commitment to quality and customer sister Linh, the Nguyens bring a
nationwide in the area of Pastry Arts.
service is the cornerstone of its business ethic and has been blend of experience and innovative
responsible for its successful growth ideas to everything they do, utilizing
Ditas Yamane worked as Executive
comprehensive training with the
Director of the leading television station
Tam Nguyen, left,
Kim Nguyen Zastrow – Founder, most up-to-date techniques as well as
in the Philippines before moving to San
and Linh Nguyen
President & CEO of VITESSE real world experience. The college is
Diego and establishing herself in several
Recruiting & Staffing, Inc., she has the place for a top-rate beauty education in cosmetology, skin
entrepreneurial ventures, including an
grown her business from a bedroom of care, manicure, massage, holistic practices and teacher train-
installation phone business, real estate
her home to a multiple million dollar ing.
and magazine publishing. She is the
enterprise in sales. VITESSE has a cor-
General Manager at The Phone Shop, publisher of The
porate office in Tustin & other local Willy Santos – Willy Monolato
National City Times and The Filipino Times, monthly news
offices that service businesses in Santos is a Filipino-American profes-
and information serving the Filipino American community;
Southern California. Zastrow was named” Minority Small sional skateboarder who has competed
has served as President for the National City Chamber of
Business Champion” by The U.S. Small Business all over the world, in addition to owning
Commerce, and was also Founder and CEO of Filipino
Administration in 2008 and earned “Business Person of The his own Tiki Hut Island Grill and his
American Business Association. Ditas was awarded
Year Award” in 2007 with The Orange County Presidents’ skateshops called “Willy's Workshop.”
“Volunteer of the Year” for the National City Chamber of
Council, “The Remarkable Business Woman” in 2007 with Santos also organizes community out-
Commerce, and “Small Business Journalist of the Year” for
The National Associates of Women Business Owners and reach programs, created his own shop
The National City Times and The Filipino Times.
“The Entrepreneur Woman” in 2003 with The Asian Business team and even assisted the design of the local Rancho
Association of Orange County (ABAOC). Zastrow also sits Penasquitos skateboard public park. He assists various chari-
Bombay Bazaar , Sanjay Khurana
on the boards of several non-profit organizations, is President ties and uses his spare time to assist others via skateboarding.
– Sanjay Khurana, CEO of Khurana
of ABAOC and an Advisory Board Member of CSU,
Holdings Corporation, has over 20 years
Fullerton. Wilma Fernandez Ventura* – Ventura, owner of "The
of success in creating profitable busi-
Original Richard's Bakery" has reinvented traditional Filipino
nesses. His most recent venture, Bombay
,Allan Camaisa – Allan Camaisa is the bread and named it "Obama Pan de Sal" in honor of the
Bazaar, is a supermarket that specializes
founder and CEO of Anakam Inc. A sea- nation's president. Top city officials and Filipino community
in Indian and South Asian groceries, pro-
soned, serial entrepreneur, Camaisa has a leaders in San Diego formally launched the bread named after
duce, house wares and DVDs and is now
proven track record of success and provid- President Barack Obama last January, and people as far as
considered one of the top 5 Indian grocers on theWest Coast.
ed the initial seed capital in 2004 to launch England were taking notice. Ventura has created a fruit bev-
It was originally meant to be a small “side” business, but
the company’s highly successful Anakam erage she calls Pacquiao Punch, in honor Filipino of boxing
since he acquired the store in 2006, its expansion and growth
Identity Suite® into multiple verticals. superstar Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao.
has been phenomenal. Bombay Bazaar’s motto – service,
Camaisa founded High Technology Solutions, Inc. (HTS) *Photo was unavailable.
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