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Clean Energy
You must create
Experts say it will drive the auto industry
skills during a time
BY SUJA SUKUMARAN of deep recession
Special to ASIA
he auto industry needs overhauling to be in tune E
ven with the new
hope inspired by
with fuel efficiency and emission standards. Obama's election, prag-
That means a rapid emergence of technological matic reality is setting in
research, development and production of transportation as more and more banks
that complies with the current requirement to reduce and stores are affected by
greenhouse gases while consuming lesser fossil fuels to the recession, and the
move towards clean, innovative, efficient, low-carbon unemployment rate rises. Most recently, it was up to over 9% in
technologies. The big question: How seen before that California, about 7% throughout the country.
nomic recovery, create jobs and provide services in all
happens? However, deep recessions can prove to be a land of opportunity,
sectors affected by the recession. In California, the
“Given the current levels of investment I would since many people who can't find work are looking for other ways to
amount of carbon in fuels has to be reduced by 10 per-
expect second generation biofuels to be available in the make money. Thus, this can be a better time than ever to think about
cent by 2010.
next 5-10 years and also expect investments in second your skills, what people need today, and find a fit between what you
The panel discussion was moderated by Jasandra
generation biofuels to rise as further climate commit- offer and these needs. For example, hundreds of new entrepreneurs
Nyker, senior vice president of PCG Asset Management,
ments begin to rise,” David King, senior scientific went to Obama's inaugural with products with slogans and images of
who leads the identification, analysis, due diligence and
adviser to UBS, told a recent gathering of TiE, the Indus Obama and racked up big sales. And so far the marketing of the
selection of venture capital at his company. Nyker, in
Entrepreneurs, exploring the topic “Clean Transportation Obama brand, as marketers refer to this phenomenon is continuing.
the past, has advised leading banks and oil companies
on the Green Highway,” at the organization’s monthly So what might you do to appeal to today's market? Think of
on clean technology and renewable energy.
meeting in La Jolla. start-up possibilities you might launch yourself -- or look into direct
“Clean transportation can be classified into long-term
UBS was one of several San Diego area companies sales programs you might represent with products or services people
solution ones, such as hybrid vehicles and the electric
offering ideas and predictions on what is happening in might need and want. Though be cautious of scammers promising
ones and those with the fuel injection systems that
the area of clean transportation. riches through pyramid schemes. Look for companies with solid prod-
reduce emissions. Then there are also the kinds that
According to King, European governments, as a ucts or services that people really do want to buy, aside from any
offer partial solutions like fuels, bio-ethanol’s, diesel
group, are already committed to reducing gasoline emis- money making opportunities. Since so many people are out of work
and algae that need to be dealt with,” Nyker said.
sions by 80 percent over the next 40 years. now, this is an especially good time for starting a new business with
Hybrid-electric drive systems are gaining favor talented people you can employ at lower than usual starting wages.
Other panelists included David Johnson president
throughout the automotive industry because they have In short, if you can't find work for yourself right now, consider
and CEO of Achates Power, in San Diego’s tech sector,
shown to improve fuel economy and reduce harmful creating your own company and work opportunity for others. As
Sorrento Valley; Dan Squiller, CEO of PowerGenix; and
emissions. That goal provides plenty of opportunities for Charles Dickens once said -- "It was the best of times, it was the worst
David Morash the CEO of ISE Corp., a supplier of inte-
entrepreneurs and companies to come up with ways to of was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it
grated hybrid-electric drive systems and control soft-
meet the demand. was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair." Well, this is all of
ware for large buses and trucks.
One of the most promising approaches for cars is the these things right now, but if you choose, you can make it the best of
According to panelists, the main obstacle to the
plug-in-hybrid, a variant of the current hybrids that times, the season of Light, and the spring of hope."
adoption of series hybrid drive systems has been the
involves recharging batteries directly though the current So take some time to ask yourself some questions to decide
technological complexity of managing the interaction of
electricity distribution system. Clean transportation what you want to do to choose the best, the light, and the hope:
the three separate power sources in such a system; the
would involve developing Hybrid Electric Vehicles What kind of skills and talents do I have? List your strongest
engine-generator, energy storage system and the electric
(HEVs), plug-in hybrids and fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) ones and prioritize by ranking them from 1 (highest) to 5 (lowest)
drive motors. The problem is supposedly challenging in
and making them a viable option on the roads for con- which you would most like to use now?
heavy duty buses and trucks where the power levels to
sumers. What do people especially need now that they aren't getting
be managed are significantly higher than in smaller
They will have to be powered by batteries and fuel from other companies or individuals?
vehicles such as passenger cars.
with the drive trains used successfully in heavy-duty Ask yourself: How can I apply my skills and talents to provid-
Other pros and cons were aired. Morash thought it
trucks, buses and military vehicles. The fuel cell vehi- ing products or services to help others fulfill their needs and wants?
best that the government refrain from interfering with
cles will likely be much like hybrid vehicles with fuel Do this for each of your top skills and talents first; then go on to the
the bankruptcy process and let it take its own course. He
cells instead of gasoline or diesel engines. next highly ranked group for still more ideas.
recommended rebuilding from scratch.
Thus, the pressure is on. In Norway, for example, What steps can I take to develop, promote, and provide these
The gestation period to reach production is lengthy;
auto sales, beginning in 2015, will be prohibited unless products and services? Create a list of steps to take. What do you
then there is the problem associated with transferring
they meet standards. Older cars and trucks that were need to put these steps into action, such as employees, materials, and
the research to academic institutions. In addition, infra-
sold prior to 2015 wouldn’t be affected by this legisla- contacts with other companies or individuals Finally, put these steps
structure requirements and logistics regarding hydrogen
tion. into action. Start now by taking the first step.
filling stations needs to be worked out.
The Obama Administration is investing billions of
The consensus, however, is that investments and
dollars as part of the American Recovery and (For more ideas on how to achieve what you want, go to
markets will target low-carbon energy as the wave of
Reinvestment Act (ARRA) to speed up the nation’s eco-
the future.
efining one’s goals, values and beliefs assist in devel- what is required to achieve a successful lifestyle. One indi-
oping the roadmap that can be used to get to the life vidual might have a much different dream of personal free-
of significance and through life’s difficult transitions.
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dom, or may value relationships and time more than material
Activities that may assist one develop a master plan for one’s assets. Desiring to obtain vast amounts of monetary assets is
life might be to have a family or personal mission statement, virgocancersquare6 leoscorpio box4cancerlozenge6aquariusrhombus4cancerescape perfectly proper, if they are required to complete one’s life
family retreat or meetings, family foundation, or engage a goals. Monetary assets are required in order to be able to
professional financial planner that is able to assist in the syn- give to a favorite charity, church or one’s family/friends, live
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chronizing of these three areas. An exercise to help identify comfortably, and to obtain the best medical services.
what is important, is to have one think “what would I do if I However, monetary assets alone without a purpose or use
only had a week to live – how would my life legacy carry on
very important aspect of one’s life plan
will not ensure a state of happiness in life. Without being
in the future”.
and a career is one of the most valu-
truly honest with one’s own self, an appropriate financial
Some believe that happiness depends on three integrated
able assets for an individual. Using
budget/target, which can be used to achieve one’s personal
circles called money, health and happiness. Without all three
this life planning concept, one will be
By Dwight Nakata dreams and goals, cannot be appropriately quantified.
circles, it difficult to be truly happy. The three areas I dis-
able to better define what is necessary
The successful families and individuals that have achieved
cussed above are very similar in nature. To have a life of sig-
to obtain his life legacy and by knowing what the end result
financial excellence or a life of significance, have integrated
nificance, one must have success in these three areas and
is at the start, he will be able to develop an effective roadmap
plans that have promoted the value of education, social val-
one’s life plan must be synchronized to achieve success.
to get to his dreams and goals. One reason many “baby
ues, ethics, morals, career development, and business, which
If an individual uses this life planning concept early in
boomers’ are so scared about retirement today is that they do
in turn have allowed for successful retirement years and a
life, it may also help in planning one’s career, which will
not know how much they need to have in order to retire suc-
family legacy that is lasting. Many believe that it is impor-
result in a most efficient overall life plan. One’s career can
cessfully and comfortably. Thus, by planning one’s individ-
tant for families to instill early good habits about money and
be a source of intellectual, emotional, and financial happi-
ual factors, satisfaction factors and monetary factors together,
investing with children.
ness. An appropriate career will allow a person to have the
one will be able to better determine what one needs to have
ability to achieve the income one requires to pursue one’s
accumulated in order to retire successfully and not run out of
(Any questions, contact Dwight Nakata, CPA, at 714-329-5022
dreams and goals and allow for a career that is enjoyable,
financial assets prior to death.
rather than a job one hates. Career asset management is a
Each individual has a personal definition of wealth and
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