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Samsung Acer. Under his watch,
Electronics has the long-time also-ran
unveiled its first
has been gobbling up
smartphone using the
voice of san
Android operating
market share and gain-
ing ground on its
system backed by American rivals. If
Google. The South
Lanci can keep the cur-
Korean electronics giant rent momentum, Acer
is the second company could pass second-place
to roll out an Android-powered phone after Dell in number of computers shipped this
A Virtual Convening
Taiwan’s HTC, although Motorola, Sony year – and close in on HP.
Ericsson, LG Electronics all have plans to Lanci's strategy? He has used Acer's
make Android phones. Samsung’s first barebones cost structure to get extremely
Every day we read and write stories about things that are going
Android phone, the I7500, will be sold only aggressive on price. He moved faster than
wrong in the San Diego region. We read about problems in the
in Europe for now, but the company is due HP and Dell in marketing a broad selection
to follow up with other Android handsets for of the inexpensive portable computers
housing market. We find out about unaffordable transportation,
the U.S. and Asia in the second half of this known as netbooks. By selling basic
problems with parks and the environment. We learn about
year. machines for $300 to $600, Acer swiped
fraud, malfeasance or apathy.
According to Business Week, the chunks of market share while the rest of the
Samsung Android PC business tanked. In the
phone underlines the process, Lanci has driven
This is important. But it's not all that is happening in San
Korean company’s down prices across the
Diego. In communities all across the county, people are joining
determination to board, torching profits for
together to improve their corner of San Diego. They're creating
become a major player
housing solutions. They are repairing public spaces. They're
in the smartphone mar-
Business Week reports
ket, now dominated by that the company will
figuring out how to make their communities more livable, more
Apple’s iPhone and offer more advanced net-
accessible and more prosperous.
Research in Motion’s BlackBerry. It is one books at bargain prices, an ultrathin laptop,
of about 20 smartphones Samsung plans to and the first new machines bearing the
The San Diego Foundation is sponsoring the year-long effort by
roll out this year. Samsung said its telecom Gateway and Packard Bell brands since it
business earned $833 million on sales of acquired those companies in 2007. There's reporters to find and tell the stories of
$7.26 billion for a profit margin of 11.5 per- also a new gaming console and, with an eye
these people. The writers will learn what particular problems
cent in the first quarter of this year, beating on Apple, a line of Acer smartphones.
Nokia’s 8.9 percent margin.
residents faced and how they decided to confront those
United Airlines has received permission
Toyota Motor Corp. has said incoming from the United States Transportation
challenges. What tools did they use? How did they work with
president Akio Toyoda, the grandson of the Department to delay until June 2010 the
governments, businesses and their neighbors to find solutions?
company's founder, will be a driver on the start of flights between San Francisco and
And how did they succeed?
automaker's team in a 24-hour endurance Guangzhou, China, because of a drop in
race in Germany. travel demand.
Toyoda, 52, was Bloomberg News reports
Read their stories at:
tapped as president in that the one-year post-
January - an appoint- ponement is the second
ment viewed as sym-
bolic of the Japanese
by the airline for the
route, which originally
automaker's determina- was to have begun in June
tion to ride out the 2008. United, which is
global slump and what is expected to be its based in Chicago, joins Northwest Airlines,
first annual loss in nearly 60 years. American Airlines and US Airways Group in
The grandson of Toyota founder Kiichiro pushing back the start of flights between the
Toyoda is one of four drivers on a Toyota United States and China in the last year.
team entering the May 21-24 Nurburgring
24-hour endurance race in Germany, compa- Standard & Poor has cut one of
ny spokesman Paul Nolasco told the Thailand's credit ratings, saying investor
Associated Press. confidence has been "damaged significantly"
The race is an opportunity to test the reli- by violent political unrest in the country's
ability of products in development, and capital.
Toyoda will be racing the Lexus LF-A, The international ratings agency lowered
which also entered the same race last year, Thailand's local currency rating to "A-" from
he said. "A" and said the outlook for the rating was
negative, meaning it could be downgraded
In the personal computer business every- again. The country's foreign currency rating
body knows Michael Dell, who changed the was left unchanged at "BBB+" with a nega-
industry when he started selling computers tive outlook.
out of his college dorm. Mark Hurd has won According to the Associated Press, the
accolades for reviving Hewlett-Packard. But rating downgrade means investors are likely
the most influential force in PCs these days to demand higher interest payments when
may well be Gianfranco Lanci, the little- they buy government bonds denominated in
known Italian chief executive of Taiwan's Thailand's baht currency.
Lovely 85-Unit senior apartment complex will soon have
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lozenge6aquariusscorpio rhombus4cancerescape pisceslozenge6 lozenge4aquariusbox3rhombus6circle6libra leoscorpio
apartments available. Must be 62 or older with income of
$28,900.00 or less for one person or $ $33,050.00 or less for two
persons. Rent includes utilities, laundry facility and recreation
areas. Equal Housing Opportunity. Tropical
For information Please Call,
Monday- Friday from 9am-12pm and 1pm-3:30pm
Oriental Spa
@ 619-443-2150
5837 Mission Gorge Rd. Suite C, San Diego
Location @ 12219 Roberts Way Lakeside CA 92040
I8 to Mission Gorge Rd. exit

Go 1 block North to Fairmount
Turn right at pub and follow signs
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