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May 22, 2009
May introduces new
Arts &
shows, albums
Five-thousand years of Chinese culture will come alive on stage when
Shen Yun Performing Arts brings its program back to Southern
California next months. Shows are scheduled for Friday, May 26, 7:30
p.m., Saturday, May 27, 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., and Sunday, May 28, 7:30
p.m. If you missed it the last time around, here’s the chance to catch one
of the more exciting representations of various forms of Chinese culture,
focused on the spiritual origins of the Chinese people. The costumes,
music, orchestration and overall performance has been praised coast to
Shen Yun Performing Arts...performs
coast and internationally, in the wake of the group’s appearances. Formerly
known as “Divine Performing Arts,” the name has been changed in English to match its Chinese pronunciation, according to organizers. The group has
been performing in San Diego, Los Angeles and elsewhere in California and in major cities throughout the United States for several years. For informa-
tion on the show, go to
Even in the 6th year of American presence on Iraqi soil, Americans are still wary and uninformed about Iraq and its people. Playwright and performer
Heather Raffo has changed this with her extraordinary solo performance of 9 Parts of Desire, a play exploring the lives of nine contemporary Iraqi
women living in different parts of the world – Iraq, London and New York.
Through the journey of these nine lives, Raffo’s play reveals an intimate and deeper side of ordinary people who live
amongst us, and their voices describe the multiple perspectives on what it feels like to be an Iraqi woman. The play will
be running from October 7 to November 1, 2009 at the 10th Avenue Theatre in Downtown San Diego under the critical-
Heather Raffo
ly-acclaimed Mo’olelo Performing Arts Compay. Mo’olelo is a socially-conscious theatre organization dedicate to spreading diversity within San Diego’s cul-
tural environment. To learn more, visit or call 619.342.7395. In other news, Mo’olelo announced receiving a $10,000 matching grant from a
donor who wishes to remain anonymous. “For every dollar we are able to raise from individuals, a generous donor will contribute another dollar up to
$10,000,” said Seema Sueko, founding director of the San Diego theater company devoted to doing controversial and ethnic drama. Anyone interested in
matching the donation should call 619-342-7395. The company is also getting ready for for its new production “Good Boys.” Seven performances are already
sold out. Tickets may be ordered at or 619-342-7395.
Talented cellist Tina Guo (pronounced G-woe), 23, is a true and unique crossover artist, who has created a stunning showcase of her musical talents on her
debut album, “Autumn Winds.” Classically trained, Guo, who was born in Shanghai, China, and moved to
Hartford, Connecticut, when she was five years old, has appeared as a soloist with many acclaimed orches-
tras internationally, and has performed and recorded with countless musicians. Produced, performed and
arranged by Guo, the 12 song CD Autumn Winds features original renditions of several classical favorites
including a lightning-fast “Flight of the Bumble Bee,” and Bach’s Air, as well as original compositions by
Tina Guo
Guo. “Autumn Winds” is available now at The Official Tina Guo Merchandise Store, CD Baby ( as well as on iTunes.
For one night only, the Daudani Group treated San Diego with its 16th play, “Welcome to America” at the Poway Center for the
Performing Arts on Saturday, April 25. Each year the plays differ in theme and message. This year’s the play is about the lives of immigrants
living in America. Based on the English play, “Seeds and Flowers”, the story primarily follows two couples: Pakistani Salman and Samina
and Raj and Priya from India. The first couple faces the issue of family as Salman is consumed by in the business world, placing family sec-
ond and Samina grieves over her miscarriage. The second couple is new to the States and dreams of a brighter future; unfortunately, Raj is
fired from his job at Salman’s company. Director Hamid Daudani states that his purpose in arranging this mass production is to give back
to the community and derives joy when he hears that children are actively enthusiastic in learning Hindi language and dance to perform in
future productions.
Tim Be Told’s new EP cover “From the Inside.”
Often compared with Maroon 5 and the Fray, this new Asian American band, Tim Be Told is a five piece songwriting power house with catchy soulful pop-rock sound. This Charlottesville
quintet will be releasing their long awaited new EP “From the Inside” on June 4. The EP reflects the band’s musical ethos of honesty, hope, redemption and change with songs like “Analyze”
which examines innate anxieties and insecurities possessed within individuals and “Perfect”, a gospel tinged song probing into human imperfection. For more information about the band,
check out their website as well as their social sites, and
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