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The Journal of Culture
& Commerce
Southern California’s
newspaper for and about the
Asian and Pacific Islander
Publishing since June 2002
ASIA, The Journal of Culture & Commerce Editor and Publisher
May 22, 2009
Leonard Novarro
Co-publisher, Exec. Editor
Rosalynn Carmen
3 Up Front/ Alfredo Estouche and Socorro Lim met
Chairman, Asia Media L.A.
under the most unusual circumstances – in war and under Tuan Pham
Japanese occupation. They survived both to live a rich and
Advertising and Sales
fulfilling life. Meet the couple who define grace, fortitude Len Novarro
Annasha Consulting
and love of family.
Contributing Editors
4 -10 Community/ View the full slate of candidates for
Jane Dann, Associate
Gloria Tierney, Business
this year’s Asian Heritage Awards.
Shatto Light, Health
11 Opinion/
Barbara Woo, Fashion
Congressman Mike Honda offers his take
Jack Williams, Consultant
on President Obama’s first 100 days. For one, he says,
Associate Editor
don’t ignore the Bush factor.
Paula Le
11 Singular View / Meet a group of individuals whose
Administrative Volunteer
experiences help define Asian Pacific American Heritage
Benefitting UPAC –
Renoo Hmatpongtua
Susan Lew, second from left,
Month. above, receives the UPAC Senior Contributing Writers
Leadership Award from Margaret Kay Ledger
15 Education & Health/ The world of college finan- Iwenaga-Penrose, president and Gloria Tierney
CEO of the Union of Pan Asian
cial assistance can be mysterious and mystifying. Dwight
Communities, far right, and Ron
Contributing Writers,
Nakata takes some of the puzzle out of the equation.
Cho, board chair, while Mayor
Jerry Sanders looks on during the
Wayne Chan, Pauline Cheng,
15 Business & Technology/ Changes are in store for
35th annual gala celebration
Gwen Coronado (real estate),
recently. Attendees included, left,
Pitchapuk Jirawongsapan,
the auto industry and the environment. Jerrilyn Malana, president of the
Le Ly Hayslip, Olivia Hsu,
San Diego County Bar Association,
23 Arts & Entertainment/ Takae Ohinishi provides
Kay Ledger (films, books),
and Dr. William Tseng, represent-
Patricia Lamkin (arts)
ing Kaiser. Photos by Roz Carmen
a new take on an old instrument.
Ginger Lai, Lillian Lim,
Virginia Loh (lifestyle),
Romeo P. Marquez,
Dr. Tess Mauricio, (beauty)
Melissa Mecija, Nathan Mecija,
State of Mind...Views from Asia America Dwight Nakata (financial)
Melissa Remulla-Briones,
Suja Sukumaran (business, arts)
Huesan Tran (financial),
Linda Tu, Ray Wong,
Taguba: Bush prisoner policy was ‘despicable’
State Sen. Leland Yee,
Su-Mei Yu (food)
Contributing Photographers
Chad Thompson,Special to ASIA
See Page 4 for this year’s Asian Heritage Awards
nominees. Vote by circling the name of one candi-
While the use of torture techniques condoned
date in each category and mail your selections or
by the Bush Administration has been the topic of drop them off to ASIA, 5857B Mission Gorge Rd.,
Mr. Chips (RIP)
much-heated public debate in recent days, the San Diego 92120. You may also vote by emailing
man who brought the practice to international
your choices to or on
Friday, May 22, 2009
attention will take center stage on July 25, when
line by going to
Deadline for casting votes is midnight June 15.
Volume 8, Number 10
he receives the distinguished Special
Published twice monthly by
Recognition Honor during the Sixth Annual
Asia Media Los Angles Inc. &
Asian Heritage Awards in San Diego.
rights organizations and former law enforcement and
Asia Media Inc.
The ceremony, “Legacy and Legends,” will 30,000 copies in targeted zip codes
military leaders have asked President Obama to create a
honor retired Major General Antonio Taguba
non-partisan commission to investigate these practices,
along with achievement in 15 categories ranging
Send editorial contributions to
how they were passed and condoned and who was aware
from education to community service.
of what was going on. Taguba has agreed to be part of
General Taguba will be honored for exempli-
ASIA reserves the right to edit
that investigation. all content for brevity and style.
fying what the late President John F. Kennedy
Maj. Gen. Antonio Taguba While it will prove difficult to prosecute former Bush
called a “profile in courage” for exposing mistreat-
Advertising and Circulation:
Administration officials, Taguba feels strongly that those
ment and torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. For doing his
responsible for the policy should be held accountable.
job, he was reassigned to the Pentagon and later forced to resign.
“Our military institutions just don’t do it that way,” said Taguba, blam-
Member: Asian Business
Last month, President Obama authorized release of top-secret memos
ing high-level authorities in the Bush Administration and Defense
Association of Los Angeles,
that allowed the CIA under the Bush Administration to torture suspects held
Department for trying to keep the Abu Ghraib investigation confined to a
Asian Business Association of
at Guantanamo and secret detention centers around the world. General
small group of military investigators under him who were given only 30
Orange County, New America
Taguba was the first to release a report, in 2004, describing torture tactics
days to complete their report.
Media, Pacific News Service, San
and abuse of prisoners at the military prison.
However, in a short time, he said, “My perception was that it was an
Diego Alliance for Asian Pacific
“To be accused of being overzealous and disloyal – that cuts into me. I
open and shut case.” Taguba also said he was encouraged to expand his
Islander Americans, San Diego
was ostracized for doing what I was asked to do,” Taguba once told the
investigation outside the scope of his original assignment, which he regard-
Better Business Bureau, Torrance
New Yorker magazine in an interview.
ed as a stalling technique. “My issue was that you can continue to investi-
Chamber of Commerce, Malibu
Recently, Taguba, by phone with ASIA, The Journal of Culture &
gate until you run out of paper, but you still come up with the same conclu-
Chamber of Commerce, Asian
Commerce, discussed his report, the ensuing controversy and the latest
Pacific American Public Affairs
focus on the Bush Administration’s prisoner torture policy. Since his testi- and Educational Fund, San
mony before the Senate Armed Services Committee in 2004, several human
See Taguba, page 26
Diego Press Club.
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