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Scholarships: There Could be One for You
MAD offers its students scholarships in eight
categories covering all concentrations in the
department. SMAD students at any level can
apply for one or more of these scholarships, ranging in
value from $500 to $2,500.
Junior Journalism student Jacqueline Quattrocchi
was awarded a Senator Harry F. Byrd Jr.-Lathan Mims
She used the money for her tuition. “I took out very
little in loans this year,” Quattrocchi said. “With the
economy being in such shambles any scholarship will
minimize school debt – and that’s awesome.”
Brandon Over, a 26-year-old junior transfer student
in Digital Video & Cinema Studies, received $1,000
from the Madison Cinema Studies Scholarship. Over
now has the extra money for equipment to pursue his
passion for video.
“I hope to put money towards an HD Camera, or
possibly a Mac Computer,” Over said. He plans to meet
Don Rhymer, the alumnus who funded the scholarship,
Money transfer: Junior Brandon Over transferred to JMU and earned a $1,000
this spring to personally thank him and to discuss his
scholarship. photo: Meg Ebersole
future in film.
The Byrd-Mims scholarship and donations from
Scholarship Committee Chairman Tom McHardy said
alumni and faculty – past and present – provide most of the
students who show commitment toward their concentration
funds for SMAD scholarships.
through internships, project awards and part-time work have
However, a unique student-funded scholarship began in
an edge in obtaining scholarships. A student’s GPA, faculty
1999. The money came from sales of a national award-winning
recommendations and financial need also are considered.
video, One Day/One University.
Quattrocchi became a senior staff writer for The Breeze and
Produced by students in SMAD’s Digital Video and Cinema
has been applying for summer journalism internships. The
(then Digital Media) concentration, the documentary captures
funds from her scholarships give her the option of considering
the panoply of activities and emotions that make up a single
the unpaid internships that many publications offer.
day on the JMU campus. Students have continued to produce
Beyond the monetary value, scholarships bring an added
and sell videos for the One Day/One University Scholarship
boost, Quattrocchi said, “Scholarships look good on resumes.”
in the years since. The most recent is “MacRockumentary,”
I just added them to the bottom of mine and a week later I got
which recreates the chaos of hosting a grassroots Indie-Rock
an interview.”
conference in Harrisonburg.
— Meg Ebersole
Alumni, Faculty – and Students -- Contribute to Scholarship Funds
The Blanche Garrett Memorial Scholarship The Neckowitz/Turner Study Abroad Scholarship
Funded by Dr. George Johnson and Dr. Marilou Johnson Funded by donations from the SMAD faculty in honor of
For all concentrations based on scores on the school’s yearly SMAD Professors Alan Neckowitz and Charles Turner
admission test, financial need, and academic standing For SMAD students in a JMU study abroad program
The Senator Harry F. Byrd-D. Lathan Mims Scholarship The Madison Cinema Studies Scholarship
Funded by former Virginia Senator Harry F. Byrd, Jr. Funded by Don and Kate Rhymer
For students in print journalism For students in Cinema Studies
The Digital Video Group, Inc. Scholarship The One Day/One University Scholarship
Funded by the Digital Video Group, Inc. in memory of Funded by the production and distribution of videos
Donnie E. Mongold, a longtime JMU employee produced by SMAD Digital Video students
For students in Corporate Communication For rising seniors in Digital Video or Interactive Media
MPRI Interactive Media Scholarship Madison Screenwriting Scholarship Competition
Funded by MPRI, a communications company in Northern Virginia For non-graduating SMAD, English and Theater Majors
For rising seniors in Digital Video or Interactive Media
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