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May 22, 2009
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Jerrilyn Malana – While
growing up in the San Diego’s
Otto W.K. Lee is
the Vice Chancellor
South Bay, Jerrilyn Malana soon for Instructional
discovered that practicing law Services and
was not a traditional career for Planning at the San
Asian Pacific Americans, but that didn’t stop her from becoming Diego Community College District. He provides leadership for instruc-
the first Asian Pacific American to serve as president in the 109- tional programs, strategic planning, military educational and more pro-
year history of the San Diego County Bar Association. As a share- grams for the 100,000 students served by the college district through
holder in Littler Mendelson’s San Diego office, she has represented San Diego City, Mesa, Miramar Colleges and Continuing Education.
national Fortune 500 clients and San Diego businesses in employ- He collaborates with the San Diego Unified School District on educational experiences for
ment-related court cases involving claims of discrimination, middle and high school students and has served as a director of the Federal Employees
wrongful termination, harassment and wage and hour violations. She also finds time to men- Scholarship Foundation, the School of Engineering and more. He has also been successful in
tor aspiring lawyers – many of her Filipina-Japanese heritage – and to serve on the board of acquiring grants in support of under-represented students in academic programs which lead to
directors of the San Diego Opera. high-wage careers.
Yi-Chin Ho – Yi-Chin Ho is a commercial business litigator and SDSU Korean Studies Program – This unique program provides
trial lawyer who has been the lead trial counsel in major civil cases. students the opportunity to study the Korean language and culture, as
She is also a partner at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP. Ho repre- well as help students of Korean heritage maintain their cultural roots.
sents clients in all phases of complex civil litigation actions and has The program also serves to promote greater economic opportunities and
successfully represented manufacturers, media and internet relationships between the U.S. and Korea and works to broaden students’
providers, intellectual property owners, banks and savings and sensitivity to multi-cultural aspects of San Diego and the world.
loans, finance companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers. According to Paul Wong, dean of the College of Arts and Letters, estab-
lishing a Korean studies program at SDSU has national significance, as
Holly Fujie – Holly J. Fujie, the 84th President of the California
Paul Wong
the Korean language is considered a strategic but less commonly taught
State Bar, is the third woman and the first language; yet, it is important to national securityand the economic and cultural interests of the
Asian American to hold that position. A 1978 graduate of UC United States.
Berkeley’s Boalt Hall School of Law, she is a litigation shareholder
in the Los Angeles-based law firm of Buchalter Nemer. She serves Edward Park – As principal of Barnard Elementary School, he
on a number of boards, including the California Bar Foundation and sees his role as more than an educator. He is a bridge builder. As the
the Asian Pacific American Bar Association of L.A. and was deputy spearhead behind Barnard’s Mandarin Chinese Magnet program, Park
general counsel to the Rampart Independent Review Panel investi- is opening cultural avenues with young people in the community
gating complaints against that division of the L.A. Police through innovative partnerships such as the new Confucius Institute
Department. She speaks frequently on diversity, litigation and work Mandarin language program at SDSU and by creating networks
balance issues and has received WLALA’s Distinguished Service between the Asian communities of San Diego and the San Diego
Award, the Distinguished Advocate for Diversity Award of the Philippine American Bar Unified School District. Cultural awareness was part of his repertoire
Association of Los Angeles and the Breaking the Glass Ceiling Award from the Leadership ever since he was hired as assistant principal at Paul Revere Middle
Institute for Women of Color Attorneys. School and Portola Middle School in Tarzana, before coming to San
Diego. He is also former executive board member of the Foundation
Japanese American Citizens for Korean Language and Culture in the U.S., which promotes Korean language courses in the
League – Founded in 1929, the schools, and is a member of the Korean Educators Association.
JACL is the oldest and largest
Asian American civil rights organi- Takeo Hoshi – Acting Dean and Pacific Economic Cooperation
zation in the United States. The Professor in International Economic Relations at Graduate School of
JACL monitors and responds to issues that enhance or threaten the civil and human rights of International Relations and Pacific Studies at UCSD, his major research
all Americans and implements strategies to effect positive social change, particularly to the area is the study of the financial aspects of the Japanese economy, espe-
Asian Pacific American community. JACL is also affected by the changing demographics of cially corporate finance and governance. He is Inaugural recipient of
race, ethnicity and age. Looking to the future, the JACL constantly assesses the effectiveness 2006 Enjoji Jiro Memorial Prize and 2005 recipient of the prestigious
of its role in Japanese American and civil rights communities and what infrastructure is neces- JEA-Nakahara Prize, which is awarded ever year by the Japanese
sary to effectively support its mission and efficiently achieve its goals. Today, with inter-racial Economic Association to a Japanese economist with international recog-
and multi-ethnic marriages changing the face of the Japanese American community, the JACL nition under the age of forty five. His book co-authored with Anil Kashyap , “Corporate
faces additional challenges in looking to its future and to the future of the Japanese American Financing and Governance in Japan: The Road to the Future,” received the Nikkei Award for
community. the Best Economics Book in 2002.
Myrna Pascual – Myrna Pascual is with Field Policy Alexander Khalil, Ph.D. – Alexander Khalil is an ethnomusicologist who has been deeply
Management at the San Diego Field Office of the U.S. Department of involved in the study and preservation of several of Asia's traditional music for the past 20
Housing and Urban Development. She is an attorney and past presi- years. What he learns from his studies abroad, he has brought to com-
dent of Pan Asian Lawyers of San Diego and Filipino American munities in San Diego. In 2000, he began teaching Balinese gamelan at
Lawyers of San Diego and was the volunteer Director of the the Museum School to children in grades 3-6. Nine years later, the pro-
Community Law School from 1998 to 2003 bringing free law classes gram is flourishing and many of the children, now of college-age, con-
to community locations. She is the founder of the Housing tinue to study gamelan with him and present Indonesian performing arts
Opportunities Collaborative which provides numerous HOME clinics throughout Southern California. At UCSD, where Khalil has been
to distressed homeowners facing foreclosure. Most of all, Pascual has teaching since 2005, and where he just completed his Ph.D. in music,
dedicated numerous hours to coordinate local resources and public support so that the HOME his students founded the Qin club, the only such club in the U.S.
clinic and Housing Opportunities Collaborative model can be replicated throughout the coun-
try during these dire economic times.
Dr. Virginia Loh – Dr. Virginia S. Loh is a faculty member at SDSU and the Director of
Korean American Bar Association of San Wells Academic Solutions. She earned her Doctorate in Education with an
Diego – Founded in August 2007, the Korean emphasis in Literacy from SDSU-USD; her dissertation was a qualitative
American Bar Association of San Diego (KABA- study on the cultural authenticity of Asian-American children's literature.
SD) offers legal, educational, charitable and other For the past five years, she has been teaching graduate courses in educa-
services to the Korean American community and creates opportunities for Korean American tion at USD, National University, and currently, SDSU. She is also a pub-
attorneys and law students to advance in the profession by providing networking and social lished children's author; her debut book, The Jade Dragon was published
events. The annual KABA-SD Career Panel Event and their mentorship program gives stu- by Candlewick Press in 2006. Having served as a K-12 practitioner for a
dents an opportunity to network with federal and state judges, and public and private sector decade, Dr. Loh has worked with diverse student populations and is an
lawyers practicing in diverse fields. KABA-SD has also hosted lectures on various topics rele- expert on instructional methodologies.
vant to the community including Beyond the Bamboo Ceiling, a discussion on discrimination
of Asian Americans in the workplace. KABA-SD is committed to its mission of serving the Tomoko Kuta* – Tomoko Kuta has been working in arts education for 15 years in a vari-
community, providing unique professional opportunities for its members and working with ety of non-profit organizations encouraging people of all ages to develop their interests and
other organizations on issues of common concern. skills through the arts. She currently is the Director of Education at the California Center for
the Arts, Escondido, where she and her staff teach arts education programs. Her past work
Erika Hiramatsu – A Deputy Attorney General in the San experiences include: Curator of Education at the Museum of Photographic Arts and Art and
Diego Office of the Attorney General, she has also served as a Photography Program Representative at UCSD Extension. She has spearheaded many partner-
Deputy Alternative Public Defender and was recently appointed to ships with arts, educational, and community organizations while her various arts education
serve on U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer’s Bipartisan Judicial Advisory projects have been supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, the Hearst Foundation,
Committee for the Southern District. She is a former President of and the California Arts Council. *Photo was unavailable.
Pan Asian Lawyers of San Diego and won numerous awards such as
the California Wiley W. Manuel Award for Pro Bono Legal Services
See page 8 for more Education nominees.
and the 2008 San Diego County Bar Association’s Diversity Award
for her service.
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