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(Editor’s Note: With the economy where it
Financial Aid...
balances and consumer debt is not factored
is today, parents and students need to have into financial aid eligibility calculations, but
some basic knowledge to gain the most from assets such as cash are. By depleting your
financial opportunities for college. In a pre- cash balances to pay off credit card debt, you
vious article, Dwight Nakata explored the maximize your financial aid eligibility calcu-
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somewhat mystifying world of college finan- lation and reduce your high interest costs at
cial aid. Here he follows with some specific the same time.
steps on how to take advantage of it.) Students are expected to pay a larger per-
centage of assets than parents are. In general,
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he following is part of an ongoing spend the assets and income of the student
look at how to make that college first, before those of the parent, which will
investment a sound one.
if you send
reduce the EFC calculation, which will mean
Many private schools require the
form with the
your form
an increase in one’s eligibility for financial
CSS/Financial Aid Profile form in addition to
wrong date, you
online, do not
aid. Parents should avoid taking disburse-
the FAFSA. Check with each school you
will not be
rely on an
ments from their retirement account to pay
apply to as to what forms they require. To
awarded finan-
online confir-
for college education, not only because they,
obtain the PROFILE form, register at the
cial aid in the
first, reduce the amounts available for retire-
College Board website
academic year
ment, but, such withdrawals are considered
[]. You will be
you need it.
Take steps to
taxable income and will reduce next year’s
required to pay a fee for this form.
After you
maximize your
financial aid.
Make sure you complete the proper ver-
submit your
eligibility for
Worst of all, additional income taxes will
sion of the FAFSA. The year on the form
financial aid, fol-
need based-aid.
be due on this additional income, as well.
should be the academic year for which you
low up with the
For example, if
Some assets are considered to be non
are applying for financial aid [for example
financial aid
there are large
assessable for financial aid purposes, such as
2005-2006 is for the academic year that
offices by tele-
credit card bal-
retirement plans, insurance policies, etc.
begins in the fall of 2005].
phone or e-mail
ances, consider
You should remember this. Colleges are
The same rules apply if you decide to
to check if they
paying them
very competitive. They need to fill seats.
complete the form online. If you complete
received your
off. Credit card
They need to obtain future benefactors.
form. Especially
Korean HeadStart
with five other languages: Chinese, Dari, dents, whether they are beginners or profes-
education briefs
Farsi, Iraqi and Pashtu, is taught at DLIFLC, sional garden designers, the basic principles
program released
the Department of Defense’s premier lan-
exercises to draw the user into the learning
and techniques for creating a beautiful
guage instruction facility and trains an aver-
program. After completing the course, service
Japanese garden. Students will learn about
to the public
age of 3,000 military linguists each year in
members are able to be part of a new country
the cultural as well as the technical aspects
24 different languages, making it the largest
with enough survival language skills to com-
behind the design. This class will be offered
language institute in the world.
municate with locals. Programs are open to
on two Saturdays, May 9 and May 16, 9
The Defense Language Institute Foreign
DLIFLC’s HeadStart programs are learn-
the public and can be downloaded from
a.m.-3:30 p.m. in Room 7051 at MiraCosta
Language Center in Monterey, California,
ing tools which incorporate 750 of the most
College, 1 Barnard Dr., Oceanside. The fee is
has released a new edition of the computer-
commonly needed phrases by troops on the
“Japanese Garden – Principles and
$90. A $15 materials fee will be collected in
based HeadStart language program in
ground. This 80-hour computer-based pro-
Techniques: Introduction,” a two-day
class. “Japanese Garden Design” by Marc P.
gram uses human-to-avatar interaction,
course offered by MiraCosta College’s
Keane, should be purchased prior to the class.
The Korean HeadStart program, along
games, word scrambles, and other interactive
Community Services Program, teaches stu-
Register online at
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